Riverdale Round Table: Will Josie Reunite The Band?

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Josie got mad at Veronica for manipulating her, the head of the General Pickens statue was decapitated, and the students of Riverdale High competed in tryouts for the wrestling team on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 11.

Below, TV Fanatics Jack Ori, Paul Dailly and Justin Carreiro debate Archie working as an intern for Hiram Lodge, Hal's frosty relationship with Chic, and Jughead's journalistic decisions with his Southside Serpent story.

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1. Mayor McCoy is concerned that all the trouble with closing Southside High was going to cause a bigger war, while Hiram and Hermione think they have it handled. Is Mayor McCoy right to be worried or could Hiram/Hermione fix this?

Jack: Mayor McCoy is right to be worried. The Lodges are expecting that eventually Southside will calm down and remember their place. The beheading of the statue shows that as long as Northside takes that attitude, there's going to be war.

Paul: I agree with Jack. I thought the animosity between the two schools was going to die down, but it seems like things are going to get tense. Mayor McCoy needs to get something done ASAP.

Justin: The Lodges are in over their heads. They think they can just slide in and make this business deal with no one pushing back, but they've failed to realize the trouble they've created. It's only going to get worse from here if Mayor McCoy doesn't step in.

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2. Toni was upset with Jughead over using her grandfather's past in a negative story. Did Jughead overstep his friendship boundaries?

Jack: I didn't think so. Toni's grandfather knew that Jughead was interviewing him for a school project. It's not surprising that he then used that info as he saw fit. If they had just been having a casual conversation, it would be one thing, but the story was told with the expectation that Jughead was going to tell others about it.

Paul: Yeah, I definitely Jughead did what he needed to do. He's essentially a journalist at this stage and followed the correct procedure.

Justin: I disagree, I think he did overstep his boundaries. Regardless of writing for the paper, he's still Toni's friend and he asked for a favor to interview her grandfather. He should've told her about the positioning in the article first before writing it as he saw fit.

3. Josie looked devastated to see Veronica perform with Valerie and Melody. Could a reunion of Josie and The Pussycats be on the horizon?

Jack: I hope so, because I'm tired of seeing Mayor McCoy control her daughter's every move. However, I think what's more likely is Josie thinking Veronica stole her brand and there being bad blood between the girls.

Paul: I want a reunion to occur because Mayor McCoy is being too hands on with her daughter and it's not fair the way things are going. Could you imagine having to watch people do the thing you love and you're not allowed to? It's sad.

Justin: Josie will no doubt get back together with the band. Her family is pushing a solo career, but the essence of her brand is the empowerment with her friends. She'll miss them more and they'll reunite.

Home Is Where The Heart Is - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 11

4. Hal begged Alice to kick out Chic and make him leave. Why do you think he wanted him gone so bad?

Jack: Chic isn't Hal's, unless I'm misunderstanding, so he must be a constant reminder of Alice's unfaithfulness. Plus, Polly appears to be gone for good and Hal resents his daughter being replaced by the step-son he doesn't want. That said, Chic is creepy and Hal is right that he is a virtual stranger.

Paul: Yeah, Hal's worried about having the kid around. It makes sense because they know absolutely nothing about him.

Justin: If I had to make a theory, I think FP is Chic's father. Hal doesn't want Chic around and this has to be more than the fact that Chic is a stranger to the family. Hal hates him for a reason.

The Son They Never Had - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 11

5. Chic is going to show Betty how to quell the darkness inside her. What trouble do you think his "teaching" will cause?

Jack: I see Betty embracing her darkness more. There's definitely going to be more of a rift between her and her parents, and I wonder if she will start a rivalry with Toni over Jughead.

Paul: I really don't know, but I'm intrigued to see it all play out.

Justin: I could see Betty's secret being exposed at Riverdale High. I mean, Kevin easily found Chic online as a webcam boy, so what's to say someone won't find Betty. Her exploration into her dark side will hurt her in the end.

Making The Team - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 11

6. Archie is now working as an intern for Hiram Lodge. Does Hiram believe in Archie or is this simply to keep an eye on him?

Jack: Oh, he definitely wants to keep an eye on him. Hiram doesn't want anyone taking away his control over Veronica and Archie's standing up.

Paul: Yeah, he wants to make sure Archie is staying in line. This is only going to end badly.

Justin: Hiram is only going to get Archie in more trouble. He wants to keep an eye on him and see how badly Archie wants to be around the family. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if Hiram did believe in Archie; he could see something of himself in Archie.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Hal: Do you know what you’ve let into our house? In the room next to Betty’s?
Alice: Can you lower your voice? What on earth are you talking about?
Hal: I went on your computer, Chic. I saw what you were doing with your...clients.
Betty: Dad, stop! Stop snooping and stop harassing him.
Hal: And I don’t want to hear it from you. You bring home this...stranger, and you move him into Polly’s bedroom.
Alice: It’s not Polly’s room anymore, Hal. It’s Chic’s.
Hal: He has to go, Alice, and you know damn well why.

Chic: We’ll start with why I webcam. One of the reasons is to make money. The other reason is...to escape.
Betty: To pretend to be someone else.
Chic: Yes, but...more than that...it’s a way of getting away from the darkness I feel inside me too.
[Betty looks at the scars on her palm]
Betty: Can you show me how to do that?
[He opens up his laptop]