Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Rifting Apart

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Not even death can keep this family apart.

On Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 8  Pablo put his Brujo skills to use as he and Ash devised a plan to rescue Kelly and Brandy from the Deadlands. 

Unfortunately, Ash's rift excursion ended up being only partially successful.

Reunion - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 8

While Ash was still reeling from the loss of Brandy, he had to deal with another pressing.

After his evil clone's massacre at the school on Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 episode 7, Ash was framed as the culprit and now a wanted man by local law enforcement.

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The one thing that really threw me for a loop is how the police put out a statewide search, yet Ash and Pablo encountered no issues when heading back to the store's cellar.

You would think that with having a supposed serial killer on the loose, the two places that the police would be staking out would be Ash's house and the hardware store.

But given the length of the episode and how much went on during this installment, adding the police as an additional obstacle possibly could have eaten up too much time.

Pablo, I gotta get my hands on my little girl's body before they do!


Ever since Pablo earned his Brujo status on Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 5, I have been waiting for him to further embrace being El Brujo Especiale. 

There is potentially so much untapped power at his disposal, and while I understand that Pablo is still learning how to harness that power, I'm very eager to see his true capabilities. 

Hopefully, over the next couple of episodes, we'll get to see what else is in his arsenal other than opening and closing doorways to other worlds.

El Brujo Especiale

Pablo's theory about needing to be killed by the evil in order gain entry into the Deadlands was a precarious hunch to use. With The Ghost Beaters already down two members, could you imagine if Pablo had been wrong?

Kill yourself with the Kandarian dagger, or jump into the rift just as the Knight did on Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 6 and you risk morphing into some monstrosity that was pulled out of a Clive Barker film.

It was a gamble either way, and the right decision was ultimately made when Pablo helped Ash with his assisted suicide and awoke in the Deadlands.

Pablo: I think in order to get to this evil dead place is ...
Ash: Is to get really wasted and do some shrooms? I can do that in my sleep.
Pablo: No, I think you gotta let the evil kill you.

The Deadlands – or "Knock-off Upside Down" as I'd like to refer to it – was definitely an interesting place to visit. Dating back to the original Evil Dead trilogy, I had often wondered what happens to those that succumb to the evil once it takes hold of them.

Thankfully, this that lingering question was finally answered with a visually satisfying explanation.

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The Deadlands looked like Elk Grove, but it was far from the same world to which everyone was accustomed. Doors didn't lead to where they were supposed to go, Shadow Demons roamed the streets, and the streets were full trapped souls of the recently departed.

Speaking of which, how cool was it to see Dalton pop up again? 

Shadow Demon - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 8

I had voiced my displeasure with how short Dalton's tenure was on the series, so it was a nice surprise to see him again – albeit briefly. At least Dalton's return had an important impact by sacrificing himself in order for Ash, Kelly, and Brandy to escape the Shadow Demon. 

Save Kelly and your daughter, Ash Williams. And when you send that bitch Ruby to hell, tell her I'll be waiting.


It's a shame that Dalton couldn't be saved, but even if he could have made it back to the rift, his soul wouldn't have a body to return to.

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Considering that Dalton showed up, I'm surprised that Brandy's mom never made an appearance. Perhaps the Shadow Demons got to her before Brandy's arrival.

I'm not quite sure how Ash and Brandy's fatal injuries were miraculously healed, but at least they're back among the living.

Ruby's Nnext Move - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 8

At first, I wasn't quite sure why Kelly couldn't return with Ash and Brandy, but then I realized that it's because Kelly's soul would have nowhere to return to since Kaya is inhabiting her body.

Now the goal will switch to trying to figure out a way to expel Kaya so that Kelly's soul can be restored. Maybe Pablo can work his Brujo magic and come up with something.

Ash: Okay we have some ladies to bring back to life. So how do we do this?
Pablo: This is your plan, I thought you knew.
Ash: Oh come on man, I don't know anything about this Rift crap. You're the Quervo Especiale.
Pablo: El Brujo Especiale.
Ash: Yeah whatever. you shake your little rattle, say some juju words, I jump in the rift.

Rift Raider - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 8

Speaking of Kaya, what could she and Ruby have planned for Zoe? They mentioned using her to change their destiny, but what that entails is anybody's guess. Whatever their intentions are, it doesn't bode well for Zoe.

"Rifting Apart" was easily one of the best episodes of an already fantastic season. Ash's rescue attempt did seem a bit too simple and effortless, but it did provide a satisfying look into the bazaar and creepy world of the Deadlands. 

And with two episodes left, hopefully, Ash, Pablo, and Brandy will not only rescue Kelly's soul but also put an end to Ruby once and for all.

Now it's time to hear from you, Evil Dead Fanatics.

What did you think of "Rifting Apart"? What are your thoughts on Ash's trip to the Deadlands? Were you surprised to see Dalton again? Will Ash and Pablo be able to save Kelly? What could Ruby and Kaya have planned for Zoe?

Sound off below and let me know.

Ash vs Evil Dead returns with a new episode on Sunday, April 22nd on Starz at 9/8c.

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Rifting Apart Review

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