Dynasty Season 1 Episode 18 Review: Don't Con a Con Artist

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The claws are out, so let's get ready to rumble.

Good evening and welcome to tonight's boxing match on Dynasty Season 1 Episode 18

In one corner we have Alexis Carrington, whose fashion icons seem to be Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake circa 2001. I can't hate, though, denim really is making a comeback. 

Vying For Steven - Dynasty

In the other corner, we have her feisty daughter, Fallon Carrington, who isn't afraid to strike back and will do whatever it takes to prove a point. 

In fact, that's the one thing they have in common -- they will both go to any length imaginable just to be victorious. 

Alexis is more upfront about her villainous actions -- she wore an Evil Queen getup for goodness sake -- while Fallon is a bit timider in her approach. 

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Sadly, in this back-and-forth war, there is no winner only a victim and his name is Steven. 

Sammy was on the money when he told him that sometimes the people you really love don't have your best interests at heart. He really wants to give Alexis the benefit of the doubt, but she's playing him like a fiddle. 

At this point, I'm more interested to see which one of them plays a more diabolical game.

Oh, this is sad. Hiding her valuables like a paranoid, underprivileged squirrel.


Initially, I wasn't impressed with Alexis but I have to hand it to her, she's sneaky and she knows just how to play her cards so that people trust and feel for her. (No, I still haven't gotten over her whack wardrobe.)

Ad Fallon realizes she's finally met her match so she has to step up her game. 

Trust me when I say, drugging your mom in an attempt to get her to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth is definitely a step up.

You Did This - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 18

Sammy has absolutely been spending too much time with the Carrington's if he's okay with this plan. Just another Friday night, right?

It was obvious Fallon would fail in her mission to give the right person the spiked drink. You never, ever, take your eyes off the prize, especially when recreational drugs are involved. 

I'm just glad Cristal didn't actually pick up a glass like I initially thought she would because you know she'd erupt with all those feelings she's been bottling up inside. 

Sammy: Now, I'm not saying I could get the drugs for you, but if I could, it might expose your mother for what she really is.
Liam: She's not going to dose her mom.
Sammy: You don't know her then. I've never seen you this desperate. I don't think you would be if you weren't trying to prove the truth. So... let's prove it.

If Sammy's only purpose this season is to get high and belt out songs, I'm okay with it. The shock on Fallon's face and the joy on Liam's made the whole episode more enjoyable. 

In the final moments, it seemed like Steven was going to be the one to finally get Alexis to leave permanently when she sucked him back in with the reveal of baby Adam.

Wherever the wind blows, that's where Steven goes.

Everything she does is criminal. From her eyeshadow to her patented brand of neglect.


Again, I find the timing of the mystery baby to be quite interesting given Liam is cozying on up to Fallon.

He even pointed out that she refused to "get to know" him which could have been foreshadowing that he's harboring some dark and twisted secrets. He did know his way around Alexis' apartment a little too well. Has he been leading a life of crime?

Hey Hubby - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 18

The romantic angle wasn't much of a surprise since we saw it from a mile away, though, I'd hope he wouldn't make a move on his sister knowingly. I like Liam a lot so that's my one hook that maybe he isn't Adam after all. 

I know I'm naive for this but part of me really just wishes he would prove to Fallon that good people exist and unleash the good that's buried deep, deep, deep inside her. 

In my review of Dynasty Season 1 Episode 17, a commenter pointed out that I had Blake on a pedestal.

Dynasty Season 1 Episode 17 Review: Enter Alexis

While I don't particularly view him as a good person, I was giving him the benefit of the doubt because his father just died and his ex-wife came swooping in for funds and family time. That would throw off even the most level-headed person. 

A marriage might not last, but an ex-wife is forever.


However, there's no excuse for his odious behavior anymore. The way in which he spoke to the kitchen staff left me hoping Anders had another slap coming his way. 

It's possible that the staff feels a level of loyalty to Alexis because she doesn't belittle them and threaten to fire them because of the inability to deal with heavy and complicated emotions. 

Someone needs to give Blake a punching bag. 

He expects loyalty from them but he doesn't offer it in return; he didn't even care to ask why Culhane quit after so many years. 

O-M-G - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 18

Cristal may not play a critical role in the family, but at least she hasn't succumbed to their wicked ways yet. 

She realized something serious must have happened for Culhane to quit a job he was wholly devoted to. She also knew that it was only right to offer up the best medical care for Culhane's father who was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia. It's the least she could do. 

The one percent is good for some things at least one percent of the time.


The minute the doctor said it could have been caused by environmental factors, I figured it would somehow be connected to Carrington Atlantic because let's face it, they aren't known for their environmentally friendly ways. 

And sure enough, Cristal found the connection that revealed Blake's company made Culhane's father sick and covered it up. 

Was it some kind of toxic blast? Chemicals?

I was hoping that she would get to Culhane with the evidence before Blake could get ahead of it, but unfortunately, Blake is conniving and he will always find a way to control the narrative. 

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So just because Fallon and Culhane will "never" be friends, doesn't mean he's completely out of the picture. 

Unfortunately, this also means that he's now an enemy of Blake's and you know he'll do anything and everything in his power to prevent him from putting two-and-two together. 

I know better than to get between a gay boy and his mother.


Do you think this will the thing that breaks apart Cristal and Blake's fragile relationship? I can definitely see Cristal become his adversary and Alexis plunging in as "comfort." He eases up around his ex-wife in a way he hasn't yet with Cristal which is a telling sign. 

Will Steven and Sammy Jo make it down the aisle? The universe is hell-bent on coming between them and I for one think that the series could use a break from all these rushed weddings. 

Keep up with the Carrington's and watch Dynasty online! And share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Don't Con a Con Artist Review

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