iZombie Round Table: A Serial Killer in New Seattle!

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Clive and Liv are investigating their first serial killer.

On iZombie Season 4 Episode 3, the death of a hopeless romantic leads Liv and Clive on the path of a serial killer and an underground brain trafficking business. 

Join Stacy Glanzman, Lizzy Buczak, and Yana Grebenyuk as the discuss the episode below!

Izombie Round Table

Clive and Liv are investigating their first serial killer in New Seattle. React.

Stacy: I love it! They haven't done that before, and it's a nice change of pace from always finding out who the killer is by the end of the episode. It seems like they are really trying to mix it up more this season and keep the show fresh.

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Lizzy: So much is happening in Seattle, and now they have a serial killer? Liv and Clive are going to have their hands full! But it's an exciting change-up for the audience considering all the cases they handle usually get resolved by the end of the episode.

Yana: I agree that it is nice to see things slow down a bit. It also builds up the suspense more versus us knowing that a suspect will be arrested by the end of the episode.

Do you think Dale is cheating on Clive?

Stacy: It does look that way. Perhaps the no sex situation is getting to her, but it's also possible that she was undercover or that there is some other explanation.

Lizzy: All the evidence points to yes, and while I hate to say it, it would be understandable. Maybe Clive isn't the only one struggling with the "no sex" aspect. Although, I think she's working undercover on a case and Clive knows all about it.

Yana: I was thinking it could be for a case, but now I'm thinking maybe not? I don't want to say cheating because it was so out in the open and Dale wouldn't cheat in a place where the people probably know Clive.

Should Peyton and Ravi rekindle their romance?

Stacy: I don't really have a preference either way. They were a cute couple, and I liked them together, but I love both characters whether they're together or not.

Wherever the writers decide to go with them is fine by me, just as long as they don't constantly break up and get back together because that always gets annoying.

Lizzy: I'm torn on this one because I liked Peyton and Ravi together, but I also like Peyton and Blaine together.

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And since she's clearly still torn up about her split with Blaine, enough to tell Ravi that she doesn't want to run into her ex at his club, I don't think she's ready to dive back into anything. Maybe these two are better off as friends?

Yana: I think at this point they kind of lost the traction that made me want them together. I don't want her back with Blaine though.

Are you concerned about Renegade's safety now that Blaine and Chase are looking for her?

Stacy: She has a risky job, so there was always a level of concern for her safety, but yeah her danger levels have increased dramatically now that Blaine will be coming after her. I like her, so I hope she sticks around for awhile before being caught.

Lizzy: She knew the risks when she took on the job, but now that two of the most dangerous dudes in Seattle (aside from Angus) are onto her, there is definitely more concern. Renegade it tough, I think she can handle herself.

Yana: I love her, but I am also just accepting that nothing will go well for her if Blaine and Chase are on the case.

According to Chase's adviser, there are about 4-6 months before Seattle runs out of brains. How do you think they'll resolve this issue? What are your thoughts on the Darwin Project?

Stacy: Honestly, I have no idea. They vastly overestimated the number of brains that would be donated, and they're going to have to figure something out fast. I'm definitely curious to see what solution they come up with.

Lizzy: You'd hope Chase thought this through before turning people into zombies. Maybe they'll steal brains from the graveyards? I'd imagine that supply is also limited.

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A reward for donating brains after death? That seems to be the idea behind the Darwin Project except with an emphasis on research. I really don't know what they'll do!

Yana: I am more curious to see how Chase will handle it. We have seen that he really isn't a terrible person, he has his reasons for why he does what he does.

This season he has taken a much darker approach to his choices and seeing him stuck in this big dilemma has to set up for some pretty interesting journeys for him.

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Stacy: I loved Major's reaction when Liv told him she met someone. He just wrote it off and went to make himself a burrito.

Lizzy: Ravi being the life of the party was a definite highlight. Also, Liv falling for every guy cause of rom-com brain, and Major writing her "I've moved on" speech to go make a burrito!

Liv: Major, there is no way to tell you this, but I met someone, and I think he may be the love of my life.
Major: I had a very long day trying to unsuccessfully track down a video. Plus, we're in a fight, so I'm going to go make myself a burrito.
Liv: He is so brave.

Yana: Liv on this lovestruck brain was kind of amazing. I love Liv on any brain though because it is all so different.

It's your turn iZombie Fanatics, what was your favorite quote or scene from the episode? Should Ravi and Peyton reunite or are you rooting for Peyton and Blaine? What's your take on the questions?

Hit the comments below with your responses!

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