Dynasty Season 1 Episode 11 Review: I Answer to No Man

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It isn't a soap opera without a good kidnapping, but Dynasty Season 1 Episode 11 simply delivered your run-of-the-mill extortion kidnapping. 

What could we really expect from two people that were so desperate for cash and a way back to Venezuela they thought Fallon Carrington was only worth $15 million?

Fallon Is Taken Hostage - Dynasty

Not only that, Alejandro and Iris failed to anticipate that Blake is the master of negotiations. No one messes with Blake's family and gets away with it. 

To run his lucrative company, he has to be emotionless, conniving and smooth, but Blake was a bit too ballsy with his daughter's life. 

And that's because he's been there, done that. When Cristal question's why he's so calm, he admits that before Fallon and Steven were born, he and Alexis had a 6-month-old son that got kidnapped.

Do you kidnap many children on your day off?


As heartbreaking as that revelation is, this is a soap opera, and just like with Cristal's sister, someone resurfacing from the past only spells trouble. 

Another Carrington somewhere out in the world means that we'll be meeting Adam soon and he probably doesn't have the best intentions at heart. 

Is that what finally blows Alexis into town? Everyone is waiting for her arrival.

I can't imagine the impact that would have on the family unit, which just recently found its footing and cohesiveness.  

For someone who is a COO of a billion dollar company, it was shocking how dumb Cristal's decision to take matters into her own hands was. 

Cristal knows Alejandro and Iris better than anyone, but how did she not anticipate him turning on her and taking her as collateral as well? When you get an inch, you want the whole foot. 

While the theme was darker than usual, Fallon never faltered in providing comedic relief and witty one-liners. 

Fallon is Kidnapped - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 11

At first, she tried hard to convince herself that everyone was out there looking for her when in reality, no one even picked up on the fact that she was missing.

Then she taunted Alejandro by questioning if he thought she was only worth $15 million. 

For someone who just inherited way more in her inheritance and only measures her worth in dollar signs, I can get how that's insulting.

Then she seriously had the audacity to say that getting her BANGS cut was torture! And worst of all, they looked cute! This girl could pull off wearing a plastic bag if she had to! 

Fallon: How am I supposed to live like this? Bangs? My stylist books four months out. Five for extensions.
Alejandro: You're lucky, hair grows back.
Fallon: Not by summer. You should have shot me.
Alejandro: Keep talking, I'll turn it into a mullet.

I think showing absolutely no fear is what kept her safe until Cristal got them. 

She may be entitled at times, but Fallon knows how to own a situation. 

She quickly realized that Iris didn't wield any power. Alejandro was calling all the shots and even hitting her when she thought she helped Fallon. In a sense, she was also a victim, who was in love with her captor.  

Fallon attacked her womanhood, trying to sway her to turn on Alejandro and help a female friend out.

And Iris knew she had a point, but she also turned the tables and pointed out something Fallon hadn't realized: she's always depended on dudes. 

Blake's Badass - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 11

When she isn't finding her comfort in her millions, she's looking for acceptance with Michael or relying on her father and Colby to help her succeed and run her own company. 

She's never done anything for herself. 

In some twisted way, the kidnapping ended up being all about female empowerment. 

The men rallied together to save their damsels, but it was Fallon, Cristal and even Iris's bravery that saved them in the end. 

Instead of tearing each other down — as women in society often do — they rallied together and encouraged each other. 

Cristal convinced Iris to finally choose herself, and this time, when they shot Alejandro, they made SURE he was dead. 

She then covered up for her sister and even Fallon vouched.

Seeing those two work together so seamlessly was pretty badass. 

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse. Did you really have to tie us together? She smells like she took a whore's bath in patchouli.


I'm glad that Iris and Cristal finally fixed their relationship. For so long, Iris blamed her for abandoning them, stealing Sammy Jo from her and killing her husband, when in actuality, Cristal only freed her from abuse, sent her money and raised her son. 

But even so, I hope this is the last we see of Iris. She's too much drama, even for a family that thrives off of it. 

Sammy Jo had it the hardest because once again, he got caught in the middle of it all. He knew his parents were terrible, but they were still his parents. He was sitting around listening to people talk about killing them, and he couldn't do anything about it.

Yet, even though he technically lost his family, he gained a brand new one with the Carrington's.

He's right, Anders has been more of a father figure to him, and even though they started off as lovers, Sammy and Steven's relationship has flourished into somewhat of a sibling bond.

Mother & Son Bonding - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 11

It'll be interesting to see what trouble they get into when they move in together. 

Even though the girls saved themselves, the men did everything they could to help out, especially Colby and Michel, who are both under Fallon's spell.

Truthfully, if it hadn't been for Colby implanting a tracker in the watches, they would have never been able to locate the girls. 

Was anyone else surprised that the Carrington's only had about eight million dollars lying around in cash? I mean, the richest people had to borrow money from their enemy. 

Colby and Michaels' fight was long overdue; so much tension had built up between them that it was a relief when they finally just went to town. 

However, Colby finally showed his naivety. He truly believed that after their little "heart-to-heart," Michael would turn his back on the Carrington's and come work for him. 

And he thought that Fallon would be so shaken up that she would run back into his arms and accept his proposal. 

They might have stolen my hair, but they can never steal my hustle.


Instead, Michael promised he would be eyeing his every move, while Fallon broke up with him and tried to sever business ties with him before he could even pop the question. 

Seeing him get slapped with the cold-hard truth was very satisfying. 

Talk about dodging yet another extortion-fueled-by-revenge bullet.

Now that Blake inadvertently gave Michael his blessing to date Fallon, will these two finally get a real chance at love?

That is after she successfully runs her own company, of course.

Chief of Police - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 11

Chief Johnson was an unnecessary obstacle for the family as they tried to navigate the kidnappings. However, Blake learned that she was related to Colby. A cop that's in Colby's pocket doesn't do him any favors, so I wonder if Blake will be able to sway her. 

She doesn't seem as corrupt as Stansfield, but you never know. 

You can watch Dynasty online and share your comments on the intense episode below! 

I Answer to No Man Review

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Fallon: How am I supposed to live like this? Bangs? My stylist books four months out. Five for extensions.
Alejandro: You're lucky, hair grows back.
Fallon: Not by summer. You should have shot me.
Alejandro: Keep talking, I'll turn it into a mullet.

Do you kidnap many children on your day off?