Gotham Season 4 Episode 17 Review: Mandatory Brunch Meeting

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How boring.

Gotham expected our jaws to drop to the ground on Gotham Season 4 Episode 17 when Xander turned out to be Jerome's twin, but the only thing my jaw managed to do was stretch into a big yawn.

Maybe if there weren't so many spoilers released by various sources the reveal would have evoked a stronger emotion, but it's hard to get excited when you already have an idea of what the endgame will be.

Jerome Makes a Visit - Gotham Season 4 Episode 17

I'm also not sure that I agree or like the way this story is going if these various sources are to be believed. Will it be Jeremiah that becomes The Joker? The whole idea of it all is exhausting.

I'm going to take a wild guess that Jeremiah becomes the Joker after getting sprayed with some of Scarecrow's laughing venom -- or something like that. I honestly don't understand why Jerome just can't be The Joker so we can move forward. 

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The continuing game of "Who's the Joker" seems nothing more than a ratings ploy and that's probably the biggest reason I'm so turned off by Jerome, Jeremiah and the whole Joker storyline.

Does anyone really care anymore?

I would rather have spent the hour focusing on Babs and her new gig as the Demon's Head, but Gotham doesn't roll that way because it likes being chaotic instead of linear.

One Step Ahead - Gotham

And it likes not making sense more than it likes to make sense. Like Lee kissing Riddler which was totally out of left field, but we'll get to that little gem later.

What was enjoyable about Jerome's storyline this hour was his "Mandatory Brunch Meeting" with all the horribles of Gotham's underworld. All them working together to try to bring down Gotham is exciting and could be the perfect opportunity for Bruce to really spread those batwings.

That's the way I wish Gotham would go with the whole Jerome storyline. Granted a crazy in charge might become grating after a while, but that's why we have Penguin.

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He'd be able to set everything straight especially now that he's rebuilding his army with Butch in tow. He could be the man in charge with Jerome and the rest of the crazies at his disposal. 

I'm sure he, Babs and Lee could work together and divide Gotham up enough to make them all happy. They'd create enough havoc to keep Jim and Bruce in business. 

If Jerome calmed down and became the Joker instead of dead Jerome again (that's my guess is that his next death is going to be final like Fish Mooney's was at the end of last season) then the Gotham would be perfect.

Firefly Returns - Gotham Season 4 Episode 17

But that's how it's going to happen.

What I don't understand about Jeremiah and Jerome's story is if Jerome had all this anger and angst built up against his brother why did it take this long for him to hunt Jeremiah down? 

Why didn't he go after Jeremiah during his time with the Maniax? Why now?

It's stupid.

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Gotham realized the love everyone has for Cameron Monaghan and created this ridiculous cliched storyline thinking it would make fans happy. And it probably worked for many fans of the show.

Unfortunately, I'm not one of them.

But the Jerome and Jeremiah drama wasn't the only problem with this installment. 

Tetch and Echo - Gotham Season 4 Episode 17

I loved the idea of Lee challenging Riddler. Hell, I loved the idea of Ed having his own game show, but it all seemed out of whack and like something Gotham decided to throw together because they didn't know what else to do with these two characters.

They needed to bring Riddler back but didn't know how to mesh Riddler with Lee so what better way to do it then having them become lovers.

Wait? What?

Yeah. Lee was doing so well as the badass of the Narrow and now she's thrown into another relationship that will be nothing but a failure. Why does Gotham have to throw Lee into a romance?

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She needs to be the Queen of The Narrows, and she definitely doesn't need to have a man at her side in order to do so. The idea of her and Riddler together is nauseating for both their characters. 

Never in a million years would Lee think of having a romance with Ed. Are they planning on creating some sort of love triangle with Penguin, Lee and Riddler because I'll just start rolling my eyes now.

Again, why can't we just have strong women on Gotham without them having to be romantically attached to someone?

Over to you guys!

What did you think of "Mandatory Brunch Meeting"? Do you like the direction Gotham is going with Jerome and Jeremiah? What about Lee and Riddler?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Mandatory Brunch Meeting Review

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