The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 7 Review: The Kilgannon Corporation

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In five seasons, I don't think The Blacklist has ever made me choke up, but Red's heartfelt words to Liz about his love and respect for Dembe made me shed more than a couple of tears.

The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 7 put the spotlight on Dembe who once again showed he can hold his own in any situation.

Dembe Goes Undercover - The Blacklist

What would Red do without Dembe?

Remember way back on The Blacklist Season 1 when Anslo Garrick almost killed Dembe to get to Red?

That was the first time we knew how special Dembe was to him. That's also the first time we saw the strength of the man who is always by Red's side and will always be by Red's side.

Throughout the rest of the seasons we've been given tidbits into their relationship, but this is the first time that I can remember where Red has shown such vulnerability.

Red is changing. He's the not the man he used to be, and he has a different outlook on life. 

Losing everything has made a difference whether he wants to admit it or not. Red can handle losing the material things because he can always get those back as he's shown, but losing those he loves the most is unacceptable.

And the only people he has in his life that matter are Dembe and Liz.

Losing either of them would kill him.

Dembe is the Man - The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 7

Red could have been selfish and not allowed Dembe to go undercover, but he saw how important it was for Dembe to help people who were in the same situation he was in before Red saved him.

Dembe had no fear. The only thing he was concerned about was if something happened to him there would be no one to take care of Red.

And that moved Red because he knew Dembe was right. Liz might be Red's daughter, but she's no Dembe. If something happened to Dembe, Red's life would never be the same. He'd never recover.

Dembe is a pillar of strength. He has a calming effect on everyone. He calmed the little girl down with a cute handkerchief trick and he was the support the girl needed when they were locked in the truck. Being separated from her parents was difficult, but Dembe made her feel safe.

He's so damn calm. And he's got faith. Lots of it.

As dire as the situation was he knew that Red would come for him. Even if he was afraid, he wasn't going to show it because he knew he needed to be strong for the girl, much like he is for Red.

Dembe is Red's light in the darkness, but he was also the light in the darkness of the truck. He not only saved the girl, he saved everyone. Had he not been there, those two guys would have started killing people to save themselves.

Red was desperate to find Dembe and when he didn't find the driver at the apartment, he was at his most vulnerable. He bared his soul to Liz like he had never done before, and the words that spilled out of his mouth were the most beautiful and heartfelt words Red has ever said since we've known him.

Red: Ever wonder why Dembe stays with me? Why anyone so decent would spend his days at the side of someone so indecent?
Liz: You saved him. He owes you his life. He protects you because you protected him.
Red: No, Elizabeth. Dembe didn't stay with me because he saw me as his savior. He stayed with me because he saw me for the man I really was. A man surrounded by darkness. No friends who could be trusted. No faith that loyalty or love could truly exist. I was younger then. Angrier. Dembe connected his life with mine to show me that day and every day that the world is not what I fear it to be. He is the light in the darkness. Living proof that there is another way. That life can be good. That people can be kind. That a man like me may one day dream of becoming a man like him. He pledged his life and offered it up as evidence that I was wrong about this world. Dembe guards my life because he's determined to save my soul.

James Spader is a gift to us all. He can say so much without saying anything at all, but the emotion on his face when he spoke those words was incredible.

But what squeezed my heart the most was when Red opened the truck's door. It had reversed in that moment and Red became the light in Dembe's darkness much like I imagine he was when he first saved Dembe.

In fact, the conversation in the car and the little girl running up to Dembe after she was reunited with her parents were just as emotional for me as Red's words to Liz.

It was all beautifully well played by Spader and Hisham Tawfiq.

While we were being amazed by their performances, Tom's storyline continued.

Red and Dembe - The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 7

Before I get into that part of the hour, is anyone else tired of Tom and Liz's love fest because I am. If I never see them making out again, I won't cry about it. Enough is enough. We get it.

But maybe we're getting overdosed with all that love because the end of Tom may be near. I doubt that Tom will be killed off on The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 8, but I bet it's going to look like it could be the end of the Tom.

Tom came face-to-face with the guy who has the bones. He sort of reminded me of a bald Glen without the fun. He had no problems killing the clinic girl and Pete, and he would have killed Tom if Tom didn't open his mouth and lie about his relationship with Red.

I liked the twist at the end that the guy following clinic girl and Tom had been hired by Red. Nothing gets by Red, but how far is he willing to go to save Tom's life? 

Liz told him she had never been happier especially now that she remarried Tom. Red may not be a fan of Tom's, but he knows how important he is to Liz's life, and like any good dad, Red will do anything to keep his little girl happy.

So while I thought it would be Red who did Tom in, I have to recant because it's clear Red will do whatever is necessary to save Tom's life and keep Liz happy. If Liz loses her new husband she's going to be devastated, and Red won't have that.

Still, Tom's days may be numbered. The bald guy isn't messing around. He showed how dark he was when shot clinic girl in the back after letting her think she was free to go. That was cold blooded, so he won't have any issues putting a bullet in Tom's brain if he doesn't get what he wants.

The mystery of the bones continues.

What did you think of "The Kilgannon Corporation"? What do you like best about Red and Dembe's relationship? 

Who do you think the bald guy is? What do you think about next week's preview? Does Tom survive?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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The Kilgannon Corporation Review

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The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Other than the fact that you sometimes have to kill people for a living, you're like my role model.

Aram [to Dembe]

For the first time in a very long time, you know, I feel happy.