The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 11 Review: Abraham Stern

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Light and dark. 

Liz took a page from the past on The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 11 when channeled The Stewmaker to dispose of Navarro's body.

Meanwhile, Red had a blast chasing a treasure that led him to an even greater treasure.

Treasure Hunting - The Blacklist

Three million dollars for Winston Churchill's hat was pretty hefty, but the look on Red's face when he had the hat in hand was priceless. In fact, Red was priceless for the entirety of "Abraham Stern."  But isn't he always?

My favorite Red story was the one he told Dembe about saving box tops for a decoder ring and periscope. Sometimes Red is just like a little kid, and it was incredibly sweet to watch. 

It was good to see him back working the Task Force even though I gathered that he had been doing it all the while Liz was away. It was a rather lighthearted case without any serious consequences.

I loved Red vacuuming the money out of the Denver Mint. Only Red would think of something so ingenious to get what it is that he wanted. 

I have to wonder if he would have been able to buy Churchill's hat with just $3 million but it seemed that the penny was a significant part of the deal. Isn't it amazing how everything always works out so perfectly for Red? You gotta love it.

Harold always seems in awe of Red, and this time was no different. 

While Red was enjoying chasing after treasure, Liz was coming up with her own ingenious solutions to her problem of a dead Navarro.

Liz didn't seek help from Red which seemed to fit right in with the new badass Liz.

What was surprising was that she duped Red so that she could get the rag she stupidly left behind at Navarro's apartment.

Out of everything that happened and as meticulous as she was in cleaning up Navarro's place, it was kind of dumb that she would have left the rag behind. Why would she have thrown the cloth on the counter instead of putting it with all the other stuff she was going to take out of there?

I also wonder how she was able to get Navarro's body out of the apartment by herself in the middle of the day. I'm all for Liz doing thing herself, but Navarro was a big guy, and I can't believe no one would notice her dragging a body bag down the stairs. And being able to lift it into the trunk and carry it inside the motel room? 

Searching for Treasure - The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 11

Sorry, don't buy it. But it is what it is, and it helped solidify the fact that Liz is going to find Tom's killers by herself without Red. And if she's willing to do what she did to Navarro, I can't imagine what she is going to do to Ian Garvey when she finally finds him.

I still believe that Red knows where Garvey is and how to get to him. Garvey has those mystery bones, and Red would never allow Liz to have the opportunity to find the bones before he did.

That's one of the things I find so perplexing. We've heard nothing about the bones, not even a peep when they had been Red's highest priority before Tom died.

It just doesn't seem like something Red would push to the side. My guess is he might already have the bones. Could Red have worked something out already with Garvey? That could be a possibility.

Maybe Red is letting Liz do her thing just to get it out of her system. The problem is that Liz is going down a very dark path and if Red continues to let her explore her darkness, there may be no bringing her back.

Red was genuinely surprised that she had duped him. If she did it once, who is to say she won't do it again? She's intent on finding Tom's killers, and there is nothing and no one that is going to stand in her way.

Glen should be a part of every episode. Period. He is always so much fun, and I loved that Liz turned to him to help her with her dirty work. Don't you agree?

What did you think of "Abraham Stern"? Were you surprised that Liz duped Red?

Why do you think Red isn't concerned about the bones?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Abraham Stern Review

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The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Red: I haven't felt this good since Herbie Hunt and I pooled our box tops and sent away for that Dakota ring and periscope. What is that? What is this feeling?
Dembe: You love treasures, Raymond.

Your my father, you need my help. It's not like you're going to ask me to hide a body or anything like that.