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Was Kevin's help wanted?

That was the big question on This Is Us Season 2 Episode 13 as he offered a hand to Randall and Beth.

Meanwhile, Kate contemplated a big gift for Toby as their wedding drew nearer and everyone continued to prepare for the big day. 

Also, Jack and Rebecca chatted about their future, and viewers got the biggest glimpse yet into what really happened. 

How did it all play out?

Use the video above to watch This Is Us online right here via TV Fanatic. 

Get caught up on all the latest developments now. 

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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Sophie: You know, you're the only man that I ever truly loved, but you're the only man that's ever been able to hurt me the way that you do.
Kevin: I never meant to hurt you.
Sophie: No, I know. But you did. And we tried again. We tried to squeeze a puzzle piece in because it fit once when we were kids. You know, if you really want to make amends, could you just leave me with something? Just leave me with the past. And just... let me remember you at ten or at 17 or 20. Just let me remember you when it was good. Okay? Can you do that?

Jack: It would break my heart if you didn't want to be on camera because you don't realize how beautiful you are.
Kate: Dad stop. Just... (sigh) you saying stuff like that to me was fine when I was a kid but I'm older now. I just, I don't see myself the way you see me. And no one else sees me that way either. So you saying it all the time, it just hurts.