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Did they just take away the best bromance on this show? 

Kevin and Tyler had a falling out on Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 13, and I don't know how to feel about it. Actually, I do know how to feel about it. I'm incredibly sad about this latest development.

But, at least Kevin find another Righteous Soul!

Ending the Fiasco - Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

Admittedly, I'm a bit disappointed that my theory of Tyler being a Righteous Soul didn't come to fruition. Yet. Who knows? Maybe something will come to pass down the road. 

Of course, now that Tyler is no longer speaking to Kevin, that could put a damper on things. It's shocking that Tyler has written Kevin off the way that he has It's not that he doesn't have every right to be upset, it's the fact that he's usually such a forgiving, easy-going person. 

Perhaps that's a lesson to take away from this. You can't take anyone for granted or assume you can predict how they will react to things.

Tyler is such a pure, sweet individual. He loves fast and hard, that much was shown with how he developed feelings for Yvette, but that also means he's prone to being heartbroken more. 

Tyler: After what you did to me, I couldn't stand to look at your face for another second.
Kevin: Tyler, I'm sorry.
Tyler: No, don't apologize. I'm glad you did what you did. Now I don't have to waste my time with someone who clearly isn't my friend. Not at all.

When he's hurt, he hurts deep. Kevin's betrayal was the ultimate betrayal of someone like Tyler. There is no doubt that Tyler will eventually come around and Kevin can redeem himself and win Tyler's friendship back with time, but that's the thing, it will take time. 

As heartbreaking as this development is, I'm rather fond of it as well. We the viewers are fortunate enough to have seen Kevin the lovable guy trying to be a better person since the pilot. We're distant from the Kevin that everyone else knew who was selfish and self-absorbed, manipulative and careless. 

In a way, with the way things went down with Tyler, we're seeing how someone is responding to who they deem is an uncaring Kevin. We know the truth and why Kevin did what he did, but Tyler doesn't.

All Tyler can see is that his best friend essentially catfished him, betrayed his trust, and made a fool out of him. Tyler is under the impression that he's witnessing the Kevin that everyone else loathed.

Kevin: I'll decide when to tell Tyler the truth about his lady from Laos, OK?
Tyler: What do you mean? What's the truth about Leslie?
Kevin: About your lady from Laos. I...I am your lady from Laos.
Tyler: What do you mean?
Kevin: I was the one writing to you.

It's refreshing to see Kevin have to grapple with winning Tyler over because Tyler was his fresh start. He began a relationship with Tyler with a clean slate. That was taken away from him. 

But all that aside, I don't like it when Tyler and Kevin fight. I don't like seeing a sad, hurt Tyler. I don't like this one bit! 

They made such an amazing team helping Gus liven up his fish stand. The show they put on with the fish tossing was so much fun! Sure, they had help from Dave and Yvette, but Tyler and Kevin really sold it. 

Gus was a classic case of an old guy stuck in his ways. He didn't want to let go of the past and get with the times. Shay adored him; she just wanted him to update his fish stand so that it could benefit the both of them. The solution was clear from the beginning, make the old new again. 

Fishy Fun

Everyone appreciated vintage and retro. All Gus had to do was be open to marketing it appropriately. It was a success. 

It didn't appear as if this particular case would lead to a Righteous Soul so soon. At this rate, we should have close to a handful of them by the season's end. Yet, a Righteous Soul is what we have. The surprise is that it wasn't Gus, but rather Shay. 

Kevin's confusion about what made Shay so special was understandable. Why Shay? What made her so special? But Yvette's response was the best. Why Kevin? What made him so special? 

This Righteous Soul came at us fast. It caught me off guard. How about you? 

Dave's return was rather unexpected as well. How do we feel about it? Dave was a bit of a polarizing character, and he may still be after this hour. 

Dave is Back

It's great that he and Yvette put their differences aside and that he apologized to her, but I'm still wary. Was it necessary for them to form Team Kevin again and work together? Couldn't he have just popped back in on and off instead 

Yvette's revelation that she can now get hurt was the next step after also feeling human emotion. It's like being linked to a human in the human world for so long has led to some unexpected repercussions. 

After the entire fiasco with the other angels not knowing if her quest was legit or not, she had every right to keep this revelation hush-hush. If they learn that they're vulnerable like this, they will panic. 

Is it something that just effects Dave and Yvette because of Kevin or is it something more? Dave's theory makes perfect sense, but so far, it's just a theory. What if it means something else? 

Dave: Does it hurt?
Yvette: I suppose.
Dave: Did you lick it?
Yvette: No!
Dave: Can I lick it?
Yvette: Not if you want your tongue back.

But this means that Team Kevin is starting off again with more secrets. Yvette hasn't shared this latest development with Kevin, and she should. They shouldn't keep things like this from him. 

Nate and Amy couldn't keep their sexual relationship away from Reese no matter how much effort they put into it. Boy did they put in an effort too. I'm thrilled that their relationship has progressed to the next stage and that both of them are so darn happy, but Nate could have avoided getting banged up if they didn't try to sneak behind Reese's back.

Reese is a smart kid. She would have figured it out regardless. 

Are you angry or happy it's getting hard to track?


Reese having friends to hang out with and do stupid, mostly harmless teen fun is the best. She was long overdue for that. Amy couldn't resist helping Reese out even while punishing her. 

Their exchange where she reminded Reese to tell the story exactly right to explain why she got grounded was so cute. 

OK Kevins, on a scale of 1-10, how upset are you about the friction between Tyler and Kevin? What are your theories on Yvette and Dave experiencing pain and injuries? Are you happy Dave is back? Are you surprised Kevin found another Righteous Soul? 

Sound off below! 

There's a long break, but Kevin (Probably) Saves the World will return on February. 20. Until then, you can always relive the show all over again. You can watch Kevin (Probably) Saves the World online here via TV Fanatic!

Fishtail Review

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