Station 19 Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Reignited

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On Station 19 Season 1 Episode 4, Andy and Jack are pretending to fight, but they're really back together and fooling around. Meanwhile, Maya is having family problems and Andy is nowhere to be found.

Spending Decisions - Station 19

I'm starting to feel like we were all thrust in the middle of a movie, and we haven't been told the beginning. I know that these firefighters have been working together and having their own lives for a while now, but it's hard to get into the Andy and Jack drama because we don't really know them yet.

You want us to avoid using water on a fire?


I have an idea that Jack is a romantic, and he definitely has more vested into his and Andy's relationship than she does. We also know Andy doesn't feel the same way about him, but when Jack's heart is obviously breaking, I can't feel much.

Not because I don't like Jack. I do! But I haven't had enough time invested to love him yet, so when his heart is breaking, it's not hitting me the way I want it to.

I'm glad they're breaking up, again. Jack deserves someone who will love him in equal measure, and that's not Andy.

Andy Runs Through Exploding Wine - Station 19 Season 1 Episode 4

I stand by my prediction that Andy and Ryan will end up together, but I think we've run into our first major wrinkle.

First, Andy's not in any position to be in a meaningful relationship with anyone. She's just not ready for what that all entails. She's all surface right now and no depth, but that's not the wrinkle I'm talking about. The wrinkle I see in the future is Maya.

Miller: Sir, her incident report wasn't damaged.
Captain: I, think it was.

There's a spark happening between Maya and Ryan that's been brought to the forefront, and I think it's going to develop into something. Ryan is such a sweet guy and a good listener, which is just what Maya needs right now.

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He's not one of those 'I'll listen so I can get what I want' kind of guys, he's a straight up listening guy. Of course she's going to be attracted to him! Who wouldn't be?

When this all plays out though, it's going to cause problems in Andy and Maya's bff relationship, which is in trouble anyway. Last week I was talking about Maya and Andy are more like work bffs than real best friends and this week confirms it.

Miller Get Advice - Station 19 Season 1 Episode 4

Andy's selfish and there's no room in a relationship for a selfish person. Not a friendship and not a romance.

Vic surprised me with her fire issue that Warren discovered, but I don't think it's a fear of fire because that would have been crystal clear to her trainers when she was becoming a firefighter.

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I think she has PTSD, and I'm surprised Warren didn't pick up on that right away. He isn't a psychologist, but he was a doctor, so I'm sure he's been exposed to PTSD before to some degree.

I'm telling you, there's a fire that we don't know about yet that blew up right in Vic's face, and she's been suffering from this trauma for a while. She needs help dealing with it or she's going to get herself or someone else killed.

Are you asking me to run extra drills with you? Voluntarily? In a video game?


What is it with the female egos on this show? First Andy and now Vic? I get it that any inkling of a fire issue or rumor about Vic could set back her career and lose her respect, but better to deal with that and eat a little crow now than get someone killed or find herself pushing up daisies because of her pride.

Smarten up, Vic, and get some help.

Montgomery Plays Around - Station 19 Season 1 Episode 4

Montgomery and Miller are the best firefighters so far on the show. They don't have a ton of drama going on, they are both strong and silent, and they connect with the fire victims and patients like none of the other ones do. They're way too wrapped up in themselves.

The captain's been keeping things light on the show with his comments here and there. He's looking for his new place in the unit, now that he's not in charge anymore, which has got to be tough after being in charge for so long.

Now that he knows about Andy and Jack, he's probably going to pull the plug on the captain competition and make a recommendation. It won't be for Andy, it will be for Jack and that's going to cause problems at home.

Basically he wants to get laid.


It's the right thing to do, though, so he'll do it.

What are your thoughts about the female egos on the show? Did you have a hard time being heartbroken for Jack? What do you think the captain will do now that he knows about Jack and Andy?

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Reignited Review

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Basically he wants to get laid.


Are you asking me to run extra drills with you? Voluntarily? In a video game?