Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 15 Review: World's Worst Domino

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It's the game-changing episode we've been waiting on! 

On Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 15, Yvette's declining condition reached an all-time high leaving us with that doozy of an ending. Will Amy and Reese finally find out about Yvette? 

Perhaps that's one of the many things we can expect from the finale! 

Entrepreneur Expo - Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

Once again, Kevin's kindness project of the week fell to Amy. While it burned a bit every time Becky openly admitted that she much preferred Amy's help, this has been a great way to get Amy into the fold and utilize her better throughout the series. 

Amy has continuously grown since the premiere, and the show and her character is all the better for it. Nerdy Amy is fun, and it has been a thrill watching all the ways she can display her nerdiness and flesh out as a character.  Gosh, I love Amy so much now. 

Yes, it's true that Kevin being the one to help guide others is the main purpose of the series, and that's when the show is at its best. However, I like the fact that he has done such a remarkable job that he has influenced the people around him. 

I always sensed that you were holding back a part of yourself, but now, you seem so open.


It's how Kristin described it, his kindness towards one person can have ripple effects. He inspires the people around him to do good, too. It carries on and on. 

So, in a way, he has inspired his twin and has a role in her newfound ability to branch out and help others and often geek out in the process. Prior to his arrival, Amy was a widow in mourning and a recluse. 

As much as she was concerned about Reese isolating herself, she had done a bit of that too. Now, Amy has rediscovered what it's like to immerse herself in the small community. She has found her inner Kevin. 

It's nice that Amy was never a direct project for Kevin, but he still managed to indirectly help her anyway, much like how he helped Reese. 

Unamused Amy

So while Becky didn't need Kevin to the degree that he's accustomed to helping people, he still played a significant role in her process. 

Kevin felt guilty because he was behind the senior prank that likely had Becky facing some scrutiny, but Kristin reminded him that Becky was never a good security guard. 

What Becky was good at as well as passionate about was coming up with creative new ideas. She had an idea for everything. She was like a walking late-night infomercial. 

P'Sgetti was... weird, but Becky's passion and excitement were infectious. She had everyone involved in a matter of no time even though it wasn't their cup of tea, excluding Tyler of course. 

You know, if I saw this on a commercial at midnight, I might drunk buy it.


That's another thing that just naturally developed and was all the better for it. 

Tyler and Becky had fantastic chemistry. They both are total, lovable oddballs, and they get one another. Tyler can finally move on from the Yvette debacle, and he can be happy. 

It's good to see Tyler happy and finding a woman who is compatible with him and available. 

In fact, all of the couples are just so happy and sweet. They're all in this great place. 

Tyler's Love Connection

Amy and Nate are too adorable for words. They're like two teenagers rediscovering themselves and love again after a dark period.

Kevin's date with Kristin was a disaster because he kept hearing that obnoxious alarm every time he opened up a menu, but it didn't change the way Kristin viewed him. 

Kristin was so sweet and supportive the entire hour. She's another character who has improved a great deal since the show began. 

I like that Kristin is so well-rounded now, and there is this warmth that India de Beaufort exudes while playing her that has led to Kristin being one of the best developments during the back half of the season. 

Another Date

The scene where she reminisced about her late mother and shared how she is working through her grief, unknowingly addressing Yvette in the background, was beautifully shot and well done. It was one of the strongest scenes of the hour.

Kevin's circle of special friends being inspired by him has led to them taking some initiative and sometimes taking over when it comes to helping people. That's perfectly OK, but it has only strengthened the bond between Kevin and Yvette. 

The friendship that has developed between these two is easily one of the highlights of the series. It has blossomed each and every installment, and now, it's hard not to hold your hand to your own heart when the two of them are sharing one of their moments. 

Yvette: I lied about it because admitting the truth means admitting something I don't want to accept.
Kevin: What's that?
Yvette: Dave is dead.
Kevin: Oh my God
Yvette: I don't, I don't know what to do. This is uncharted territory. All I know is Dave is gone, and I don't think he's coming back.
Kevin: Yvette, I am so sorry. What can I do?

Their friendship is so special because it has become a real, true friendship instead of a reluctant partnership or an imbalanced work relationship.  They truly care about one another, and it shows. 

The fondness Yvette displays when she looks after him is heartwarming, and so is the gentle way he helps her navigate and sort through foreign experiences like feelings. There are no words to describe how endearing and beautiful it was watching Kevin advise, listen to, and comfort Yvette. 

Dave's presumed death has been hard on Yvette. Dave was an obnoxious character at times, as well as untrustworthy or reckless, but no one wanted to see the guy die.

Joy Ride and Puppies

Yvette is supposed to be the warrior of God, the celestial being who knows more than humans, but she's so lost right now. She has no idea what's happening, and it's terrifying for her. 

There's also the fear that what happened to Dave could also happen to her. There are so many uncertainties. It's a lot to process for Yvette and Kevin. 

She was worried when she thought she was visible to Amy. Whatever is happening to her, it has gotten so bad (is it bad? What if it isn't a bad thing at all?) that Amy could hear her walking about. 

Now, Amy and Reese have caught a glimpse of Yvette on camera.

Reese: Privacy is an illusion.
Kevin: No it isn't!

It's not something that Amy can just write off, and Reese is the one who assumed something hinky was going on with Kevin anyway. Reese would be the first to figure out that Kevin was actually speaking to a person, or that the same person was responsible for breaking her fall. 

It's a game-changer if Reese and Amy figure out the truth. It doesn't have to necessarily be a bad one though. 

What has me more concerned is that vision Kevin had. Yvette can no longer protect him the same way she used to because of her limited abilities and human tendencies. 

Kevin and Puppies

What if it means that there is a change of plans and Kevin dies before he finds all of the Righteous? 

What do you guys think that morbid vision means? What will happen now that Amy and Reese have caught a glimpse of Yvette? What do you hope to see in the season finale? Sound off below!

As we eagerly await news of a renewal with fingers crossed and bated breath, we can watch Kevin (Probably) Saves the World online right here via TV Fanatic to relive the best moments of this special, feel-good show. 

World's Worst Domino Review

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I always sensed that you were holding back a part of yourself, but now, you seem so open.


Oh, I know what you're doing. You're trying to distract me. Just put a shiny thing in front of Kevin's face and...ohh, Ferrari!