Scorpion Season 4 Episode 22 Review: A Lie in the Sand

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To say that Walter's lie blew up in his face would be a gigantic understatement.

On Scorpion Season 4 Episode 22, Walter continued to manage to downplay his mistake and the severity of his lie despite Toby and Happy continually telling him how much worse he was making things.

Hopefully, he's learned his lesson now.

A Shocking Turn - Scorpion

He was excited that he got away with it when Paige was happy that he went to the lecture alone and told a white lie. Walter seemed to enjoy the fact that he got off scot-free.

He told Happy that he wasn't happy about the situation, but it never really came across that way. Happy and Toby were more outraged by it than Walter was, and that's the problem.

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It is strange that there wasn't a bigger deal made out of everyone, minus Cabe, knowing Walter's lie and not telling Paige. Don't you agree?

You do see Paige's shock and outrage at everyone when she found out that they knew, but then that's the last we hear about it.

Happy: I heard you at the fuel pump, carefully choosing your words, so you're not technically lying to Paige.
Walter: I'm not comfortable with how this is playing out either. Paige's EQ reader picks up everything, and I don't want to mislead her, but now is not the time nor the place for this discussion. We're literally in the middle of a minefield!
Happy: Not nearly as big of a minefield you've created for yourself, dumbass!

I would have been devastated if people I considered family didn't tell me what was going on, but maybe Paige is a better person than I am. 

The hope is that in those two weeks that we don't see, Paige has had serious conversations with Toby, Happy, and Sly about how betrayed she felt by their omissions. Hopefully, there's also some noticeable tension within Centipede when we pick up in Season 5.

It's not that I want Centipede to fail or anything, but it wouldn't feel right if Paige was okay with Toby, Happy, and Sly keeping this secret from her.

Scorpion Season 4 Episode 22 Jaw Dropper

Oh, Waige, where to even begin?

Katharine McPhee delivered a knockout performance. Paige was heartbroken, angry, and a little relieved all at the same time.

We all knew this breakup was coming thanks to the Florence drama. The somewhat nice part (if you could call it that) was that Paige didn't break up with Walter over the lie.

Florence helped Paige realize that she and Walter aren't working. They both need more from their partners. 

Truth be told, I am completely exhausted trying to convince myself that you satisfy me! For once, I would like to walk on the beach with you without a marine biology lecture or go to dinner with you without a dissertation on the inefficiencies of putting parsley on the freaking plate or to hang out with my friends without you looking absolutely miserable. There is a part of you that is attracted to Florence in a way that you could never be attracted to me.


Florence was just the final straw.

It will be interesting to see how Paige is doing when we pick up in Season 5. Specifically, I'm curious to know if she still feels as strongly as she did in that garage when she broke up with Walter.

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Emotions were beyond high, so once the dust settled, did Paige still feel the same way?

That confrontation in the garage was emotionally dramatic, and it was nicely done. You couldn't help but be as hurt as Paige and Sly were. I don't know about you, but I also felt awful for Florence.

Paige: For it what it's worth, Walter, it's not your fault. When I met you, emotionally you were nine. I got you to 15, 16, but I think that's as far as you can go. I don't blame you.
Sly: Well, I do. You said there's nothing going on between you two, but you made her fall in love with you.
Walter: How did I make her do anything?
Sly: You invited her to work with us. You take her out. You tell her you dream about kissing her. You were seducing her all along. I was the one who was in love with her, and now you ruin it.
Florence: Sylvester.
Sly: You know how hard its been to even consider dating anyone since Megan died?
Walter: Don't bring up my sister. If you were a real man instead of a comic book baby boy, you would have asked Flo out a long time ago. You are using my sister as a crutch.

It was an emotional sandstorm (sorry, had to). The dust still hasn't settled. Okay, I'm done now.

Centipede vs. Scorpion is definitely an exciting way to shake things up as the show heads into its fifth season. I have faith that we're going to get a fifth season, so let's discuss what it might look like.

What would be cool is if one episode focused on a Centipede case and the next episode focused on a Scorpion case. It would be like how Fringe Season 3 alternated between the two universes.

Walter: Is that a centipede on your shirt? That's what you went with?
Sly: Centipedes are agile and fierce, like us. You could say we are human centipedes.
Paige: I told you not to use that term. You didn't watch the movie, did you?
Sly: It was in the horror section!

As painful as it would be watching this new reality where Team Scorpion isn't all together, it would be better if we saw Centipede vs. Scorpion play out for a bit.

Reuniting in the premiere would rush things, and there's no way these differences can be mended that quickly. Let's see the two teams compete. Let's see how essential Walter and Cabe are to the team, and let's see if Walter can run a successful team without everyone.

What do you hope Scorpion Season 5 looks like?

Okay, lastly, let's end on happier notes.

Scorpion Season 4 Episode 22 Classic Scorpion

Sly having a pen pal is adorable. His pen pal Alex? He's even more adorable.

He and Cala are the best parts of the case. They are Scorpion super fans that brightened all of their scenes. They were there to cheer Team Scorpion on and encourage them when they needed it.

Toby developed a really sweet relationship with Cala. He definitely accepted a mentor position that he didn't know she had already put him in.

Scorpion Season 4 Episode 22 Alex

Plus, Cala led Happy to the decision that she wants to adopt.

It's the perfect solution to Quintis' fertility woes, and it is the perfect way for them to start a family. Happy will get the chance to make some kid's dream come true, and she knows exactly how much that will mean to a foster kid.

Honestly, it's hard to decide if it would be more enjoyable for them to have already have adopted a baby when Season 5 picks up or if it would be better to go along with them on this journey.

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Somehow I feel like their adoption process will end up being a Scorpion ... err Centipede case. Maybe it will be the case that reunites everyone. What do you think?

What did you think of the episode? Are you Team Centipede or Team Scorpion 2.0? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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A Lie in the Sand Review

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Scorpion Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Listen, I have waited for a family my whole life, and Scorpion is it. And I am about to turn my ass into a pin cushion, so I can have more family. I am not going to let you blow up our family because you are a knucklehead.


Toby: What was that for?
Happy: Jerks don't get coffee.