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Did a reporter get the ultimate revenge on Lucifer?

That was the big question on Lucifer Season 3 Episode 7 when it emerged that Lucifer was sleeping with the man's estranged wife. 

Things took an interesting turn when it was revealed that Linda was the estranged wife, and everyone around the office started talking. 

With Lucifer's reputation and life on the line, someone closest to him had to go out of their way to ensure he was safe. 

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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Dan: Our victim's name is Poppy Parker. She owns an organic cosmetics line, sort of a local celebrity for all natural skin care.
Chloe: And, uh, what are all these?
Lucifer: These are boobs! Yes! I'd know them anywhere.
Chloe: Please. Don't. Juggle. The evidence, Lucifer. But, it's OK if he does because they've already been processed.
Lucifer: They're called fun bags for a reason!

Lucifer: Don't think I haven't noticed you watching me. I know what this is about.
Reese: You do?
Lucifer: Yes. And the answer is no, I will not sleep with you.
Reese: Excuse me?
Lucifer: It's not because you're a man, it's just because, well, I don't find you attractive.