Jane the Virgin: Is the Third Time Really the Charm for Jane & Rafael?

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We've been here before. it’s a tale old as time — the question of whether Jane and Rafael will finally make their relationship work.

Unlike the majority of fans, I have always wanted Jane and Rafael to be “end game.” Not only because they are forever connected through their child, but because there has always been this undeniable chemistry between them, which was lacking when she was with Michael.

Snow Falling  - Jane the Virgin

Don’t get me wrong; Jane needed her experiences with Michael in order have a “real” chance at love with Rafael.

Even before Michael’s death, the co-parents have been toying with the idea of “what-if.”

Finally on Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 10, Rafael took his own “brave” advice and rekindled the old flame by spontaneously planting a kiss on Jane.

Understandably, fans were concerned because Jane the Virgin Season 4 shut down every possibility of a romance. "What if” it wasn’t their time?

A heated argument kicked the season off, with Rafael struggling with the loss of his hotels and fortune, and criticizing Jane’s “small” upbringing as something he’d never want for Mateo.

If you watch Jane the Virgin online, you know it wasn't the first time that money has been an issue, although, it was striking since he was currently living under the roof of the same women he was bashing.

Second Time? - Jane the Virgin

Jane was "so done" with him, and she went on to pursue a relationship with Adam, her former first love. She fell hard, even considering exchanging "I love you's" and introducing him to Mateo. It was that serious.

Rafael continued making horrible decisions when it concerns women, even trying again with Petra before toying with a hotel heiress in an attempt to win back the Marbella.

Ultimately, the heiress ran him over with her car and he was back to square one — being forced to accept his new, less-lavish lifestyle.

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Towards the end of the season, Jane and Rafael were in a different headspace, finally making positive changes in their lives.

Jane may still have been nursing a broken heart after Adam unexpectedly broke up with her (again), but she also gained the freedom to live her life and move on from simply grieving Michael and feeling guilty about it.

Rafael manned up and came to terms with his current financial situation, even making the sound choice to move into his own tiny, unimpressive apartment.

This Kiss - Jane the Virgin

Rafael was confident that the kiss was the start of something great, but Jane, who was adamant about not wanting to pursue a serious relationship, didn’t feel the same way.

He did his fair share of convincing in the only way he knew how; putting together a list of arguments and counterarguments in support of the relationship. Jane wasn’t sold, but she was warming up to the idea, especially when she realized he was making a real effort to take control of his life.

Despite being a romantic, Jane didn’t let the fantasy, or her heart, make any rash decisions. This was a very important step, with someone she's shared a deep and complicated history.

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She can’t just jump in without being fully certain that it’s going to work, especially since the relationship — whatever the status — also includes a kindergartner who is very much aware of his surroundings.

Mateo is the reason they cannot be selfish and reckless with their relationship. He has questions and jumps to conclusions as we saw on Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 9. He’s very invested in their relationship, and obviously, the outcome.

Their fool-proof solution was to pursue a “secret” relationship; one where they can see where things go without the added pressures from Alba (a die-hard Team Jafael supporter), her parents and of course, their son. But what happens when they aren’t a secret anymore? Could the secrecy be part of the allure?

In This Together

A major shift in their relationship happened on Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 10 when they finally gave into desire and slept together. It’s possible that this new level of intimacy will change how they think about each other and deepen their bond.

One thing is for certain: this time around it will be different because Jane and Rafael made sure that they were friends first and foremost. Their relationship fizzled back on Jane the Virgin Season 1 because they were motivated only by the “idea” of being a family but didn’t have the support to thrive.

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Now, they've built a solid foundation that will let them withstand the trials and tribulations of pursuing an emotional relationship. Rafael has been Jane’s biggest supporter since Michael's death, always pushing her to follow through on her dreams, while Jane has given Raf the family and home he’s yearned for since he was a child.

Even if the pressure, Rafael’s jealousy and insecurity, or Jane’s "judginess" gets in the way, they’ll know how to navigate it because they respect and understand each other.

Glowing Heart - Jane the Virgin

Also working in their favor is timing. This is the first time that they have been in agreement about what they want and need from each other.  

No relationship comes with a guarantee of long-term success, but at least we have finally arrived at a place where the idea of their relationship isn’t a cause for concern among their loved ones. In fact, it's accepted with open arms.

The romantic side of me obviously wants them to fall in love forever, but the realistic side of me acknowledges that sometimes what you want and what is “meant to be,” isn’t the same thing.

Regardless, my heart will always glow for Rafael, much like Jane’s, even if it isn’t always in the romantic sense.

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Jane the Virgin Quotes

Jane: Oh, I'm no good at this stuff. So, instead of telling you the reasons that I love you, I'm going to tell you the reasons that I don't. I don't love you because you're smart and kind. I don't love you because you're hardworking and competitive and way too defensive.
Michael: I'm not defensive.
Jane: I don't love you because you're incredibly sexy. I love you because you're my best friend and I want to grow old with you. And right now, I am confused about every single thing in my life, except you.

Rafael: No, I really think we've met.
Jane: I don't usually wear clam shells.
Rafael: Oh, the strip club on Piscayne?
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