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Did Billie's assistance prove to be the key to cracking one of the craziest cases yet?

That was revealed on Supernatural Season 13 Episode 5 when it became apparent that the ghost of a demented doctor was causing a whole lot of trouble for a select group of people. 

Meanwhile, the brothers were shocked to the core when Castiel found his way back to them. 

What did he have to say for himself?

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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 5 Quotes

You know, I know what it's like to see monsters. And I know that when they're gone, they never really go away. You see them when you close your eyes, you see 'em in your dreams. But you know what? Me and my brother, we're the guys that stop the monsters. We're the ones that scare them.


Dean: Look, I've been down this road before, and I fought my way back, I will fight my way back again.
Sam: How?
Dean: Same way I always do: bullets, bacon and booze. A lot of booze.