Dynasty Season 1 Episode 8 Review: The Best Things In LIfe

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The past catches up with Cristal on Dynasty Season 1 Episode 8

Even though her Thanksgiving wish was to have a fresh start with Blake, Cristal just can't seem to shake her past. 

As she tries to start a family with Blake, we're given a bit more insight into her life before the glitz and the glamour. Back when she was just Celia Machado from Venezuela. 

Tree Lighting - Dynasty

Seeing her backstory adds more depth to the character, and it's inspiring to see how far she's come. Sure, she may have married her way into money, but she hasn't had an easy life. 

One of the more significant surprises is that she was pregnant before. If you recall flashbacks from previous episodes, we saw Celia and Iris stealing money from some shady men. Celia was able to get out while Iris stayed behind in Venezuela and as far as we know, remained on the run. 

Now that Blake has made it clear he wants to have a baby, her previous experience becomes a huge obstacle for her. She's too scared to tell Blake that she isn't ready because he mentioned how their relationship should be based on the truth.

What good is all the money Blake if you don't have the freedom to spend it or the family to spend it on?


If she fesses up about the pregnancy, she's pulling the thread on all of her lies; lies she believes could ruin her relationship. 

But while it may be easy to fool Blake, Anders isn't as gullible. He was the first one to catch her lies and is still the only one who knows her deepest, darkest secrets.

Until now, Sammy and Anders' "team-up" has been one of my favorites but Anders and Cristal, who delivered $300,000 in a duffel bag to the "fisherman" like it was no big deal, are a close second. 

Did anyone else worry for a moment that Anders was going to get popped in that getaway car?

Cristal Gets a Warning  - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 8

You would think that such a deal would bring them closer together, but the minute Anders found out that she'd been lying about getting pregnant, he told Blake all about the IUD. 

On the one hand, it's honorable that he's so loyal, but on the other, it's not his secret to tell.

She was forced into telling the truth, and neither of the men seemed phased at all when she pointed out how illegal and invasive it was for them to look through her medical records. 

Powerful men, as we've seen in the news lately, think they can get away with everything. But what kind of doctor discloses a woman's personal decisions to a butler?

And not to place any blame on the woman, but how did Cristal not realize Blake was going to find out the truth?

If you want people to follow your rules, you have to be setting a good example and follow them yourself — two things Blake is not doing. 

He's lied to Cristal on more than one occasion so can you blame her for withholding some embarrassing and private parts of her past?

Fallon & Blake Bicker at Dinner - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 8

Especially because when she did come clean, he didn't even believe her. He faked his sympathy and offered to bring her sister into town only under the premise of getting the "real story."

Once a Carrington, always a Carrington. 

That statement can be applied to Fallon who after everything is trying to one-up her father on client Christmas gifts, destroy Kori and get over Culhane. She keeps her plate full.

Fallon doesn't want to admit her feelings for Culhane because she obviously has an image to uphold, but her jealousy makes their not-so-secret relationship that much more obvious. 

I'm crazy about you Michael but I am not crazy enough to put up with your ex or your feelings for her.


I'll be the first to admit Fallon is beyond petty but this time, I enjoyed her slamming the door leaving both Kori and Culhane stranded naked on the balcony! 

Culhane evidently still has feelings for Fallon so really, Kori is stuck in the middle. I wasn't surprised she decided to leave; being caught up in a triangle of scorned lovers wasn't doing her any favors. 

It's a shame because as much as I'd like to ship Culhane and Fallon, Kori seemed like the level-headed boss woman he needed. Fallon loves the chase; she's not ready to settle down, which seems to be what Culhane wants and found in Kori. 

Fallon & Colby - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 8

And even if it were to work out with the two of them, the minute he became single again, she hooked up with Colby. 

I have to admit, Colby telling her to use him was pretty hot. But to sacrifice a business partnership for a few good hook-ups isn't the smartest marketing plan. He was onto something when he said they should never mix business with pleasure. 

What happens when Fallon goes back to Culhane and breaks Colby's heart? He obviously has mad feelings for her! 

The writers finally gave Sammy some kind of storyline but seeing him aspire to be the male version of Fallon was rather annoying.  Did he really think he could beat her at her own game? He has it in him but is this the road he wants to go down?

You're in business my with my sister now. For our family that means more than marriage.


Despite his father's pleading, Steven just couldn't let this Stansfield grudge go. That is until he found out that he was responsible for killing a man after poorly inspecting rig. 

Stansfield mentioned that Matthew was paid off because he knew Steven was responsible. Is that why he was killed? Or was he paid off to fake his death?

Steven eventually gave up his manhunt because with Stansfield all roads lead back to Carrington but Colby used it to his advantage.

Getting rid of Stansfield didn't just help out a friend, it allowed his "good cop" cousin Bobbi Colby to jump on board. His reasoning? Bobbi has good values and won't ever get into bed with Blake. 

Fallon Competes with Sammy - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 8

Is Jeff that naive to think that Blake doesn't have the power to corrupt someone like Bobbi? I'm sure Stansfield was a legit cop once upon a time until he realized how much money he could be making doing deals with the Carrington's. 

And seriously, how rich is Jeff? You're telling me he can just afford a private island in the Bahamas where he can ship Stansfield to "retire" with his family? I need to find me some friends of his caliber. 

Steven found himself going down the rabbit hole. We obviously know he has quite a messy past, but I would have never taken him for a cocaine addict. 

Oh, Steven, who knew that there could be a Carrington messier than Fallon?

Will his resurfaced addiction bring home mommy dearest? We know that the legendary Alexis Carrington has been cast (Nicollette Sheridan!!), and I cannot wait to see what drama she'll bring when she comes to town. 

You can watch Dynasty online and leave your thoughts in the comment section below! 

The Best Things In LIfe Review

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

What good is all the money Blake if you don't have the freedom to spend it or the family to spend it on?


You're in business my with my sister now. For our family that means more than marriage.