Supergirl Round Table: Best Fight Scene Yet?

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The battle between Kara and Reign on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 9 was intense, and so was that cliffhanger! While we're sure Kara will survive, we still have plenty of questions for when the show returns in January. 

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Jay Ruymann, and Kathleen Wiedel discuss that ominous final scene, the Jay/Lena pairing, and what role the Legion may play. 

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Where does Supergirl vs. Reign rank among the series' best fight scenes?

Christine: I give it a 9 out of 10. There’s always room for improvement, but this was really intense, even more so because we care about Samantha/Reign almost as much as we do about Kara/Supergirl.

Also, I wasn’t expecting Reign to be as powerful as she was, but then again, if you can kill a world I guess you can take on Supergirl. I actually had to calm my daughter down at the end because she was afraid that Kara was actually going to die!

Jay: I’d put it right behind Supergirl vs. Superman on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 22. The Christmas music in the background was a wonderful touch when they interrupted an office Christmas party, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Kathleen: Supergirl being, well, Supergirl, it can be difficult to pair her against a character who is a genuine physical threat to her. Reign did a great job in this regard, despite the fact that we as viewers know Kara's going to ultimately come out of this alive.

I'd put it high on my list of great fight scenes in the show. That was a serious beat-down.

What do you think that last shot means? Has Reign completely taken over Sam now, or is she still in there? What will happen to Ruby?

Christine: It’s hard to tell. If Reign had completely taken over, then why would she even go back home to Ruby? I think the fact that she’s there in their home means that Sam is struggling against Reign on some level, but I am truly curious to see if it’s Reign or Sam standing there when we return.

Jay: I don’t think Reign has full control. I think Reign takes over when Sam is feeling certain emotions, like how she felt after hearing about that gang or that Edge tried to kill Lena, and I think Ruby may be the one thing that can get Sam back after Reign has taken over because she feels love for Ruby.

I think Ruby is the key to weakening Reign, honestly.

Kathleen: Somehow, I don't think Supergirl is the show where someone (mind-controlled or not) coldly murders her own young daughter. Both Superman and Supergirl are all about hope, after all. I'm with Jay: Ruby's probably going to be the spanner in the works that might just stop Reign.

After all, she was never intended to have children, to live a normal life and form such profound emotional bonds as that between Sam and Ruby. This might result in a short-circuit in the program.

Holiday Party - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 9

How do you feel about the James/Lena pairing?

Christine: I like it, I just feel as though they pushed them together much too fast. I wish they would have teased this pairing for another couple of episodes before we finally saw them get together.

Jay: I hate it. It just feels like these two were put together so neither could be tied to Kara anymore.

Kathleen: I feel so bad for James. From the start of the series, he's felt out of place, tacked on, or just not had enough to do. Now it feels almost like they're pairing him with Lena in some sort of attempt to keep him relevant to the show.

Maybe Supergirl should stop focusing on romantic entanglements for five seconds. All the romantic drama so far has me a little bonkers.

James and Lena Toast - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 9

What did you think about Mon-El's reveal regarding the Legion? Will they play a part in defeating Reign?

Christine: I’d guess that’s part of the long-term plan, why else would Mon-El and his wife be back? As awkward as it’s going to continue to be for Kara, it appears they will all have to work together to defeat Reign.

Jay: I don’t think the Legion will help with Reign other than I think they may have information that could help Kara, but it wouldn’t be enough to stop Reign. I think the Legion is separate from this story, like Cadmus and the Daxamites were separated.

Kathleen: While it would be nice to have the Legion play some sort of critical role in defeating Reign, I agree with Jay that this probably won't happen. Honestly, I'm leaning towards Ruby and the Power of Love with the way things are going.

Supergirl vs Reign - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 9

What are your hopes for the rest of the season?

Christine: I’m curious to see if Kara being seriously injured causes any of Mon-El’s feelings for her to return. Goodness knows Kara has been suffering since his return and maybe it's mean, but I wouldn't mind there being a bit more balance where Mon-El feels the pain a bit more too.

I’m hoping that Reign can be defeated, but Sam will somehow be saved because I’ve loved the friendship between Sam, Kara, Lena, and Alex.

I’d also like for the show to take some more time developing the relationship between James and Lena. I think there’s a lot of potential for these two as a long-term couple if they take some time and do it right.

Jay: I want to see more of Sam struggling to fight Reign off and get control. I love Sam, and I hope that the writers find a way to keep her around after the season because she’s irreplaceable at this point. I also want to see more of Lena (and Kara) at CatCo, and less of Morgan Edge.

Kathleen: Put the Lena/James relationship on the slow burn, as Christine suggested. I'm curious to know if Kara will pay a return visit to Mon-El's new home in the future because that would be kinda cool if probably cost-prohibitive effects-wise.

Defeat Reign in a way that isn't full of schlock or Easy Cheese. See, not so much, really.

Human Friends - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 9

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Christine: I loved the holiday party near the beginning, and this Supergirl quote made me positively giddy:

Winn: You probably don't know what Star Wars is.
J'onn: Excuse me? The Empire Strikes Back is the best movie sequel of all time.
Winn: I mean I just love you more and more each day.

Jay: Again, I loved the fight sequence where Christmas music was playing in the background. I’m not sure why I found it so amazing, but it’s one of my favorite Supergirl scenes.

Kathleen: Christine, you beat me to the punch. Being a Star Wars fan myself, that is just awesome. And so is J'onn. Though I agree with Jay, too, that the fight was amazing.

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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Winn: You probably don't know what Star Wars is.
J'onn: Excuse me? The Empire Strikes Back is the best movie sequel of all time.
Winn: I mean I just love you more and more each day.

Kara: Okay, come and get your egg nog!
Alex: Uh, yeah, but be warned, this is not your grandmother's recipe. Oh, this is highly potent, intoxicating deliciousness.