The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 10 Review: The Informant

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Good riddance, Prescott!

Sometimes there are characters you just can't stand, and Prescott has always been one of those characters. He was never a true, formidable villain, just a weak shadow with no real substance.

Ressler got out from under his thumb on The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 10 thanks to Red, but now his debt belongs to the man in the hat. Is there anyone on the Task Force that Red doesn't own?

Directing the Task Force - The Blacklist

Harold said it best when he told Ressler that none of them were the same people they were before Reddington. All of them have secrets to hide, and they've all walked a very slippery path since the Task Force started and Red came into their lives.

None of us are the people we were before this task force started. Before Reddington.


But having Red in their lives is not necessarily bad. He's helped them realize that not everything can be categorized as good and bad. There is always a middle ground, a blur that doesn't fall on either side.

Red can't be categorized. He's the poster boy for the blurred line. Is Red a bad man? Yes. But isn't he also a good man?

Ressler is a good guy who got caught up in some bad things. Covering up Hitchin's death wasn't the first time Ressler stepped into the blurry area. When Liz was being chased by Tom Connolly, Ressler let her go. He feigned ignorance with Julian Gale about Red working with the FBI. And there are many more instances.

He's definitely a different man than he was at the beginning of the series, and while he may disagree, he's better for it. He's become real.

Many of us have something we feel guilty about. It may not be as heavy as accidentally killing someone, but sometimes you have to make a decision on whether revealing the truth will make things better or make things worse.

Ressler Means Business - The Blacklist

That was the point of Harold exchanging confession letters with Ressler. There will be a time they both will come forward with the truth, but now is not the time. They may have crossed lines, but if they confess now, it will end all the good they're doing getting the world's most dangerous men and women off the street.

Think of all the lives they've saved and crises averted by hunting down the people on Red's list.  They may be dancing with the devil, but the good far outweighs the bad.

The trick is to not go so far down the dark path that you can't find your way back. Liz is on that dark path and she's not heading back to the light any time soon.

We've always known she would become what's she's becoming. She is her father's daughter, and she's not going to escape from it. She doesn't even want to. Not now, anyway.

Her rage against the men who killed Tom is all consuming. She wants them to pay and she's going to do whatever is necessary to find the man ultimately responsible for the horror.

I didn't quite understand her look of shock at Navarro bleeding out on the floor in front of her. It almost seemed like she snapped out of dark Liz for a quick moment and saw for the first time what she's become, and it scared her. 

Liz on the Hunt - The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 10

It could also be that she was upset because she lost her only good lead to finding Ian Garvey. But Navarro gave her a nugget of information she never had before, that being Nic was working with Tom.

It didn't really seem like it sunk in with her, but I'm sure that's coming, and we'll be thrown right back into the mystery of the bones in no time.

There's no way Red does not know about Ian Garvey. Red knows everything, and there's no way he was just sitting around for 10 months while Liz was in the coma.

He would have wanted revenge and would have hunted him down or at least started the process. He also would have wanted the bones. Liz being in a coma probably threw him in a loop, but he wouldn't have just let the bones go.

My guess is that he has all the pieces to the puzzle, and will dish them out to Liz as needed. He is the devil on her shoulder just like he told Harold, and he'll guide her to what she seeks. In the process he'll find what he seeks, too.

Red: Elizabeth is back.
Harold: So I hear. How is she?
Red: Determined to find Tom's killers.
Harold: Understandable.
Red: I'm the devil on one shoulder, you're the angel on her other. She's in troubled waters, Harold. Please help her to navigate them.

He may have been waiting for her to lead him to the bones. Maybe he used all his resources and was unsuccessful and needed Liz to do his dirty work. It's not the first time he's done it.

But the question is will Harold be able to help her navigate back to the good?

What did you think of "The Informant"? How long before Liz finds Ian Garvey? Do you think Red knows who he is?

Hit the comment and share your thoughts.

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The Informant Review

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The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

As long you play dirty cop, we'll be fine. Under the circumstances, I think you can manage that, can't you?

Red [to Ressler]

Red: Elizabeth is back.
Harold: So I hear. How is she?
Red: Determined to find Tom's killers.
Harold: Understandable.
Red: I'm the devil on one shoulder, you're the angel on her other. She's in troubled waters, Harold. Please help her to navigate them.