Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Stefan a Sleaze?

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Stefan O. tried to live up to his father’s legacy, but missed the mark, while Lani struggled with what to do about her pregnancy, and Rafe let Ciara cover for him with Hope this week on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Sportsgirl from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Brady vs. Eve, what Lani should do next, if Stefan is like his dear old Dad.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Does Stefan remind you at all of Stefano? Why or why not?

Jack: Not at all. Stefan strikes me as just a sleazy guy who wants to use sex to humiliate and overpower any woman who is working for him. He is much more like all the alleged sex offenders in Hollywood than like Stefano.

Stefano may have been obsessed with Marlena but was far more classy and cultured in how he approached things.

Sportsgirl: Not at all. Stefano had class, charm and personality. Stefan has none of this. He has no class, no personality, no charm, just outward creepiness!

Christine: He’s nothing like Stefano. Stefano was the evil charmer you loved to hate. So far, Stefan is just sleazy. 

Stefan isan arrogant jerk who seems to enjoy humiliating and dominating woman. He was horrible with both Abigail and Gabi and if they wrote him off tomorrow I’d be happy to forget him.

An Unexpected Visitor - Days of Our Lives

What should Lani do about her pregnancy?

Jack: She should admit to JJ that he is not the father and tell Eli. It's ultimately her decision whether or not to end the pregnancy, but pretending the baby is someone else's and/or getting rid of it without saying a word to the real father is not a solution.

Sportsgirl: Lani needs to tell Eli the truth & then JJ. The truth will always come out eventually. So better now than later. After that is done, then they can discuss about this pregnancy.

Christine: First she needs to tell JJ it isn’t his. Leading him on like this, no matter what she decides to do, is simply cruel. Then she needs to tell Eli. After that she can make her decision, but right now she isn’t being fair to either JJ or Eli.

Lani Lets JJ Think The Baby Is His - Days of Our Lives

Who do you hope ends up on top in the Brady and Eve affair?

Jack: I would have said Eve, except for the fact that she was turned on by Brady choking Vivian after her own daughter was killed in the same manner. It made me as disgusted with her as with Brady.

Right now I couldn't care less about who wins in this story.

Sportsgirl: I don't seem to be rooting for either one right now. Both Eve and Brady have agendas and I just wish they could give Eve a try, but I don't like how pushy Eve has been about this from the start.

Christine: If I have to choose one, then it’s Eve, but this is one of my least favorite stories in Salem right now. And I also found Brady choking Vivian disturbing.

Brady’s attitude toward women continues to spiral and I keep wondering when he’ll face some consequences for it.

Brady Kisses Eve - Days of Our Lives

Was Rafe right to go along with Ciara’s cover story and continue to keep the truth about his night with Sami from Hope?

Jack: Absolutely not. It's bad enough that he talked to his 20-something stepdaughter about his sex life. Now he's keeping the secret from Hope and blaming it on that stepdaughter? Can he sink any lower?

Sportsgirl: As I mentioned previously, the truth will eventually come out, so better now than later. It was sweet of Ciara to do this, but in the end it really does need to come from Rafe's mouth and not Ciara's.

Christine: Rafe has sunk to a new low by dragging Ciara into his mess. Now Ciara is lying to her mother to protect Rafe. I can’t wait for this to blow up in his face.

Explaining a Tryst  - Days of Our Lives

JJ resigned from the Salem PD. What should he do next?

Jack: Go back to school to become a reporter! And see a competent therapist instead of Eric so that he can actually make progress in his life.

Sportsgirl: Other people had mentioned for him to be a reporter like Jack was and work with his Mom, but I have never seen any interest in writing with JJ.

Salem needs a lawyer besides Justin the Awful. Maybe he can do that, and in Salem it may only take a few months to get a degree.

Christine: I wish Jack were still alive. Those flashbacks from a few weeks ago made me realize how much fun it would be to see JJ working with Jack. I’m not nearly as interested in seeing JJ work with Jennifer at the paper.

I’m really not sure what JJ should do next. Perhaps once he gets through some real counseling, he can become one himself for troubled teens. Goodness knows he’s been through the ringer himself and could relate.

JJ Plans His Suicide - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: Where to begin? This week was really disappointing for me. Instead of JJ having proper therapy, he's getting counseling from his mom's semi-boyfriend, who is using JJ's sessions to further his relationship with his mother.

Eli is playing two sides, acting like JJ's best friend but denigrating him to Lani, who is carrying Eli's baby and letting JJ think he's the father. And JJ has no mixed feelings about fatherhood despite his mental health issues.

Elsewhere, Brady chokes Vivian and Eve is turned on despite Paige having been strangled to death, while Stefan sexually harasses Abby and Chad encourages her to go along with it.

Did they accidentally use scripts left over from the former writing regime? All the poor messaging and bad story from that era of the show seems to have seeped back in this week.

Sportsgirl: I was highly disappointed to find out the truth about Andre. I was truly liking him, his charm, and always felt so bad when he was falsely accused of things. I was played, yes I was, and I don't like it. I hope in the end he winds up being a hero somehow.

Christine: Way too much Stefan, and with every scene I liked him less and less. At this point I don’t want to see him paired with anyone. I just want him gone.

And why is Steve so terrified of seeing a doctor? Trying to hide his blurred vision from everyone and doing nothing about it is stupid and Steve Johnson isn’t a stupid man.

Steve Can't Read a Case File - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Jack: Despite my unhappiness with JJ's storylines, Casey Moss has done fabulous work in each and every scene. And I am thrilled that JJ is out of the police department, where he never belonged.

I also really like Steve struggling with his vision problems. That's a realistic story for an older man/couple to deal with.

Sportsgirl: I liked the sudden surprise of Anna showing up and finding out Roman at long last had a woman, even if she is a bit loony. After all, she shot Steve, but as Roman said, "Nobody's perfect."

Steve: She opened fire in a cafe.
Roman: She was having a bad day.
Steve: So was I when she shot me.

Christine: I had to laugh when Kate told Gabi that she knows they can manage Stefan. They managed Nick, didn’t they? Considering Gabi went to prison for “managing” Nick, I could understand why she didn’t find it as funny as I did.

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