The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 Review: Enter Flashtime

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The latest chapter of The Flash teaches us all that three speedsters are better than one during a crisis. 

The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 was the first time in a while that had the same energy as The Flash Season 1.

Teaming Up! - The Flash Season 4 Episode 15

I have enjoyed The Thinker arc for most of The Flash Season 4. But it felt perfect to get a break from that on "Enter Flashtime" when The Flash felt old-school.

This has been the challenge for The Flash Season 4 since the beginning. You can tell that they are trying to go back to the feeling that the first season had which is appreciated.

But "Enter Flashtime" had everything that you could possibly want for a perfect story, especially with the return of Jay Garrick and Jesse Quick who both had more character development than ever.

I have read a lot of Flash comics but never encountered the concept of Flashtime. I'm certain this power is something that speedsters in the DC lore are capable of.

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It explains the sudden introduction of that power during the trial. At first, it felt oddly placed because it came out of nowhere.

But seeing that payoff here made me appreciate its earlier introduction. Visually, it is one of the most stunning things The Flash has ever done.

The story does, however, make sure that power comes with some limits. If we hadn't seen the speedsters get affected by it, it would have made Barry overpowered like crazy!

A Turn of Events - The Flash Season 4 Episode 15

Although it was strange how Jesse wasn't able to unfreeze her dad. Does this mean that speedsters can only unfreeze Flashtimes that they have caused themselves?

If they are all connected to the same Speed Force, shouldn't it work for them to unfreeze any Flashtime? Someone help explain the science to me, please!

I have been up and down with Harry in the recent episodes. But we finally got some proper progression and exposition about why he is the way he is.

For the most parts of The Flash, they have played up Harry's anger problem for comedic effect. That is fine, but it has gotten old lately which is why I'm happy they allowed Harry to be human.

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It also allowed us to finally get a closer insight into Jesse and how she has felt about the absence of her mom. I wish we could have Jesse around more often because she is a character who needs to be explored!

It was genuinely a blast seeing so many speedsters teaming up because I'm a sucker for Flash Family stories. I will admit that it wouldn't have hurt if Kid Flash had been around.

Cisco Has a Plan! - The Flash Season 4 Episode 15

But we can always hope The Flash Season 5 will do that, right? I was terrified that Jay wouldn't make it out the minute he couldn't keep up with Barry and Jesse.

I don't need to see John Wesley Shipp get killed off on The Flash for the second time! I'm bummed Jay is retiring though, but who can blame him?

The twist that he is mentoring a female speedster to take over for him needs to be discussed. It would be simple to believe that the Jitters girl could be that speedster.

But I'm still sold on the idea that she is someone from the future and most likely Barry's daughter. Why would she need to keep her identity a secret if she was from Earth-3?

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It would feel incredibly unnecessary for The Flash to go that far for her mysterious identity. But only time will tell who she is and ideally, we won't have to wait for too much longer!

Something that I absolutely loved with the threat here was how it forced Barry to bring his A-game. It is easy to forget that despite his godlike speed, Barry is still human.

We Must Win! - The Flash Season 4 Episode 15

It is a similar problem we see in Superman stories. He may be an alien, but he is no God. To see Barry terrified, shaken and struggle was one of Grant Gustin's finest performances this season.

I have all sorts of questions about the state of the Speed Force now that it knows that Barry is out. Will it need a speedster to keep it in balance again since it probably knows the sphere is fake?

I expect the Speed Force to play some crucial role by the time we get to the season finale. It was a blast to see Iris get to play a key role in how to stop the explosion.

Overall, "Enter Flashtime" is one of the best episodes of The Flash Season 4. It had the adventure, intensity, and heart that I have always loved with The Flash.

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While I do look forward to wrapping up the Thinker storyline, it was genuinely a relief to get a break from it. It handled several storylines while giving us a strong adventure for our heroes.

Now it's your turn to let us know what you thought of The Flash Season 4 Episode 15! What did you think of the speedsters teaming up?

What do you think about the latest appearance of the Jitters girl? How does the science of the Flashtime power work?

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Enter Flashtime Review

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Barry: We send the bomb into the Speed Force, we let it detonate in there.
Jay: Like hell, you will!
Barry: What do you mean? Why not?!
Jay: Because Flash, if you do that, we may lose the Speed Force forever!

You are my lightning rod, Iris.