Dynasty Season 1 Episode 19 Review: Use or Be Used

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Is anyone capable of telling the truth around here?

It seems like the only person that hasn't pretended to be something he's not is Blake Carrington. 

And on Dynasty Season 1 Episode 19, he's especially proud of being the ruthless and malicious tycoon.

I'm The Man You Married - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 19

I'm not sure why Cristal keeps acting shocked whenever Blake shows his true colors. They always say, when someone shows you who they really are, believe them. 

Blake has been this person since day one, so this situation of being the victim in the marriage is entirely of her own doing. 

She knew who she was marrying! 

When she found out Culhane's father was sick, she quickly linked his rare cancer to environmental factors caused by Carrington Atlantic in the 16th district. 

But how would she know any of that? Oh, because she covered it up for the company in 2013!

Cristal puts on an innocent act, but she's not any better than they are. She would like to be, but she's been roped into the shadiness of Carrington Atlantic for far too long. 

Cristal isn't just the pretty housewife; she's also involved in the business which means she gets a front row seat to his deplorable actions. Mixing business with pleasure can get dirty. 

You Look a Fool  - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 19

She naively believed Blake when he said they'd confess to everything on record -- why would Blake ever agree to that? Why would this business-oriented man ever put love and the truth ahead of his successful company?

My other problem with her is that in addition to playing the victim, she's trying to one-up him at his own game. Yet, she completely underestimates how capable he is of silencing and blackmailing her. 

She thought she could get a win over him and his henchman. 

Cristal: I'm not angry Blake. I'm scared. Scared of you.
Blake: Well, you should be.

Much like Fallon, she married this man without really knowing him. Or maybe she knew who he was but thought that she could change him. Newsflash -- you can't change someone who doesn't see an issue with his actions. 

And why would he? He has a whole kingdom where he can rule, and he's basically above the law. 

There hasn't even been any love between them since they went on that half-assed honeymoon. 

Speaking of women who didn't know the man they married, Fallon finally found out the truth about Liam. And I'm kind of disappointed that he was a decent guy. Is that bad to say?

Real Marriage? - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 19

Personally, I think anyone using a fake name on a nighttime soap opera should be covering up something juicy. 

When it was revealed that he was a journalist, I thought we'd go the route of "dude was looking to expose the Carrington's but instead, found himself falling for the subject and scrapping the expose."

Instead, we got a guy who was trying to run away from his own dysfunctional and wealthy family. I guess that would explain why all the riches didn't faze him and why he knew how to cook six-course meals. Poor people can't do that kind of stuff, trust me.

I don't need love advice from a woman who thinks "as long as we both shall live" means until happy hour.


After he left the Manor, Liam hailed himself a personal driver to take him to his private jet. He's the male Fallon in his family which I'm sure we'll meet eventually. 

As for the book, it wasn't even a tell-all about his family; he's not an opportunist. He was writing about his family but scrapped it because seeing Fallon embrace her mother convinced him to give his family a second chance. 

Power Games - Dynasty

Alexis is great at reading people; she immediately figured out that something wasn't right with Liam or Jack or whoever. 

For a brief moment, I thought maybe she recognized him as Adam, and it even occurred to me that maybe he didn't even know he was a long-lost Carrington. Alas, we can put that theory to bed.

All we know is that Liam is hurt because he felt something for Fallon. It's why he came to her defense at the fashion show when he could have laid low and kept his cover. 

Fallon: I need a dress. I need shoes. I need a hero.
Sammy: Yes. Yes. And hell yes!

Alexis' motives remain unclear to me.  

If she wanted what was in her daughter's best interest, she wouldn't have been so set on getting rid of him and all the evidence that he's a decent human. She would have told her daughter the truth!

And then, there's whatever she's doing with Fallon's relationships with Culhane and Colby. 

You're Going to DC? - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 19

Culhane has been distant because he's been dealing with his father's cancer, which Alexis sniffed out and then conveniently told Fallon about. 

It seems like Alexis wants her daughter with him, but like Culhane's mother, I'm not sure that's the best thing for him. Especially because Fallon isn't 100% sure about her feelings either. 

She loves Culhane, but she also developed feelings for Liam. When she had Liam, she was running to Culhane and vice-versa. That's unfair to both of them at this point. 

Never get between a Carrington and her Cabernet!


But what's the deal with Alexis and Colby? Obviously, she knows all about his history with the family, but why is she willing to help him? Does she feel bad for him? Is she going to get involved with him romantically?

It seemed like Colby was pretending to be off the rails at first to get his shares back, but then it occurred to me that a man of such expensive tastes wouldn't let his place get that trashed. 

Nor would he want to be seen puking all over Sammy Jo's shoes in public and then slipping in it. A new low, man. Pull yourself together. 

Is There a Problem? - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 19

Even the fight between him and Liam was lame because he was such a sloppy drunk! 

Steven should be focusing his efforts on his political bid and less on this mystery brother. 

I find it a bit off that Alexis just sent her son to find her other son while she stayed behind at the Carrington Manor. It seems like she's trying to get Steven as far away from home as possible for some reason. I wouldn't even be surprised if she already knew who Adam was and was sending him on a goose hunt. 

I thought this was Steven's going away breakfast not a retirement home revival of Flashdance.


And why is she so convinced Steven is the only one that can find his brother if, until recently, he didn't even know he existed?

I'm also disappointed that he's lying to Sammy Jo to help his mother because, in her eyes, that means she's won control of her son. 

Hands down, the best moment of this episode was Alexis' morning workout. It's like '80s Barbie overdosed on pre-workout! Work those buns! 

What are your thoughts Dynasty fanatics? Do you feel bad for Fallon's flawed love life? Do you think Liam/Jack is a good guy? What is Alexis really up to?

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Use or Be Used Review

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

I thought this was Steven's going away breakfast not a retirement home revival of Flashdance.


Fallon: I need a dress. I need shoes. I need a hero.
Sammy: Yes. Yes. And hell yes!