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Did the man accused of hacking air traffic control really do it?

That was the big question on Bull Season 2 Episode 14 when Bull was reeled in to aid the FBI in the investigation.

Things took an explosive turn when Cable learned that the man is her best friend's husband and realized she would need to break the law if she wanted the truth. 

However, Bull was not impressed with Cable's actions. 

Did he oust her from the team?

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Bull Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Remember, this was an act perpetrated by people whose business it is to find you and follow you and read whatever digital breadcrumbs you choose to leave for them. So we are not going to leave any. We are writing on pads. Exchanging ideas via interoffice memos and talking to each other. Remember, we have no idea if this fellow is working alone or as part of a group and until we are sure there is no one else out there continuing his dirty work, everything is old school.


Bull: What is it, exactly, that he pulled off?
Flanagan: What do you mean. I think that's pretty clear. He hacked into our air traffic control system and nearly brought down two jetliners.
Bull: Yeah, I know. I've been thinking about that. I've read all of the interviews with the air traffic controllers and it sounded like he had everything right where he wanted it. Those two planes were seconds from colliding and then…
Benny: They didn't.
Flanagan: What's your point?
Bull: It's always helpful to have motive and it's hard to find motive in an act that seems like it could have happened but then just didn't.