Dynasty Season 1 Episode 17 Review: Enter Alexis

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After all the hype, the arrival of Alexis Carrington was quite a letdown. 

Nicollette Sheridan made her appearance as the villainous matriarch on Dynasty Season 1 Episode 17.

It's clear she's going to stick around for awhile, but do we really want her to? 

Why Are You Here? - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 17

Since I never watched the original series, I had minimal expectations for this role, however, everyone was putting their faith in the original Mrs. Carrington who was once television's best villain with a soul, so it seemed promising. 

Despite the hatred from her family, I imagined Alexis as a distinguished woman, with many accomplishments under her belt. Someone who would definitely intimidate and command the room. 

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Unfortunately, she commanded the room for all the wrong reasons. 

Whoever this cheetah print wearing, air-stream-living woman with a Cardi B ringtone was, she was far from glamorous; she was more off-the-rack or a hand-me-down.

Alexis may stir-up some drama for the family, but she doesn't seem to be as compelling of a villain anymore. Maybe she'll grow on me?

It looks like you can go home again.

The original Alexis is described as fiercely protective of her children yet, all I heard from revamped Alexis were excuses for why she wasn't around. Most of those excuses placed the blame on Blake. At no point did she own up to her own mistakes. 

Blake may have paid off the judge to gain custody, but she's had eleven-years to reach out and forge some kind of relationship with them.

Even now, she didn't return for altruistic reasons, she came back because she was a beneficiary of Thomas' will and stayed around on a technicality -- she now owned the house. 

You're a Liar - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 17

She had no interest in her children's lives but then the money started running out and she ran back to her old stomping grounds.

Her surprise at how much Fallon resented her was laughable. What did she expect from the daughter she abandoned, that she would welcome her with open arms?

Did she expect that from a daughter who found out that her mother has been in touch with Steven, which is why he wasn't fazed when Alexis made her grand entrance? 

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If she could keep in contact with one child, why couldn't she reach out to the other one? I'd be holding a grudge, too. 

Fallon has every right to call her out on the bull, especially since all she's done from the moment she's gotten there has been telling lies. 

Alexis: As if anyone could mother you. You were born an evil maniac
Fallon: Like mother like daughter.

And even if Blake was lacking as a father, that's the only love she's ever known; she's devoted to him.

Fallon does what she means, means what she says; she's not discreet or timid in her actions so it was only a matter of time before she exploded. 

And like clockwork, the pool fight happened. 

There it is! Now we get to see what it looks like when Alexis Carrington runs out of lies.


I could barely focus on what they were arguing about because I was fascinated by how their makeup managed to stay perfectly intact with all the hair pulling and dunking. That's some rich people stuff.

Walking around your mansion and shooting up objects in the house is rich people stuff, too. That scene was very tone-deaf, in my opinion, considering our current gun-debate. No one should ever carelessly use a gun like that, I don't care how much money you have.

Slap Heard Round the World  - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 17

Alexis has a lot stacked up against her, and moving into Culhane's study isn't going to break down the wall that Fallon has put up against her. 

Also, it's nice to see that this time, Blake isn't the enemy; Fallon was the one who paid off the doctor to change the timestamp so it would look like she coerced a sick man into signing over the house to her. 

I really don't want Fallon and Steven's relationship to get destroyed in this battle for mother's love. They have the most genuine connection and never judge each other, no matter how questionable their actions are. It would be a shame if that all got ruined.

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Steven is drawn to his mother, as he's the only one who doesn't think she's a complete monster, but he'll definitely see the real Alexis soon. 

She may have been happy about his engagement at first, but her expression changed drastically when he mentioned his fiancee was Sammy Jo, Cristal's nephew. 

Fallon: Did you invite her?
Blake: Why does everyone keep asking me that? I divorced her.

In fact, Alexis may be a bigger threat to this relationship than Thomas was because she actually has it out for the new Mrs. Carrington. 

Cristal deserves all the credit in the world for not stooping to Alexis' level of snarky jabs and below-the-belt hits. She's been keeping her composure when it would be understandable for her to throw a Fallon-sized fit, which shows that her maturity level surpasses the rest of the family. 

Don't You Dare - Dynasty

I mean, Alexis even named her male dog Cristal -- that would get under anyone's skin. 

Personally, I think Alexis' arrival will improve Cristal's relationships with everyone around her, especially Fallon, who found solace in her step-mom. 

Alexis thought she was insulting Cristal when she called her "Fallon's friend," but she was onto something.

Alexis: And you must be Fallon's friend.
Fallon: Actually, no. She’s the new Mrs. Carrington. You’d hate her and that’s my favorite thing about her.

They are friends. Fallon has been forced to choose the lesser of two evils and for now, that's Cristal.

She's been more of a mother to her than Alexis ever has been and surprisingly, continues to build the bond by helping her get the upper-hand against her dysfunctional parents. 

Alexis' selfishness will ruin her; she's so desperate to reclaim her throne in the Manor, she tried seducing Blake at the office by stirring up old feeling and memories. 

At one point, she told him they should get back together for the "sake of the children," clearly not realizing her "children" were grown adults who could care less who their dad was sleeping with. 

Trouble in Paradise - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 17

Briefly, I thought Blake was falling for it but thankfully, he knew better than to fall for her charms. 

Even when he's at odds with Cristal, he isn't going to step out on her, especially not with his devilish ex-wife. 

I will say, I was upset with Blake for not even reacting when Cristal explained why she called the lawyer. She told him she didn't want his money in the prenup, which is pretty unheard of in a relationship between a young woman and an older, richer man.

I called her to change the prenup so you keep everything. All I want to keep is you.


You'd think the reassurance that she was in it for love would be more important to him than his ex-wife returning. What does that mean for the future of their marriage? 

In this war, Anders is Switzerland.

His loyalty lies with Blake and the family, but it seems he also respects Alexis. It was actually hilarious to see her catch up with the staff because it just speaks to her character; she'll weasel her way in anywhere, just like she weaseled her way back into the house. 

Alexis' return will also put a strain on Fallon's faux marriage, or at least extend it past the planned annulment date. 

Some Bloody's? - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 16

After all the hesitation on Dynasty Season 1 Episode 16, Liam was surprisingly fine with the idea of playing house. He didn't even object when Sam gave him a "study packet."

Culhane really wasn't lying when he said Fallon sucks people in. 

He may be fine with it because he genuinely likes Fallon, but he also definitely has ulterior motives. We haven't had time to address the awkward moment where people thought he was "Jack" at the funeral but it'll definitely unravel in time. 

However, I'm going to cross off the theory that Liam is Adam, Fallon's kidnapped brother because there is way too much chemistry between them. 

Based on your size, you’re like a mix in between Steven and Blake, which is, well, something Fallon should work on in therapy.


With Culhane out of the picture, possibly for good, it only makes sense that Fallon's new husband will become her next love interest. 

Do you think Blake will accept Culhane's resignation? Will Fallon go visit him and try to help out his family? Will her marriage to Jack put the final coffin in Cullon? (I tried to create a ship name here, I really did.)

The floor is yours -- what did you think?

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Enter Alexis Review

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Alexis: And you must be Fallon's friend.
Fallon: Actually, no. She’s the new Mrs. Carrington. You’d hate her and that’s my favorite thing about her.

Fallon: Did you invite her?
Blake: Why does everyone keep asking me that? I divorced her.