Dynasty Season 1 Episode 16 Review: Poor Little Rich Girl

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Is it just me or does this show just keep getting better and juicier? I was so enthralled in all the dramatics that followed Thomas' death.

On Dynasty Season 1 Episode 16, everyone is trying to free themselves from their ghosts: Fallon from Colby, Blake from his late father, and Steven from immigration. 

There was nothing shocking about Blake's resentment towards his father. You cannot deny Thomas was a piece of work. 

Pompous with No Substance  - Dynasty

They always say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and while Blake has a better head on his shoulders, he has his share of flaws which have contributed to the dysfunction of the family. 

Had Blake known his father always loved him, had he not felt abandoned and less-than all these years, maybe he would have been a better father to his children. 

Colby: She committed fraud, and she knows it.
Monica: And you didn't? You played the same game, you just can't admit that you lost.

Maybe Fallon wouldn't have married some stranger to screw Jeff out of his shares and commit fraud. Maybe Steven wouldn't have used a man's sickness to secure himself a better public rating. 

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His determination not to turn out like his father leads him to make amends in one of the only genuine scenes this season. 

However, none of that lightness carries over to his relationship with Cristal. 

Fallon: Do you think grandpa is trolling us?
Steven: Maybe he loved Beth Middler?

In fact, since the death, Blake has become slightly emotionally abusive to her. His insistence that she's only with him for the money may be a form of protecting himself from getting hurt again, but it's also hurting her in the process. 

Yes, she wears the clothes, drinks the champagne and drives the cars, but what would the public say if Mrs. Carrington didn't hold herself to such a standard. That her husband wasn't treating her right? 

Till Death Do Us Part? - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 16

Nobody in this family is perfect, but Cristal has never given the impression that she was just a gold digger. She's connected with all the family members including Fallon, which is quite the feat, and she always wants what's best for them.

So, I can let some things slide because of the grieving process, but I can't allow Blake to put her down and say she's no better than Alexis. 

It seemed like Cristal was just throwing in the towel, and I wouldn't blame her; no one deserves to hear that about themselves.

Blake: It's not like he's here to enjoy any of it.
Steven: Everyone deserves a last hurrah, don't they?

Cristal is not one to run when the going gets tough. If she were, she wouldn't make it a day in this family. 

Realizing that money was the main issue in her marriage, she eliminated the problem to make them equals.  If he's not paying her -- which, in a way, does make her a glorified whore -- than why else would she be sticking around? 

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Maybe Blake will finally admit that it's not always about money, sometimes people do love each other. Yet again, his father is to blame here. 

As of now, it's looking pretty grim because had Blake's speech about "seeing things clearly now" not been interrupted at the funeral, he would have announced his divorce.

For what it's worth, you're the best first wife I ever had.


Hopefully, Anders, the savior of everyone in this family, will knock some sense into him. Cristal makes him a better man; I'd hate to see their union crumble. 

Surprisingly, there was plenty of love going around at the funeral of a bitter man. 

Mrs. Robinson - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 16

Steven's story arc has been the most unexpected and disjointed. He can distance himself from the family all he wants, but he is a Carrington through and through. 

The most important takeaway as of late? He's engaged to Sammy Jo and not just for papers. 

He took care of that by sleeping with the PG-13 version of Fifty Shades' Mrs. Robinson! Can you believe it? Steven sleeping with a woman to get his boyfriend a visa? God bless America! 

They're comparing me to 2007 Britney, I mean I can't even get Solange.


And the proposal! Visually, the whole scene was riveting. He really took the words "over my dead body" to heart. 

Proposing in Spanish was his version of trolling everyone in the church as nobody, except the handful of minorities, could understand what he was saying. 

Will You Marry Me? - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 16

I wonder when they'll even realize that Steven and Sammy got engaged?

And when did Steven become my favorite character?

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I'd never encourage anyone to disrespect a funeral, but in this case, Thomas asked for it when he called ICE.

I'm still uncertain if the cross was pulsing because of all the banging that was going down or because a devilish woman was in close proximity of the church. 

Look, the past couple days have been a lot of fun. Okay? Very Pretty Woman. Or the edgy gender reversal sequel.


There's a reason people warn "be careful what you wish for." Blake uttered Alexis' name, and she appeared, making her highly-anticipated, grandiose entrance!

Previews reveal she certainly has a motive for returning -- Thomas left her the whole mansion in his will. That man really did the Devil's work.

Are you intrigued by her return? 

Much like Monica and Culhane, I'm ready to distance myself from the Carrington and Colby feud. 

I'm Back Darling - Dynasty

Jeff has no idea why he's even fighting anymore and incessantly claims that it's to defend his father's honor. We know that's bull though and he's just a sore-lose. You lost, keep it moving. 

Fallon should know better than to let Jeff under her skin, but she blindly walked right into his trap and pulled a Jay-Z, Beyonce and Solange elevator stunt. 

No one should ever dare put their paws on anyone else, but at the same time, Jeff is a nasty human being who deserves whatever is coming his way. He initiated an unnecessary war that's doing more harm than good to both families. 

The Carrington impulse is to throw money at a problem and if that doesn't work, lie.


I'm more invested in Fallon's quickie marriage to Liam. On the surface, he seems like a decent guy who won't challenge her on the annulment and isn't stimulated by money; he seems level-headed, which is scare is the world of Fallon. 

There's an attraction, and I cannot blame her for it; he's a looker. I even caught myself thinking maybe this isn't so bad after all.

But there always has to be a catch 22. I knew it was too good to be true. No normal person just agrees to marry someone on the street without ulterior motives or some card to play. 

So who is he really? Who is Jack?

Liam or Jack? - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 16

One of our readers, a fan of the original series, hinted that maybe Liam is Adam Carrington, Blake and Alexis' kidnapped son. 

That would be sensational; however, Liam doesn't strike me as someone who had the intention of sticking around and getting to know the family.

On the other hand, the real Adam Carrington was described to be a menacing villain with jealousy issues, so I guess Liam could be a psychopath who is waiting for the right moment to strike.

Fallon: Seriously, you're just going to walk away from $250K?
Liam: I can't afford not to.

That could explain his distaste for all the extra attention and the TMZ treatment. 

All we know is that if he's sticking around for awhile, we're not complaining, especially if he gets to be shirtless more often.

I'm turning it over to you Dynasty Fanatics. What are your thoughts? Share them with me below and watch Dynasty online right here at TV Fanatic! 

Poor Little Rich Girl Review

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

For what it's worth, you're the best first wife I ever had.


Blake: It's not like he's here to enjoy any of it.
Steven: Everyone deserves a last hurrah, don't they?