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Did Maze really murder someone?

That was the narrative that someone tried to create on Lucifer Season 3 Episode 19 when she was implicated in a gruesome murder. 

However, things took a wild turn when Lucifer and Chloe were forced to enter the world of bounty hunting to learn the truth. 

This also made Maze question whether she would have the same issues in hell. 

Also, Pierce returned with some shocking news about one character. 

Use the video above to watch Lucifer online right here via TV Fanatic. 

Get up to speed on all the latest twists and turns for Lucifer and his friends as they try to co-exist away from hell. 

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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Charlotte: You have to hear how crazy it really was. He said Lucifer is his brother. Which I guess is possible if one of them were adopted or raised with a different accent. Then he said I was his step-mom. But he's a grown man! His father would have to be ancient.
Linda [laughs weirdly]: Right!
Charlotte: As if I would go running around marrying old men and then forgetting all about it. Would I?

Maze: You went to hell for Pierce, a guy you don't even like, and you won't go to hell for me?
Lucifer: No
Maze: You will regret this, Lucifer.