Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 14 Review: Lock It Down

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The kidnapping may have been the least dramatic part of Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 14, despite being the most hyped. 

No, what shocked us all most of all has to be a tie between the #Manstead break and Maggie's suspension. Those stories were so juicy, I don't know why anything else had to happen. 

Finding a Suspect - Chicago Med

Connor's adventure through the tunnels to help Choi with heart surgery might be the most pointless things we've seen so far from this show.

I love Colin Donnell, and Connor is a great character, but it simply wasn't necessary. Even taking into account that the fundraiser was likely the setup for some more creepy dad issues didn't make it worth it.

The time would have been better spent humanizing the parents of the missing child, or focusing on the past relationship between the kidnaper and Natalie.

Reliable - Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 14

Yeah, you might have missed that Joanna Harris, the woman who took the baby, was a former patient that we'd actually met. You shouldn't feel guilty for missing it though -- I can't recall a callback so mismanaged.

We last saw Joanna on Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 9 and the reason you might not have put two and two together is that she seemed pretty at peace with the loss of her child. 

Remember when Natalie ignored the NICU doc and advised the parents of a preemie to authorize extreme measures instead of palliative care? And then the baby died, but it was okay because they got to hold their son? 

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Yep, that was the woman who stole a baby. The woman who literally said "We got to hold our child and hope that he was able to feel our love." 

I'm forced to argue against realism here, which I hate doing, because why the hell didn't the writers put Natalie into this plot?!

Or why not drop more clues that this could be a thing? They could have had Sarah or Daniel reference a support group or something.

Just because my opinion is different from yours doesn't make it biased.

Sarah [to Daniel]

But no, instead, no dots are connected. I usually love a good callback, but what was the point here? I'm feeling as confused as Will was after Natalie's outbursts.

Poor Will. I almost feel sympathetic. It wasn't that long ago that Nat was calling him "one of the good ones" and now she's lashing out about his sexism and how he patronizes her. 

Her points are valid, of course. Will's been a terrible sexist from the get go, and it's all the worse because he doesn't even realize it. He really does think that he treats Nat (and other women) as equals. 

Independent Woman - Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 14

The funny thing about Med trying to work in some woke feminist storyline is that the entire Chicago franchise has a woman problem. 

Med does a little better just from a numbers perspective, but it still lacks in substantive story telling about those women. 

Natalie's stories predominately revolve around babies, either hers or her patients, April's arcs are about the men she dates and her brother. The only thing we know about Sharon's home life is that her husband cheated on her.

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I'm hoping that Maggie's suspension will provide her with the time to have a more involved story and thus more fully realize the character. 

The idea that she would be suspended for doing what was necessary to save a patient's life is bananas, but it also highlights a long standing complaint of mine with Gaffney's ED.

Where are the physician's assistants and the nurse practitioners? There were really only four doctors in the busiest ED in the city? And one of those was an intern? 

No Regrets - Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 14

The ED needs a larger and more diverse staff. I'd love to see a new staff member brought in (someone who's ultimate purpose isn't just to bang an existing team member) with a different background. 

Or to have one of the nurses or EMTs go back to school. April is an obvious choice for this since she's mentioned that she wanted to go to medical school but chose nursing so she could help pay Noah's way through school. 

And of course Maggie's upcoming glut of free time presents her with some options.

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And according to the press release, she'll be weighing those options on Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 15 ("Devil In Disguise"). Could she be considering a different path in medicine? We'll have to wait and see. 

While Maggie is out of the office, who will step in and tell Will to respect Nat's space? The junior attending will need somebody to keep him in line as he tries to sort things out with the pediatrician. 

Break - Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 14

The excitement about separating conjoined twins is dampened by the prognosis that only one baby can be saved. Connor is determined to find a way to keep both girls alive, which I imagine will win him points with Ava. Especially if she gets to scrub in.

It's Sarah and Daniel's turn to deal with the absurd -- they'll have a patient who insists her daughter is possessed. Which family member do you think they'll end up treating? 

That's my consolation? Dr. Charles, after all these years...all these years, my father finally walks back into my life, and it turns out...he never loved. He can *never* love me.


Did "Lock It Down" make you want to shout with glee or groan with frustration? Were you surprised by Nat's decision to take a break? Will this be the end of #Manstead? Was Sharon right to punish Maggie?

We love to hear your thoughts, so join the conversation in the comments section!

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Lock It Down Review

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Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Nat: What happened to you? You used to go to any length to try and save someone.
Will: Yeah, and it never ended well.

That's my consolation? Dr. Charles, after all these years...all these years, my father finally walks back into my life, and it turns out...he never loved. He can *never* love me.