Showtime Sets Return Dates for The Affair, Billions & I'm Dying Up Here

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If you were looking for The Affair to debut with Homeland in February, we have some bad news for you. 

Showtime has announced the drama series will return for Season 4 on June 17 at 9/8c. 

Cafe His Way - The Affair Season 3 Episode 10

That means the show will have been off the air for almost 18 months when new episodes hit the air. It's certainly a longer than usual break between seasons for The Affair, but maybe it's a blessing in disguise. 

The Affair Season 3 lost focus, and the storytelling suffered as a result. The characters changed too much, and it felt rather forced. 

With production moving to Los Angeles to take advantage of a lucrative tax credit incentive, it's unclear what that means for the setting. 

Far Away Family - The Affair Season 3 Episode 10

Will the show be set in Los Angeles, or will it continue to be set in and around New York City? We will likely get more details on that down the line. 

The official description of Season 4 states that the characters will be “alienated from each other, spinning further and further away from where they all began,” according to the official description.

“Every character is involved in a new relationship, forcing them each to decide if they’re ready and willing to leave the past behind for good [in] a season about new beginnings, tragic ends and the ever-elusive possibility of forgiveness.”

War Room - Billions

Speaking of premiere dates, the premium cable channel has confirmed that Billions Season 3 will make it to the air on March 25 at 10/9c. 

Finally, I'm Dying Up Here will bow Sunday, May 6 at 10/9c. 

What do you think of the delay for The Affair, TV Fanatics?

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The Affair Quotes

Woman: You know you don't have the best reputation around this stuff, right?
Noah: That was in college. That was 30 years ago.
Woman: That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about your current reputation Noah... in the community.
Noah: What community?
Woman: The publishing world. You're seen as something of a loose cannon.
Noah: What? Why?
Woman: Well, you've had a storied past. You went to prison after all.
Noah: That's just fucking ridiculous ... I went to prison for my --
Woman: For what?
Noah: For my... I don't deserve that. I have the most boring fucking life. I work, I write, I see my kids, and I try to be a good person. That's it.
Woman: I know you do, but look, when you got out of prison, you were a little bit angry, right? A little bit bitter.
Noah: Sure, prison sucks.
Woman: Right, well do you remember teaching a class with a student named Audrey in it? Audrey Nelson.
Noah: Yeah, yeah I think.
Woman: Were you not very nice to her?
Noah: Well, I was as nice to her as I was to anyone else in that class. Why?
Woman: She's written a book.
Noah: Good for her.
Woman: Apparently, you're in it.
Noah: Really?
Woman: She doesn't name you directly, but it's a memoir about her abusive relationship with an older male professor. She's going around town telling people that the character is based on you.

Noah: I, I was a happy man back then. Proud of my family. My first book had just come out. Everything I dreamed I'd achieve as a young man, I'd done it.
Det; Jeffries: But.
Noah: That's just it. There is no but. When I look back, I can't tell you why it happened.