How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Will Michaela Ditch Asher for Marcus?

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That was quite the crossover, you guys!

On How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 13, the team continued to try and take on the State of Pennsylvania, and it seemed like there were some significant twists. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Whitney Evans and Justin Carreiro discuss all of those twists and what's to come next!

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Michaela slept with Marcus from Scandal. React!

Jasmine: I'm disappointed but not surprised. The second they were onscreen together it was apparent where this was headed. Not only do they have great chemistry, but unfortunately, Michaela has always been hung up on and unable to shake "her perfect and ideal" man.

She wanted an established, successful, mature black man to be her "Barack." Marcus checks all of the boxes. It sucks to be Asher. 

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Whitney: I was SO disappointed. I like Marcus, and in another life, I could see the two of them working out. But in this life right now she has a man who absolutely worships her, and it sucks that Asher will be hurt by this. He deserves better.

Justin: I agree with the others; I was so disappointed to see this. Asher loves Michael so much and wants to do everything for her, but she cares about her priorities more. And I won't even get into Marcus's storyline on Scandal.

We're Back! - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 13

Were you glad Olivia gave Annalise the pep talk before the court case was derailed?

Jasmine: That was the best scene of the crossover. Initially, I was out off by how antagonistic they were when things started. Olivia was coming off too bitchy. But by the time they got to that scene, I was feeling the sisterhood and camaraderie. It was two incredible actresses playing off of one another well. I couldn't be happier.

Whitney: Of course! There really was only one person in that instance who could get through to her, and it was Olivia Pope. They are both more alike than they realized or cared to admit, but at that moment there were so connected, and it was amazing to watch.

Justin: Yes! These scenes are what fans have waited for all this time with a potential crossover, and these two have fantastic chemistry together. Seeing Olivia encourage Annalise showed that she still had some hero left in her.

Hi, Oliver! - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 13

What did you think of Annalise's parents showing up for the case?

Jasmine: I kept wondering if something was going to happen because they kept interjecting so much. But outside of that, I thought they were so adorable. Cicely Tyson is a living legend, and I never tire of her appearances. 

Whitney: I love seeing Cicely Tyson so while it was a little odd for them to show up, I enjoyed seeing them. Any time Annalise gets to interact with her family it humanizes her and shows the softer side we don't always get to see.

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Justin: Annalise's parents are adorable. They always pop in at the most random times, but they love their daughter, and as Whitney said, they showcase her human side more often.

The Fiercest Women Around - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 13

Did Sandrine really put the kill order out on Wes? What's your theory?

Jasmine: Am I the only one who felt like this development was misplaced? It didn't need to happen in the crossover, and because it was out of place, I honestly can't say I paid attention to any of it. It's possible Sandrine did. I don't even have a working theory. I'm getting tired of the whole Castillo family.

Whitney: This is How To Get Away With Murder. Nothing is ever as it seems, so I'm going to go with no.

Justin: I'm going with the thinking that she didn't. It's still too early to make any final accusations and knowing this show; the real reason will be revealed in the season finale.

Bad News? - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 13

What do you want to happen before the season concludes?

Jasmine: I guess some resolution on who killed Wes. I want a Connor and Oliver wedding because the back and forth is giving me whiplash. I would like Laurel to be reunited with her baby permanently. I'm enjoying Annalise kicking butt practicing law. 

Whitney: I love Wes, but I'm ready to put that whole thing to bed. I want to know who killed him and I want him to rest in peace. I want Laurel to get her baby back, and I want the Supreme Court to invigorate Annalise's career.

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I also want Michaela to be honest with Asher and accept whatever he decides to do, whether that be work things out or break up.

Justin: Wes's storyline needs to end, and the killer needs to be apprehended. Don't get me wrong, I like the character, and I'm sorry for what happened to him. However, this mystery has been dragging on for a while. A resolution needs to happen soon.

Okay, How to Get Away with Murder Fanatics! What did you think of the episode?

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