Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Sonny Have Dumped Paul for Will?

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Sonny dumped Paul for Will, while Hope begged to get back together with Rafe, and Sami set Lucas straight this week on Days of Our Lives. 

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Andy and Kierstin from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate whether Sami got through to Lucas, Sonny breaking up with Paul, Hope and Rafe's re-engagement, and Ciara's return to Salem. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Sonny wants to make his marriage to Will work out of love or out of guilt?

Andy: I think Sonny is acting mostly out of love and regret. Despite the rockiness their marriage had toward the end, any chance they had to work things out was stolen by Ben and Susan.

Now he has a second chance that he never thought he'd get, so I don't blame him for trying. It's just an impossible situation with Paul in the mix. They should just become a throuple and call it a day!

Kierstin: I definitely think Sonny wants to make his marriage to Will work out of guilt because Sonny always was wondering what would have been if he came back sooner.

Jack: I think it's guilt. Sonny told Paul months ago he had moved on from Will and Paul was the only guy for him, and suddenly the second he hears Will's name he starts pushing Paul more and more to the backburner, then breaks up with him without warning.

Plus his overemphasis on the 24 hours Paul waited to tell him about Will seems like a ridiculous reason for him to have held a grudge for weeks.

Christine: It feels more like guillt than love at this point. It seemed like they were headed towards divorce, and then when Will was "killed" Sonny felt guilty about being in Europe.

I think this is Sonny's way of trying to make things right but I doubt it will work out the way he hopes it will, especially since Will has a much stronger attraction to Paul!

Will Kisses Paul - Days of Our Lives

Did Sami finally get through to Lucas about getting sober? Do you think he’ll fall off the wagon again?

Andy: I hope with Sami's tough love and then Maggie's support, Lucas will be able to find the strength to get sober. His son is alive, and they need each other right now. I just hope the holidays don't get him down again because he feels alone.

Kierstin: Sami is starting to get through to Lucas about getting sober, but I think Lucas will fall off the wagon again.

Jack: I hope that Sami has finally got through. If anyone can, it's her. The sad fact is that relapse is part of recovery, so Lucas will likely have a slip or two along the way, but on Days when an addiction storyline ends the person tends to be cured forever (or until the next time the story is needed, anyway) so maybe not.

Christine: This felt like a turning point for Lucas. I'm happy that his alcoholism has been played more realistically than most.

Getting sober and staying sober are immensely difficult for an alcoholic, so a slip up going forward wouldn't be unexpected, but I liked how Lucas acknowledged that it was easier not to even try. 

Sami Gets Tough With Lucas - Days of Our Lives

Name Sami’s best and worst qualities.

Andy: Sami's best and worst qualities stem from her passion and love for her family. She'll go to any length for her loved ones, but often blindly. Then she almost always goes too far, and I think she struggles to ever see the error of her ways. Keeps her frustrating, but interesting!

Kierstin: Sami really cares about her family. She's selfish at the same time and she doesn't go about the most sensible ways to solve things.

Jack: Sami can be very empathetic when she wants to be and she does have a big heart. Her problem is she needs to be on medication to correct her total lack of impulse control. LOL. That impulsivity and tendency towards self-centered behavior are a bad combination.

Christine: Sami loves fiercely. There isn't anything she won't do for those she cares about. The flip side is that she's self-centered and impulsive, which tends to lead to disaster.

But the best thing about Sami is that she is never, ever dull. 

Hope and Rafe Get Back Together - Days of Our Lives

Hope proposed to Rafe. Will they get married?

Andy: I doubt it. Rafe's tryst with Sami will surely come out eventually, and I don't see Hope getting past that easily. Can't say I care one way or the other as I've never been too invested in them as a couple.

Kierstin: No. Hope wants to get a fresh start, but when she finds out about Rafe and Sami's encounter, it might ruin everything for Rafe and Hope's relationship.

Jack: Good Lord I hope not. If they try, someone had better show up at the wedding with proof that Sami slept with Rafe. I know that's a soap cliche, but in this case I'd love to see it.

Christine: Please don't let that happen! These two have zero chemistry and it's made Hope, one of my all time favorite characters, virtually unwatchable. 

I just can't wait for the moment that Hope finds out Rafe slept with Sami. If she takes him back after that I'll have lost all respect for her. 

Ciara Returns to Salem - Days of Our Lives

What are your hopes for the new Ciara?

Andy: Well she already seems to be a better actress than the last one, so that's progress. But she's coming on too strong with the bad girl act. I'd like to see her have a storyline that doesn't have to do with boys and jealousy.

Kierstin: It's nice to see that the new Ciara is a very strong character. That should make her character more interesting than in the past.

Jack: So far she's exceeded my expectations and is spunky, emotional, and potentially manipulative. I hope she someday discovers that Claire's stealing the love letter has nothing to do with Theo getting shot.

Christine: I hope she turns out to be more like Bo, rebelious but with a heart of gold and a desire to do the right thing. She's got the rebelion part down, but the rest seems to be missing right now. 

Belle Tells Will The Truth - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Andy: Ciara being in love with Theo and blaming Claire for him getting shot was ridiculous, and Belle's holier than thou attack of Sami (even if a lot of what she said was true) rubbed me the wrong way.

Kierstin: Rafe and Hope getting back together.  I enjoyed Rafe and Sami's relationship more.

Jack: How is it that Abe won't leave Theo's bedside and is ready to pounce on JJ every chance he gets, but is mysteriously absent while Kate is pouring out her heart about how it's her fault? I really would have liked him to overhear that.

But I'm really disappointed that Hope and Rafe got back together. This couple needs to be over permanently, and Hope sounded like she was trying to convince Rafe that she loved him. It really weakened her character to see her beg him to take her back when he's the one who caused a ton of trouble in their relationship.

Christine: It killed me to hear Hope grovelling for Rafe to take her back. He's been a passive agressive jerk for months and yet she was begging him to get back together. Ugh!

Secondly was Belle's return. There's just something about her self righteous, superior attitude that had me mentally defending Sami's ridiculous plan to get Will to remember his past. 

Rafe Jumps Into Bed With Sami - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Andy: I laughed out loud when Maggie told Eve she may have money now, but she's still two-bit.

I appreciated Paul in a towel, and was surprised at how much chemistry he had with Chandler's Will versus Guy's.

I also really enjoyed Sami's scenes with Eric and Lucas this week.

Kierstin: My favorite quote was when Victor told Sonny that Will is Sami Jr....

I believe in love. Thanks to Maggie I know what it is now, but I question whether or not Sami Junior is capable of that.


Jack: Loved, loved, loved the Lucas/Sami scenes!

I also was a fan of Victor putting Brady in his place, and this Days of Our Lives quote cracked me up...

Brady: That was a nightmare.
Victor: It was one of your own making. First you accuse Eve of murder, then kidnapping? Would you please stop being stupid?

Christine: There were so many really good scenes this week! Tops on the list was Sami confronting Lucas after his accident. She was brilliant at conveying her love and yet never letting him manipulate her into backing down. 

Eric telling Will about his own history, and Sonny and Brady bonding over heartache were both great scenes.

But my favorite was Victor telling Sonny exactly what I was thinking about him dumping Paul for Will...

You throw away a good and decent man like Paul for an adulteress mama's boy and you want sensitivity?


What do you think TV Fanatics? Should Sonny have broken up with Paul for Will?

Want to hear more about the happenings in Salem? Check out Jack Ori's Days of Our Lives review right here at TV Fanatic. 

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