Dynasty: Will Alexis Carrington Be The Force That Saves It From Friday Night Doom?

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Dynasty's original diva is ready to make her grand entrance. 

If you thought Fallon Carrington was the "It" girl on The CW series, you clearly haven't met her mother, Alexis Carrington. 

Dynasty has been picking up the pace lately with its diabolical schemes and twists, but it's still vastly underrated. 

So much so that the network moved it to Friday nights! 

I'm Back Darling - Dynasty

Showrunners are hoping that the return of the iconic villain Alexis 37 years after she was made famous by the unrivaled Joan Collins will inject magic -- an electricity that will revitalize the series and attract both new and old viewers alike.

When Alexis and her big hat blow into town, she'll be played by other resident mean-girl, Nicollette Sheridan.

Sheridan is best known for her role as Edie Britt in the hit comedy/drama, Desperate Housewives.

It'll be hard to rival Collins' character, but Sheridan has boldly accepted the task.

Alexis' story takes off with Sheridan's iteration on Dynasty Season 1 Episode 16 just in time for a funeral. 

Given that Fallon has repeatedly said her mother isn't someone you can just track down, everyone is floored to see her waltz into the church and nonchalantly declare, "Sorry, I'm late."

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That entrance actually tells you everything you need to know about the matriarch -- she's unapologetic and about to shake things up. 

Or as the cool kids say, Alexis will stir the pot. 

The funeral is a good excuse for her debut, but what are her motives for returning?

Showrunner Sallie Patrick insists that Alexis is back for her children, but we have to wonder if that's really true. 

So much time has passed, and she never once expressed any interest; although I'm sure she's been keeping tabs on them through the news.

But why all of a sudden? Did she get wind of Fallon's marriage and is upset she didn't get an invite? Is she back to help Steven run for office?

Will a spa day and some Bloody Mary's really smooth things over?

Some Bloody's? - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 16

Alexis has been mentioned on numerous occasions by various members of the family throughout Dynasty Season 1.

Everyone has recounted their own stories and memories of the woman who abandoned their family, so we kind of have our expectations set.

However, Patrick teases that "Alexis will happily break" all of our preconceived notions. 

What is guaranteed? She'll shake up familiar dynamics and threaten relationships -- all of them. 

Her relationship with Fallon obviously comes with the most baggage as mother/daughter relationships are always the trickiest.

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Fallon has major mommy issues and for the longest time believed her mother left them. 

But after Cecil's explosive confession she was convinced that her family fell apart because Blake cheated on her mother with Colby's mother. 

I'm Alexis - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 16

Since then, she's resented her father and has done things to spite him. 

However, with his last breath, grandfather Tom told the truth -- Blake never broke up the family or cheated on Alexis, he was simply covering for him.

It's unclear what he really meant by that, but it's safe to assume Tom was the one actually sleeping with Cecil's wife, and Blake took the blame for all these years. 

So now where will Fallon's alliances lie? Will she forgive her father? Will she give her mother a chance?

There were obviously other issues that caused a rift between Blake and Alexis leading to a messy custody battle that Blake confessed to rigging.

On Dynasty Season 1 Episode 12, Blake tells Cristal he bribed the Senator to protect his family and secure custody of his children. He claims that if Alexis got them she would have left town, and he'd never see them again.

To me, this seems like Alexis never cared much about them in the first place and was always more impressed with being fabulous and traveling the world. 

Still, whatever Blake says has to be taken with a grain of salt considering telling the truth isn't his forte. 

Alexis Original  - Dynasty

The custody battle will obviously come into play upon Alexis' return. Does she have a different side of the story? Why did she really leave? Did she ever love her children? 

Blake has many faults, including being a terrible parent, but one thing that's unequivocally certain is his loyalty to his children.

He may put them in questionable situations and try to whore them out in situations that benefit him, as he did when he organized the faux wedding, but he also cares about them deeply.

He's helped Steven on numerous occasions from his drug stints to securing him jobs to helping him clean up the mess with Ted Dinard. 

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As for Fallon, he couldn't bear to see her actually go through with the wedding and tried to call it off even if it meant taking the loss.

Much to his surprise though, she went through with the wedding because her plan was better and actually saved his ass. Even in the bleakest of moments, this family stays together and puts each other first. 

The bond between the father and his children is definitely dysfunctional but rooted in deep love. The same cannot be said for the children and their mother, who they barely even know. Will she be maternal to them when she arrives? Will she try to turn them against their father?

Alexis will also present a major challenge for Fallon who will no longer be the smartest Carrington woman in the room.

Like Mother Like Daughter - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 16

“Fallon Carrington is fierce, and upon mama’s return, she has met her match tenfold,” Sheridan says

Most importantly, Alexis will come between Blake and Cristal, the latter who is pretty shaken and intimidated when the original Mrs. sweeps into town. 

Her marriage has been the farthest thing from stable, and the return of an ex will bring up many distasteful feelings for not only Blake but the children, too.

She finally got into Fallon's good graces and Fallon finally accepted her as a stepmom. Will that be threatened now?

Alexis' arrival will unearth numerous family secrets and change the show as we know it, but will she find her place amongst the family and stick around?

Better yet, will she entice viewers to stick around? Will she be the force that gives this series the ratings boost it so desperately needs?

You'll get your first peek of the Late, Great Alexis Carrington on "Poor Little Rich Girl," airing Friday, March 23, 2018, only on The CW.

If you can't wait to get your next Fallon fix, you can watch Dynasty online to fill your excitement quotient.

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Alexis: And you must be Fallon's friend.
Fallon: Actually, no. She’s the new Mrs. Carrington. You’d hate her and that’s my favorite thing about her.

Fallon: Did you invite her?
Blake: Why does everyone keep asking me that? I divorced her.