Lucifer Season 3 Episode 10 Review: The Sin Bin

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Trixie can make anyone look adorable, can't she?

Charlotte and Trixie sporting the same hairstyle on Lucifer Season 3 Episode 10 was one of the many useless, but necessary plot points needed to drag us to the closing minutes to kill time.

That's not to say some of the more agonizing stalls weren't a lot of fun. They were, and they always are when Lucifer and friends are involved.

Getting His Face Back - Lucifer

Just like I have to talk my way through any possible jumping off point for RSS feed coverage, so Lucifer has to make the best use of its time to insure viewers get the best bang for their primetime dollars, too.

Trixie helped, and she even did something worthwhile to bring Charlotte closer to humanity -- she lit a fire under her ass to spark her relationship with her kids.

Trixie also played wingman for Dan who can't help but still want more from Charlotte. Can you believe the poor guy doesn't even recognize a difference between the woman he slept with and the new one inside the skin suit before him? Oh, Dan. 

Meanwhile, everyone was patting themselves on the back for the great job they did capturing The Sinnerman. And now we get to the meat of the matter.

Did anyone call this? Raise your hands!! I'm appalled I didn't think a little harder, do a little digging and figure out the identity of The Sinnerman.

Follow the Leader - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 10

Cain was standing right before us and is the perfect choice in so many ways!!!

First of all, if we are fans of supernatural shows like, you know, Supernatural where we find the OTHER Lucifer on TV, he's already had his run-in with Cain and an explanation that brought the two much closer together than the Cain and Lucifer of bible lore (unless you're reading gnostic verses). 

Adam and Eve were guilty of the First Sin, the sex that then created Cain. Cain and Lucifer have been intertwined because Cain's either made a deal with Lucifer to walk the earth in exchange for Abel going to heaven, or maybe Lucifer is his dad.

No matter how you slice it, the giant, blinking electric arrows pointing to Cain should have alerted us a lot sooner to what was happening here. 

By the time "The Sin Bin" began, I was already certain the man in custody wasn't anybody special. I guess he was special in the case that he was being played by Pierce and his life (or afterlife) depended upon doing whatever he said.

Retracing His Steps - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 10

I've never heard about Cain granting wishes but that was the only reason the case of the week made sense at all. Chloe and Lucifer making their plan to squire who they thought was The Sinnerman out of captivity drove me nuts in that it was wasting precious time I wanted used elsewhere. 

However, it did paint a light on Pierce that he's a jackass when he yelled at Ella, also hinting that she may be a mere mortal, too. As much as I want her to be more, she's so sweet and dear that I think she may have revealed herself by now.

Everything shaped up once Lucifer got his captive to the hillside estate. I've been holding onto the idea God was a lot more involved in everything happening to Lucifer than we know at this moment. 

It made the most sense to me that God restored Lucifer's wings again and again to show him he has more faith in his son than his son does in himself and removed his devil face to show he understands the questions Lucifer was asking. Was he the devil because of who he was or because of the position dad gave him?

It was the latter, and as Lucifer changed on earth, dad heard him and the only way he knew to show his son since his son rebuffed any other communication with him was to physically alter the guy. Still, it didn't work.

But, if you watch Lucifer online, you know that seems NOT to be the case after all of this. I don't know why Cain is torturing Lucifer because I don't know the nature of their relationship.

It seems more likely to be something like cousins. Even the Mark of Cain has come from dear old dad, if we're to understand this Lucifer quote:

Lucifer: I wonder why I didn't figure it out sooner. World's first murderer, marked by God, and doomed to walk the earth alone for a tortured eternity. It's quite the moniker, yet still, nowhere near as ridiculous as The Sinnerman; wouldn't you agree, Cain?
Pierce: You may as well pour me one, too.

Biblically, God marked Cain to let others know if they hurt him, they'd suffer a worse fate. God wanted Cain to suffer. Does anyone know why Cain didn't gain the favor of God, by the way? Because Cain was a veggie farmer. His offerings to God were vegan. God wanted blood, but he drew the line at Abel's. Isn't that funny? 

Anywho. I'm excited to see what's next. Cain. Friggin' Cain is on Lucifer. 

What the heck does he want? Hit the comments and tell me your theories. I'm dying to know.

And, again, if you saw this coming a mile away, let me know what clues you followed. This is exciting stuff!!

The Sin Bin Review

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