Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Has Owen Run Out of Storylines?

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We bid farewell to another character on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 19. So long, Sam. We barely knew you!

The Grey's docs, including those of the past (gotta love that Cristina reference), helped one of their own avoid deportation. Meanwhile, Owen came to a long overdue decision, and trouble may be on the horizon for the Averys.

Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Paul Dailly, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss a timely hour.

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What were the best and worst things about Sam's sendoff?

Stacy: I guess the best thing is that she was able to go somewhere where she can keep her medical degree and not have to start over. She'll also have a job waiting for her and Cristina to be a mentor.

The worst thing is that she had to leave the country at all, over nothing more than running a red light. I have to admit, I get a little giddy every time Cristina's name is mentioned. I still miss her.

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Paul: I liked that she was able to continue to do what she did best, but I disliked that it was over and done with in such a quick manner.

Jasmine: I liked that everyone dropped everything and rallied behind one of their own despite having little interaction with her. I also liked that she kept her accreditation.

The worst thing about this storyline was that Sam was such a limited character, so in the end, it wasn't nearly as emotional as it could have been if they developed her character at all.

Catherine's parting words were ominous. What do you think happened between Harper Avery and Dr. Froy? In what way will the hospital be "ruined"?

Stacy: I honestly have no idea what is going on with this. She should probably stop keeping things from Jackson though, it's just going to blow up in her face.

Paul: I have no idea, but I'm guessing something terrible happened, and it was sealed up with legal jargon.

Jasmine: I agree with Stacy about Catherine keeping things from Jackson. It's irritating as hell, and she keeps doing it. I immediately assumed sexual misconduct, and I also think Avery took credit for Froy's work or something.

World Crashing Down - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 19

Should Owen adopt a child?

Stacy: To be honest, I feel like they are just grasping at straws to try to keep Owen relevant. He hasn't had a decent storyline in awhile, and if it were up to me, I would keep Arizona and April and have him move to Germany with Teddy instead.

As for adopting a kid though, I guess it's a good idea for him. He really wants kids and doing it the old fashioned way hasn't worked out too well for him.

Paul: I agree with Stacy. Owen has run his course, and I feel like he could be gearing up to leave Seattle for Germany. There's a good chance he could disappear at the end of the season, and another twist could be thrown in to bring him back down the line.

Jasmine: Yes. It's something that should have happened ages ago. I would have much rather watched him take on single fatherhood than fall into another messy relationship. It feels like a "too little too late" storyline.

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I like Owen, but I do agree with the others regarding his relevance. I can't say I would keep the others though, as much as I loved April's storyline, they flat out haven't written well for April or Arizona in years. I can understand why Owen would fall into that category too, though.

What are your thoughts on Jackson and Maggie's first couple quarrel?

Stacy: It was unnecessary and just makes Maggie look childish. Jackson didn't do anything wrong, and it was frustrating watching her give him the cold shoulder and not even tell him the real reason she was angry until much later. I'm glad Jackson held his ground and got it out of her, rather than apologizing just to keep the peace.

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Paul: It was tiring and made me want to gouge my eyes out. It's one thing to have the slow burn relationship, but it's another to throw in a nonsensical argument that proved Maggie had very little trust in Jackson. Move on, Maggie and Jackson.

Jasmine: It was contrived, manufactured, needless drama, and I loathed it. Maggie was so damn childish during that whole thing. They could have just went ahead and had sex without this ridiculous blow up before making up thing.

I did like Jackson calling her out though. I like this other side of Jackson that we see in this new relationship.

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Stacy: I am going to give it to Meredith for finding the best possible solution to a problem with no great answers.

Paul: I agree. Meredith was awesome throughout and proved that everyone looks after their own in the hospital.

Jasmine: To switch things up, I'll say Miranda. I loved that she intended to stall the ICE agent, but once she knew he was sick, treating him was her first priority.

Meredith Connects with her Patient

Do you have a favorite scene, quote or stray observation?

Stacy: It's a tie between Maggie trying to play along with what she thought was Bailey's ruse, and Jo giving Sam instructions on how to fake her own death. Those were both really funny moments.

Paul: Miranda trying to stall the ICE agent before realizing that she could actually help him with his health while deceiving him was a great way to take the story.

Jasmine: Meredith's crazy, rebellious brand of loyalty is the best. Between her willingness to dodge ICE and drive a getaway car out of the country, and Jo breaking down her underground network to help Sam fake her death, I was cracking up. The fact that they both were dead serious made it all the better.

Over to you Grey's Fanatics, do you agree with our roundtable? Hit the comments below!

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