Scorpion Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Crime Every Mountain

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Great, now I'm going to have the U-Dog, and the Walter O'Brien Center Cut Meat Tube jingle stuck in my head.

On Scorpion Season 4 Episode 10, Team Scorpion's latest job was a bust, but hey, they stumbled upon a plane crash, as they do, and wound up taken hostage!

You can't be a member of Team Scorpion if you're not good at adapting to new and usually dangerous situations quickly.

Things Go Sideways - Scorpion

It was really interesting seeing the team in a hostage situation. There wasn't any fear that they were in real danger or anything, but it was thrilling to watch Waige and Quintis try to take back the power from their captors.

Both couples find themselves tied up and/or at gunpoint, so they really have to think on their feet. Walter and Paige took a very risky move in jumping off that cliff. I don't know if I would have had the guts to do that.

Usually, we're watching Team Scorpion adapting to something going wrong in their efforts to complete their mission. It could be gadgets failing or unexpected (dangerous) consequences of their actions.

We don't normally see them not have a case yet have to fight for their survival. There's no objective other than getting through this alive. Turning Jessie and Frank into the authorities wasn't even discussed, although that's probably what ended up happening.

Paige: Where have you been?
Toby: Oh, I'm so sorry, did I not scale down a 90 foot cliff and run here with a piece of machinery strapped to my back fast enough for you?
Paige: Point taken.

I have mixed feelings about the pushing Jessie off a bluff...bluff. It just seemed a little too dark for Team Scorpion, even though they never intended to follow through with it.

There's a sense of shock and horror when you watch Jessie get closer and closer to her death. What did you think of Team Scorpion's bluff?

Jessie (played by the fantastic Allie Gonino) did do her share of awful things, but she's still a kid, following her dad's footsteps.

Her scene with Happy is especially surprising. Happy opened up about her fear that the criminal element is in her kids DNA, and even though Jessie had no idea what Happy was talking about, we did. 

Happy talking to Toby about it later led to one of the cutest moments ever in Team Scorpion history. Okay, maybe I'm a touch overdramatic, but Toby talking about how Team Scorpion would help raise the Quintis child is beyond adorable.

We're going to be great. All parents do suck sometimes, but when we do, we have supermom Paige to look out for us, and Walter is already reading up on early stage neurological development. Sly's going to give that kid a daily sanitizer dip, and Cabe will put his foot up our ass if we so much as miss a violin recital. If anything we've got to worry about them screwing up our kid. We're going to be fine.


As he's talking, it was not difficult to picture everything: Paige sharing parenting tips, Sly's concern about the child's exposure to germ; Cabe ensuring Toby and Happy don't screw anything up, and Walter analyzing every action the baby makes, waiting to see if it will be a genius.

I want nothing more than for Toby and Happy to conceive and raise a child together with Team Scorpion. There better not be any hiccups along the way. Toby and Happy deserve nothing but happiness.

Despite there being a hostage situation, the case had its light moments, like the return/remix of the U-Dog jingle. 

Walter: I even had to rewrite the jingle!
Toby: Oh please don't.
Walter: It's a meat tube, pretty sweet tube. It's a jump up and get on your feet tube. It's a Walter O'Brien Center Cut Meat Tube.
[awkward silence]
Walter: What do you think?
Toby: I think for a genius you sing about your wiener a lot.

It's such a Scorpion move to have this one little jingle end up playing a much bigger-than-expected part during the case. The small details are what makes Scorpion so enjoyable to watch.

Having Walter use Morse code to signal Toby and Happy would have been boring and predictable, and Team Scorpion is definitely not predictable.

Okay, a moment of truth: would you rather purchase a U-Dog or a Walter O'Brien Center Cut Meat Tube?

Scorpion Jingle

Waige also had some great moments, primarily when they were trapped by a bunch of boulders. It's the perfect setting for vulnerable conversations. It's a safe space; the rocks will protect you.

Paige finally managed to get Walter to realize and talk about why he's been so hard on Cabe lately, and she opened up about her childhood, as well.

Walter and Paige are growing close emotionally, strengthening their relationship.

In fact, there was no relationship issue here; it was all about Paige being there for Walter when he didn't even realize that he needed her. 

When my mom left my dad, he said to me, "the worst thing you can do to yourself is care about someone more than you care about yourself." He meant pain is the price you pay for love.


If you've read any of my other Scorpion reviews, then you know that I despise Mark Collins. His presence never means anything good, and it's annoying that we had to deal with his obviously fake "you can trust me" act.

That being said, as long as we don't have to see him, and he's not pretending to be anything other than the bad guy he is, Collins can be pretty enjoyable, don't you think?

He's a worthy adversary of Team Scorpion. The personal history adds to the tension, and genius-wise, he gives Team Scorpion a run for their money.

Collins succeeded in playing Team Scorpion and C.L.A.M. like a fiddle, and he surely got into Cabe's head.

He sent me up for letting me escape. He framed me for a bribe I didn't take. I've dedicated my life to this country. I've never taken a dime I didn't earn! For honor, duty because it's what's right! Collins can take my family, my freedom! He can take my friends! He can take everything! But I refuse to let him take my name, my father's name! It won't happen!


Speaking of Cabe, his speech/rant at the end was emotional, raw, and so powerful. Give Robert Patrick all of the awards now, please. 

We never see Cabe that vulnerable, and we all walk away with a much better sense of who Cabe Gallo is as a man afterwards. His name and the honor it holds is the most important thing to him.

Eventually, there will be a showdown between Collins and Team Scorpion, and when that day comes, Cabe is going to do a lot worse than stick his foot up Collins' ass.

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy Waige bonding while being trapped by boulders? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Crime Every Mountain Review

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Scorpion Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Walter: I even had to rewrite the jingle!
Toby: Oh please don't.
Walter: It's a meat tube, pretty sweet tube. It's a jump up and get on your feet tube. It's a Walter O'Brien Center Cut Meat Tube.
[awkward silence]
Walter: What do you think?
Toby: I think for a genius you sing about your wiener a lot.

Doc, your ass better be a size 12 because that's the size shoe I'm wearing!