Watch Black Lightning Online: Season 1 Episode 4

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Did Khalil learn to walk again?

That was addressed on Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 4 when more details emerged about his condition and Jennifer tried her best to support him.

Meanwhile, a new drug invaded the streets of Freeland and Jefferson questioned whether someone from his past was behind it. 

Also, Gambi continued to lie to Jefferson about what he knows about the new hero in town. 

Use the video above to watch Black Lightning online right here via TV Fanatic. 

Get caught up on all the latest twists and turns right now. 

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Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Lady Eve: If I were you, I would use some of that albino magic to get it done. Because if you don’t, my partners are going to turn you into dust. Do you understand?
Tobias: Yes.
Lady Eve: Good.

Black Lightning’s death was your calling card, and now people are beginning to feel like they’ve been deceived and it’s affecting my bottom line.

Lady Eve