Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Abigail Having a Mental Breakdown?

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Abigail stalked around in the middle of the night dressed like Gabi, Eric broke up Jennifer’s Valentine’s Day date, and JJ proposed to Lani with Alice Horton’s ring!

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Doolfan4life from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Eli’s lack of backbone, Abigail’s weird behavior, Eric’s donut fixation and more from this week in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Does Gabi have the right to be angry with Abigail for telling the police she said she wanted to kill Andre?

Doolfan4life: Yes, she has the right as we all have a right to feel anything. Also if Abby really believes Gabi is innocent and that it was a figure of speech then why bother to mention it if not to intentionally get the police to look at her?

Jack: This is a hard one. If Abby wasn't the real killer, I'd think Gabi was overreacting. Chad was right that it would come out sooner or later, and it would look worse if it appeared anyone was covering it up. But now I'm inclined to think Abby did it to get more heat on Gabi on purpose.

Christine: Abigail is the worst friend ever! Gabi was angry when Andre stole her company and vented to her friend. You don’t expect a friend to blab it to the police. If I were in Gabi’s shoes I’d be furious.

Claiming the Last Donut - Days of Our Lives

Was Eric breaking up Jennifer and Henry’s Valentine’s date a grand romantic gesture, or just incredibly rude?

Doolfan4life: Not really, it was the cheesiest scene of the week and I can’t believe that’s how they decided to bring Eric and Jenn back together.

I still feel over Eric and Jennifer because of the whole Nicole nonsense before she left, Jennifer was on a date and Eric missed his chance. He should have respected their evening at the very least.

Jack: I think it was romantic. It was also karma for every single time Dr. Shah interrupted Jenn and Eric's conversation before Eric could tell Jenn how he really felt just to gloat that he was taking her out. And I hope this is the last we see of boring Dr. Shah who puts me to sleep every time he's on air.

Christine: Eric was horribly rude! Stealing the donut was silly and childish. The entire scene made me think less of Eric, and I’m still not convinced that Jennifer is first in Eric’s heart. The only upside was that Henry was a gentleman about the whole thing.

JJ's Big Mistake - Days of Our Lives

Which was more infuriating, that JJ proposed with a ring that belonged to Alice Horton, or that Eli said nothing and agreed to keep Gabi’s secret and give up his child?

Doolfan4life: What came first, the chicken or the egg? Both were very frustrating, but if I have to choose it would be Eli keeping his mouth shut when he grew up not knowing his father, I expected better.

I was one of very few who didn’t mind JJ and Lani but this is beyond frustrating because she should have told him from the moment she found out. It’s not like she cheated, they were long broken up. JJ might have not have left her had she been honest.

Jack: I'm really upset with Eli. He knows what is in store for his child if he goes along with this lie and has said several times that he doesn't want his baby to suffer the way he suffered when he found out too late that his father was not the man who he had been told was his father.

Yet he keeps going along with Lani's lies to protect her relationship with another man and his fledgling relationship with Gabi. His child should come first and the only one putting the baby first is JJ, who is being deceived by a selfish woman who doesn't care what it'll do to her child or either of the men involved in this mess to do this. 

Christine: I hated watching JJ propose to Lani, especially with Alice’s ring, but Eli going along with Lani’s lies and being willing to give up his child was horrible.

What makes me crazy is that both JJ and Gabi might have understood what happened if they had been given the opportunity, but Lani and Eli refuse to give them that kind of respect.

Kill Will - Days of Our Lives

Are Will and Paul dead, being held somewhere, or did John let them in on his overall plan?

Doolfan4life: I think they are being held somewhere until it’s all over.

Jack: I'm sure they are not dead. I suspect John told them the truth after putting them in some sort of protective custody. 

Christine: I’d guess they are being held somewhere by John and Billie. I’m just hoping that they know more about what’s behind this nonsense than we do.

A Killer Among Them - Days of Our Lives

So has Abigail lost her mind? Did she kill Andre, and why is she trying to frame Gabi?

Doolfan4life: No, I think this is a move to try and play Stefan and draw him out, I still think Andre is alive, perhaps Abby is in on that too, that or she’s drawing Stefan and Vivian out because they buried him alive.

Jack: Abigail appears to have lost her mind, and I'm not happy about it. I suspect they're going for some sort of DID storyline where she has an alternate personality that pretends to be Gabi and kills people.

Christine: Oye. I hope that Abigail is enacting some sort of plan to take down Stefan, but I doubt it. Between the nightmares and the recent mentions of her mental illness, I fear she’s had some sort of mental break.

Worse yet, I’m afraid she might end up in bed with Stefan, both literally and figuratively, before this is over.

Eli and Lani - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Doolfan4life: Cheesy things like van Damme, and Eric barging in to steal the last donut, also Rafe and Eli’s conversation where they excused each other for cheating. Some big brother Rafe is!

Any romance scenes with Rafe and Hope are barf worthy, and most disappointing for me is any scene with Julie in it. I’m to the point where she doesn’t even have to speak to irritate me now. Her face alone does the job and the stupidity out of her mouth illustrates my annoyance

Jack: That mental illness appears to again be used as a plot point (plus if Abigail is the killer it reinforces the myth that mentally ill people are all violent and dangerous). Plus Eli should not be going along with this awful scheme of Lani's and JJ should have listened to Doug and not proposed to Lani.

Christine: Rafe recruiting Eli into his secret cheaters club was made all the worse because Eli is in a relationship with Rafe’s sister! Every supposedly romantic moment between Rafe and Hope turned my stomach.

JJ using one of Alice Horton’s rings to propose to Lani made me want to throw something at the TV, and Stefan and Trask made me cringe.

Steve's Illness Worsens - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Doolfan4life: Chad asking Stefan if he’s staying at home with mom was hilarious, but I liked Doug’s conversation with JJ I don’t even really like JJ but I liked Doug’s advice and the way he delivered it

Jack: Steve and Billie's awkward flirting was fun, and I loved his bedside date with Kayla on Valentine's Day! I suspect I'm in the minority here, but I also really enjoyed Trask and Stefan as a couple, and I enjoyed seeing Eve's softer side when she helped comfort Tate.

Christine: I appreciated Doug trying to talk JJ out of proposing and JJ asking when he’d gotten so liberal. That was one of the best scenes of the week.

I also liked Ciara’s take charge attitude with Tripp and telling him to get on the back of her bike. It’s one of the first times I really felt like Ciara was Bo and Hope’s daughter.

Tripp and Ciara - Days of Our Lives

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