Wisdom of the Crowd: Canceled by CBS!

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The crowd has spoken and so has CBS.

There will be not back order for Wisdom of the Crowd.

Wisdom Canceled

The Jeremy Piven vehicle about a crowd-sourced crime-solving app will not continue beyond the 13 episodes already ordered.

Production on the series concludes in mid-December.

CBS has delayed a decision on whether to continue with the series until the last minute, ultimately rejecting the idea and closing up shop.

While CBS had ordered three additional scripts to keep the writers' room in business while they launched an investigation into their star, as evidence mounted, the time to investigate increased.

Jeremy Piven

Yes, Piven is one of the many recently staring scandal in the face with accusations of sexual assault and sexual harassment. 

Initial allegations of groping on the Entourage set by actress Ariane Bellamar led to an initial response by CBS, “We are aware of the media reports and are looking into the matter.”

HBO claimed never to have heard of the allegations, but Bellamar was adamant. 

While Piven has denied that the allegations are true, another eight women came forth with personal accounts.

wisdom of the crowd

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, a ninth voice was heard. A former Entourage extra claimed she was sexually assaulted by Piven ini 2009.

With the consistent stream of women coming forth to say Piven isn't being truthful, and the possibility their cast may be in jeopardy, CBS had to make a decision.

Even so, they didn't decide to cancel the series outright.

Production will continue until mid-December and the four remaining installments will air on CBS on Sunday nights, as scheduled.

Considering the treatment of shows on other networks with actors facing similar situations, Wisdom of the Crowd seems to have come out ahead of the game.

Would Piven be spared the very cutting edge software and crowd-sourcing app Sophe he created to stop someone who hurt his character's daughter on the series? 

With a 0.9 rating and 6.9 million viewers (with that football boost), it's not doing all that well for a CBS show in the time slot anyway.

Are you sorry to see the series go?

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