Chance Canceled After Two Seasons at Hulu!

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Chance will not be returning for a third season at Hulu. 

The Hugh Laurie-fronted drama series has been canceled after just two seasons.

Fury - Chance Season 2 Episode 10

The news is especially surprising when you consider the fact that it sparked a bidding war amongst the networks. This was likely down to the appeal of Laurie, who appeared on the award-winning drama series House between 2004 and 2012. 

Still, the show was poised to be a hit for Hulu, and while critics seemed to love it, it's unclear how it was performing in terms of viewers. 

Like many streaming destinations, Hulu does not provide details that include the number of people watching its shows, so it's difficult to judge whether the shows will become hits or misses. 

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Unlike The Handmaid's Tale and Marvel's Runways, Chance is one of the shows that had minimal buzz, and that should have been confirmation alone that its days were numbered. 

When Chance was ordered to series, it was with a two-season order, and that order was completed when the series finale became available to stream on November 29, 2017. 

The series found Laurie playing a forensic neuropsychiatrist who is dragged kicking and screaming into a life that included police corruption, manipulation and corruption. 

chance axed

Given how late in the game the cancelation has been announced, it means there will be no wrap-up for the characters. 

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Chance Quotes

Chance: Do you have something you want to say to me?
Nikki: You're gonna die pretty soon if you don't stop picking fights with random assholes like that dummy in the truck.
Chance: I just wanted him to shut up. Don't you feel like that sometimes?

Lucy: She's nice... boss lady.
Chance: Dr. Clayton, yeah, she's very nice.
Lucy: If you weren't already hitting that, I'd tell you to.
Chance: I'm not hitting anyone!
Lucy: Okay.
Chance: No, seriously, I'm not.
Lucy: Gotcha.

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