The Brave Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Desperate Times

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The stakes were high on The Brave Season 1 Episode 9 as the team had to race against the clock to complete their mission.

Failure wasn't an option, as it never is, but especially so since this mission was a personal one.

Mr. and Mrs. Dalton - The Brave Season 1 Episode 9

This was the first mission we've seen where the team was tasked with killing a target. Jarif was the man behind the truck bombing on The Brave Season 1 Episode 1, and the team needed to take him out, but they had to go to Iran to do it which made it even more dangerous than usual.

Even getting into the hostile country was a risk. Dalton and Jaz posed as a married couple, but it wasn't a honeymoon for them.

I was surprised they didn't get shot on the spot because the guy checking out their passports didn't seem too thrilled about a Muslim marrying a German professor.

Yet, Jaz didn't buckle under the pressure when she got called out for it.

Calm, cool and collected. That's our Jaz.

It was up to Jaz to do the deed which should have been an easy kill shot for her, but does anything ever go as planned for this team?

When Jarif got spooked at the tea room and decided to leave, Jaz wasn't about to let the guy get away and decided to improvise, but even that didn't turn out  the way she wanted it to.

PO Ezekiel "Preach" Carter - The Brave

And Dalton wasn't too thrilled that she deviated from the plan. She could have put the team at risk even though nothing came of her failed kill shot. Still, he wasn't very nice to her or Preach for what they tried to do.

I got the feeling that Preach was impressed with Jaz's ability to think on her feet, yet he didn't argue with Dalton and agreed that they had made the wrong choice.

Jaz was just floored by Dalton's reaction and him yelling at her that she almost killed a kid seemed like a low blow, but it wasn't her fault that the kid got in the way when she pulled the trigger. 

But the point became moot when an opportunity arose for Jaz to get on the inside and complete the mission. It was a risky move, but Jaz was all for it. 

What I think is so great about the team dynamics is that even though Jaz got called on the carpet by Dalton, she didn't let it affect her. Dalton was only trying to protect his team and she knew it.

Even though their confrontation had happened only moments before, both of them had already moved on, but you had to appreciate Dalton leaving the final decision up to Jaz. Had she decided not to go in, the team would have aborted and left the country. 

But nothing can keep Jaz down. She wanted justice for the beach bombing, and she wasn't about to let the opportunity to avenge those who died and were injured pass her by.

Tracking - The Brave Season 1 Episode 9

Plus, she most definitely wanted another chance at the kill shot. Killing the guy with poison would be just as gratifying as killing him with her sniper rifle. 

The entire mission rested on her shoulders.

I didn't expect the suite scene to go smoothly. It would have been too easy for Jarif to have drank the poisoned tea without some sort of complication, and I was right. 

The complication came in the form of a phone call from Aida's brother who ruined the mood when he asked why she hadn't picked up her phone all day.

Jaz knew her cover was blown and I loved the look of clarity that came over Jarif's face when he realized he was dealing with somebody who wasn't who she claimed to be.

Anyone who says a woman can't do a man's job is full of shit. Jaz had no problems taking Jarif down and despite his struggles she was still able to snap his neck in no time AND save the vase from crashing to the floor.

Jaz proved once again what a badass she is. Her fight with Jarif was the best scene of the night, and I loved that she took care of business all by herself without anyone's help. 

All everyone could do was listen to the struggle and hold their breath hoping Jaz would come out on top. And it had to be so hard for them to just sit there, but I'm glad there wasn't a way for any of them to come to her.

But Jaz still needed to get out, and that wasn't going to be an easy task.

It wouldn't be a fall finale without a cliffhanger, so it wasn't too surprising that her plan to jump out the window failed, and she was caught by the Iranian soldiers. 

Even though the ending was predictable, it still didn't take away from the tension of the situation. The Brave excels at building and sustaining tension and it didn't fail here.

The best part was Jaz kicking ass and being the hero of the mission. Jaz can handle anything, and I have faith that she'll survive this ordeal. What about you?

What did you think of the fall finale of The Brave?

Were you on the edge of your seat? Will Jaz survive? How will the team get her out of this bad situation?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Desperate Times Review

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