The Royals Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Confess Yourself to Heaven

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Nothing makes you realize how much you care for someone until there's a possibility of losing them. 

But on The Royals Season 4 Episode 2, the question wasn't whether Jasper would survive -- cause we all knew he would -- the question was whether or not Robert was responsible for the assassination attempt.

If the writers had wanted Jasper to die, they would have let it happen as he bled out on the podium.  

Wake Up - The Royals Season 4 Episode 2

Since he made it to the hospital and into surgery, it was only a matter of time before he got back on his feet. 

Actually, he got back on his feet rather quickly. Those must be some miracle workers! 

Still, keeping a certain level of uncertainty allowed the writers to explore Eleanor's feelings for her bodyguard. 

Eleanor regretted not writing back to his love letters while she was away, and she pondered what would happen if died thinking she never cared, and she crucified her brother for ordering him to stay away from her. 

He's not going to die, he's got something to live for. You.

Queen Helena

That last part actually gives Robert motive. He's always disliked Jasper and desperately wanted to keep him away from his sister. 

It's likely that when he realized that would never happen, he decided to get rid of him. Let's face it, Robert has done worse things. 

Several times during the episode, his facial expressions gave way to his disappointment with the botched assassination -- that his hitman didn't have "better aim." He even said that out loud to James! 

You Should Move On - The Royals Season 4 Episode 2

Did anyone else think Robert was going to smother Jasper with a pillow when he asked for some alone time with him?

Even James must have had an inkling since he was hesitant to leave Jasper unattended. 

Robert tried to convince his sister that her father, King Simon, wanted her to be great and she shouldn't waste her time dating "the help."

Eleanor scoffed because really Robert? Poor timing. 

I'd rather have a half-life with you than a full life with anyone else.

Princess Eleanor

It's always a pleasure seeing bubbly Sara Alice especially when it's to snuff out Robert's negativity. Her goodness helped Eleanor realize that despite optics, she needed to follow her heart. 

Seeing the flashback of little Jasper brought to life just how terrible his childhood was. And even back then, little Eleanor was the one who brought him hope. They were destined to be together. I'm getting sappy, I know, but did I mention how much I love this couple?

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And why can't Eleanor have her cake and eat it too? She may be a Princess, but she's not as important as the queen. Over time, people would stop caring about her love life. 

Dad said choose love and be great, and I intend to do both.

Princess Eleanor

In fact, Robert helped their relationship become public.

Since the public was so interested in the handsome bodyguard who took a bullet for the king, Jasper was able to air out his truth. That's one less thing that Robert can hold over him. 

I consider it a matter of honor to take a bullet for your King. In fact, I'd take a bullet for any member of the Royal Family because, in many ways, they've become the family that I never had.


All of England was sympathetic, so they are more likely to overlook Jasper's past. And when he spun it to make it seem like he's super close to the royal family, Robert couldn't do anything more but agree and "owe him his life."

That also means instead of just figuring out if they can make this relationship work, they'll be stronger than ever because they know what they have to lose.

Memories Of The Past - The Royals

It seems Jasper also figured out Robert may be behind the attack. I don't think he would just glare at him and repeat what he said right before the shooting -- these things have a way of working themselves out -- for absolutely no reason. 

He's going to join Liam's crusade the minute he gets his blood flowing again! 

It would also explain why Robert was so nonchalant about an assassin being out and about. He knew there was no credible threat. 

Well, at least for now.

Stick it in her father's computer before or after you stick it into her.


That is until Liam comes in swinging with the proof he just obtained! 

Is anyone even surprised that Robert faked his death and then paid former security detail, Ted, to kill his father so that he could ascend to the throne?

Me neither. 

Sadly, Liam had to do a bit of lying to get the proof. I felt bad for Great for being used as a pawn once again. She's a sweet girl, and according to her pompous father, always used by guys who have ulterior motives. 

But what Greta does is different. She uses her camera to find a way to capture a person's soul. That is... if you have one.


As Cyrus said, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. 

At least Liam made an effort to talk her up in front of her father. It seemed like he felt sorry for her, especially since she didn't realize he's just not that into her. 

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I don't have the slightest clue what Cyrus' purpose is aside from having sex parties, crossing off items from his "suck it" list and encouraging Liam to be the worst version of himself to take down the monarchy. 

Liam and Greta - The Royals Season 4 Episode 2

And honestly, I don't care. Anytime he comes on the screen, it's wildly entertaining and bonkers. 

At times, I think he's just faking the terminal illness to do whatever the hell he wants with zero consequences. And again, I don't mind.

Queen Helena's time is limited as Robert is pressing the gas on this royal wedding. 

I'm rooting for you bodyguard.

Queen Helena

He may say it's because a wedding is good for the economy, but I think there's more to the story. 

Why is he so insistent on Willow becoming his future Queen? I doubt it's simply because she's "wise" and not entirely phased by the glamour.

Maybe he realizes Liam is onto him and knows that if he marries, he'll have a harder time exposing him and taking the throne?

As always, you can watch The Royals online and leave your thoughts below! 

Confess Yourself to Heaven Review

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The Royals Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm rooting for you bodyguard.

Queen Helena

He's not going to die, he's got something to live for. You.

Queen Helena