The Gifted Season 1 Finale Review: Game Changer!

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It's been a long journey for our beloved mutants as The Gifted finale came full circle. But not without a twist or two as one of our main heroes made a huge decision. 

The Gifted Season 1 Episode 12 and The Gifted Season 1 Episode 13 was more than simply throwing us a showdown. It was also about seeing some of our characters evolve.

Mutant Showdown - The Gifted Season 1 Episode 12

I'll admit that for a two-hour finale, things did move slower than expected. Was I the only one who felt that there was a lot of exposition going down in this finale?.

I get that they have to establish backgrounds and offer some answers. But I was honestly looking forward to an action-packed season ender.

While we did get some sweet action, I was left unsatisfied for a few reasons. Roderick was, without doubt, the best villain of The Gifted Season 1

And yet this is how he goes out? I have a rule with comic book TV shows when it comes to "deaths." If we don't see a body, the character may not be 100% dead.

Unlikely Alliance - The Gifted Season 1 Episode 12

Given his connection to Trask Industries, the Hound program, I could see Roderick having survived the explosion somehow. There is still so much that we don't know about him that I wouldn't count him out just yet.

Because if he is dead, then the show did a huge disservice to him! Although it's not exactly a deal-breaker for me if the show is done with him. However, when it comes to comic book shows, death isn't always that easy.

Given Roderick's comic background, it would be weird to end his arc so soon that easily. I'm still curious if this version of Roderick/Ahab has the time travel element like in the comics.

Although I suppose the flashback with his brother may be an indicator that they didn't keep that part. I think what bothers me more is that we lost the wrong enemy in the finale.

Will Fenris Rise Again - The Gifted Season 1 Episode 12

Sadly, the Sentinel Services is still stuck with being a lackluster antagonist. I will give Jace some major love though for deciding to resign as this could take his character anywhere.

Will he turn good perhaps? Only time will tell and unfortunately, the fall season is many, many months away from now.

But I do look forward to what they could potentially do with him now that he is free. Besides, I'm simply thrilled that he didn't put up with that director's BS because I would have quit too if I was him!

Polaris slowly took the spotlight throughout this whole finale as we spend a lot of time with her here. I will admit though, it is a little funny how the show still feels this need to avoid naming her "mysterious" father, for whatever reasons.

Mutants Under Cover - The Gifted Season 1 Episode 12

Not-really-spoiler alert: her daddy is Magneto. If everyone seems to know who her real dad is, then why the need for avoiding saying his name?

It's not like The Gifted is in a similar position like the DC Comics shows where they can't name drop certain big heroes. Trust me, I still don't get it either why Warner Bros. film division has to act that way.

As long as this "mystery" doesn't carry into The Gifted Season 2, we're good. I don't even need to necessarily see Magneto, but at least hearing his name would be dope. 

Polaris has, as you can probably tell, become my favorite character since the start. Despite this shift, I'm digging that she is forming her own army through the Hellfire Club.

Brooding Mutants - The Gifted Season 1 Episode 13

I don't know necessarily if I'm looking forward to Andy being part of it. For some reason, his character isn't connecting with me no matter what he does.

If I have one wish for his character in the next season, it is massive character growth. I haven't forgotten the fact that he is a teenager still, but that doesn't mean he can be, you know, less annoying?

If Lauren, who isn't that much older than him, can get her stuff together, than so can he. Maybe him being a part of the Hellfire Club is what he needs in order for his character to grow.

This will sound weird, but I did dig the fact that our heroes didn't exactly win if you catch my drift? They lost the headquarter as well as several mutants joining Polaris.

Evil Is Ready - The Gifted Season 1 Episode 13

But for some reason I enjoyed it? I think having a finale that caused our heroes to have their world be shaken up is going to do more good than bad.

Why? Because it allows them to go through character development as they keep evolving throughout the series. Any classic hero story needs to have those tough moments where we see our heroes grow stronger from it.

Overall, the season finale was a solid conclusion to what has been a strong first year for The Gifted. While they could have executed some things better, our core cast did end up going through some big stuff.

Now it's your turn to let us know what you thought of The Gifted Season 1 Episode 12 and The Gifted Season 1 Episode 13! What do you think of the decision Polaris made?

Are you looking forward to seeing more of the Hellfire Club? Do you believe Roderick is fully dead and what's next for Jace? 

Remember you can watch The Gifted online right here via TV Fanatic! Relive the first season while waiting for The Gifted Season 2!

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