Riverdale Round Table: The Art of War

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The Southside Serpents were arrested during a school raid, Betty and Veronica went on a mission to find the Sugar Man, and Penelope turned over a new leaf on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 6.

Below, TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Jack Ori and Justin Carreiro debate Penelope's new start with Cheryl, Archie getting the Ghoulies arrested, and the future of the jingle jangle drug epidemic.

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1. Penelope Blossom didn't believe Cheryl about Nick trying to rape her, but Veronica's parents trusted her wholeheartedly. Why do you think both families reacted differently?

Paul: Penelope has always treated Cheryl like something she would scrape off of her shoe. It's horrible. Despite Hiram and Hermione being wicked, they would move mountains for their daughter.

Jack: I'm with Paul on this one. Cheryl is literally the redheaded stepchild, the one who Penelope doesn't seem to have any use for and treats like trash. The Lodges love and would do anything to protect their daughter, despite their general lack of morals.

Justin: Penelope has never valued Cheryl's word; she looks at her daughter as a drama queen and someone who is after attention. She will never believe her because she doesn't trust or like her. Veronica's parents, on the other hand, love their daughter. She is their joy, and nothing will change that.

Skulls - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 6

2. Mayor McCoy and Sheriff Keller raided Southside High and arrested the Southside Serpents. Why do you think it took this long for them to reach their final straw and do something?

Paul: Meh. This only seemed to come after Mayor McCoy found out Josie was indulging in some jingle jangle outside of classes. Would Mayor McCoy have bothered with the raid if Josie was not taking the drug? I think not.

Jack: Yep. Mayor McCoy was out for revenge because her daughter was "corrupted" by the Serpents and their jingle jangle. She couldn't care less about stopping the drug trade otherwise.

Justin: I agree with the others. If Josie had not been caught using jingle jangle too, Mayor McCoy would never have done the raid. It was all words and political peace until it happened to her family.

3. Penelope burned the hush money from the St. Clairs. Will her relationship with Cheryl start to improve or could it just be temporary?

Paul: Everything is temporary with Penelope. It's like one step forward with her and then two back. It's horrible to watch because we know how emotionally unstable Cheryl is.

Jack: Penelope seems to need to be constantly reminded that her daughter has the upper hand. Next time Cheryl has a problem she's going to have to force her mother's hand all over again.

Justin: Cheryl and Penelope's relationship will never be perfect. However, I do have hope that it will start to get better from this point. Penelope opened herself up, even just a little bit, to show her daughter that she cares about her.

Along For The Ride - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 6

4. Archie called the police to get the Ghoulies arrested. Do you think Jughead is right in thinking they'll be back for revenge against him?

Paul: For sure. This was nothing more than a short-term solution, and it's going to come back and bite them.

Jack: This was a bad idea. Of course, there was a chance the copes could stop the drag race but Archie forcing it is just going to cause trouble. The Ghoulies won't be in jail long and rumors are already spreading that Jughead was behind the police action, which won't end well for him.

Since his teacher was also arrested, it won't take long for Jughead to be labeled a snitch, which could put his life in danger.

Justin: Archie is in danger. Once the Ghoulies are freed, he will be their next target. And, because of his actions, others will be harmed too. This was another stupid move by Archie.

Serpent Territory - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 6

5. Jughead's teacher was revealed to be the Sugar Man. Will his arrest/death stop the epidemic of jingle jangle in Riverdale?

Paul: No way. Someone new will take over from the teacher. I was shocked to the core by the revelation about the teacher. Bravo, writers.

Jack: Of course not. The whole idea that all they need to do is catch one drug dealer and the problem goes away is ludicrous. The problems behind the drug problems in Riverdale (i.e., the rivalry between North and Southside, the reasons people are using jingle jangle, etc.) are not being addressed at all.

There is likely going to be a struggle for control of the drug trade now.

Justin: I do think it will slow down the epidemic. While it won't be finished until the major issues are discussed, having the person who managed the trafficking removed will mess up the supply chain.

FP Returns! - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 6

6. Betty challenged The Black Hood's power and wants to capture him once and for all. Share your thoughts of this rivalry.

Paul: I laughed at the conversation. The Black Hood knows where Polly is, so what's stopping him from getting Betty back in line by taking her out? Silly move, Betty.

Jack: I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, like Paul said, it was foolish of Betty. But on the other hand, after seeing her hurt everyone she loves by giving in to The Black Hood's blackmail, I loved seeing her gain strength and try to turn the tables.

Justin: Betty is a new person, and she's out for revenge. We've seen her solve bigger mysteries than this, and being the daughter of Alice Cooper means that she has limitless determination. While The Black Hood is dangerous, he should be scared.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Hermione: The St. Clairs had a car accident. They were run off the road. Nick...he will recover. It will take several months.
Veronica: Oh well. Karma’s a bitch.
[Hiram moves his Chess piece]
Hiram: Checkmate.

The Black Hood: You’re playing a risky game.
Betty: Yeah, but it’s my game now.
The Black Hood: Which is what, Betty?
Betty: A game that ends with me catching you. I found out who killed Jason Blossom, I found out who the Sugar Man was. You’re next, Black Hood. I’m breathing down your neck. Can you feel it? Can you feel me?
[He hangs up]