Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 16 Review: Dream Variations

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Engagements, breakups, and a Godfather-like strategy turned several relationships upside down and inside out on  Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 16.

Let's start with the happiest moment.

The Next Step - Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 16

When Hollywood heard his settlement from the oil rig was going to be triple what he'd expected, he decided to celebrate in the best possible way. 

He asked Violet to marry him.

Hollywood: There's so many people out here alone, wishing they had half of what we got. Woman, I ain't never had nothing like you in my life.
Violet: I feel the same.
Hollywood: Then let's lock this down. Violet, would you consider marrying me?
Violet: Yes, baby. Yes, yes, yes. Oh, a hundred times, yes.

For a minute I was concerned that Violet might turn him down. I think she would have in Queen Sugar Season 1, but they've come such a long way since then. 

Vi finally realizes that she and Hollywood are stronger together than apart. He truly wants to be by her side no matter what. 

It was a wonderful moment, and I was thrilled that Nova chose to celebrate it with them, although it was a shame that the entire family couldn't be there for the party. 

Ralph Angel and Charley certainly missed out because Violet doing her impression of Roberta hitting on Hollywood was hysterical. 

We also got an interesting, quiet moment between Nova and Remy. 

I never thought about how much these two characters have in common. 

Nova fights for the people of the Ninth Ward, while Remy works hard for the small farmers in St. Josephine Parish. They share a passion for helping the folks in their respective communities. 

If Nova weren't dead set against having children, something Remy obviously hopes for in his future, I'd almost wonder if these two could have romance on the horizon.

I'd already known that Remy and Charley were on somewhat shaky ground, but Remy's conversation with Nova foreshadowed what was coming...

Remy: It's damn near an impossible thing to find somebody that you can be yourself with, flaws and all, you know?
Nova: I wouldn't call it impossible. I'd call it extremely rare. It's possible.

Charley and Remy view the world in different ways. Remy works to bring people together, no matter what the hardships. 

Charley plays to win. 

Godfather Strategy - Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 16

Neither is necessarily wrong.

I don't think that Davis West was ever on Charley's level intellectually, but he was more than happy to have her use her competitive nature and strategic skill for his benefit. 

Remy isn't as accommodating. His moral compass won't allow him to sit back and accept Charley's tactics. 

Charley: If I've learned anything about myself this year, it's that hurt fuels me. I don't let it sit and fester, I let it drive me. I let it save me. I'm not going to sit and lick my wounds here, Remy. I'm the one giving wounds now, and the Landrys and the Boudreauxs are going to feel it. This is what needs to happen now. Why can't you see that?
Remy: I don't see it and I can't support you on this. Whatever play you're making, you're playing with the devil and I can't do it with you. I see in this very moment, I don't know you at all.
Charley: You're right, you don't. I'm so sick of trying to prove myself to you at every turn. You either trust me or you don't.
Remy: I don't.

As much as Remy admires Charley's strength, I don't believe that he will ever be completely comfortable with her killer instinct, and Charley is tired of having to make excuses for it with him.

That's the wedge that has finally driven them apart, most likely for good. 

One of the highlights that came from Charley doing battle with the Landrys and Boudreauxs was how it brought she and Ralph Angel back together, as seen in this Queen Sugar quote...

Ralph Angel: Charley, I don't know if you've thought this one all the way through.
Charley: Trust me. I have thought this through, thoroughly. Every angle, every possibility, ten steps ahead and around the corner. We need to make this an internal fight, one they never saw coming. It will be brutal. It will be a slaughter they never come back from. I promise you on Daddy's name.
Ralph Angel: You're on some Godfather shit. I'm with you. I'm with you.

Agreeing On a Strategy - Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 16

I may not entirely understand Charley's plan, but I'm excited to see her execute it next season, and it was intriguing seeing her get Jacob, that sleazy little weasel, to take the bait. 

Watching the Landrys and Boudreaxs waffle between hitting on Charley and sneering at her has me anticipating the day they go down in flames. 

If anyone can make that happen, it's Charley Bordelon. 

Finally, we get back to Ralph Angel, Darla, and Blue's questionable paternity. 

The most frustrating thing about the end of Queen Sugar Season 2 has been that no one, NOT ONE PERSON, has mentioned getting a DNA test for Blue and Ralph Angel. 

Maybe the show is just saving the big reveal for next season, but are we supposed to believe that none of these smart people have thought of getting actual facts about Blue's parentage? I find that highly unlikely. 

Watching Ralph Angel drive around town to every junkie hangout searching for Darla was horrifying and heartbreaking. 

It was a good reminder of how low Darla had been and how hard she's fought to get her life back. 

And it was about time Darla and Ralph Angel had a real conversation about all that's happened. 

Darla: I was scared! I was scared for my life, okay. That I couldn't remember what happened with those guys. That I ended up pregnant and I didn't know if it happened that night or with the man I was in love with. And if I had a baby, I couldn't use, and I wanted to end it every single day. Then you got locked up, and everything fell apart. What was I supposed to say? What was I supposed to say to you?
Ralph Angel: You say I'm pregnant and I don't know if it's yours.

Yes, it could have been that simple, but drug addicts aren't known for making sound decisions. 

I also worry about how susceptible Darla will be to her parent's wishes. Will they want her to take custody of Blue? Will they cause trouble if Blue isn't Ralph Angel's? 

But Ralph Angel is Blue's father in every way that counts, and Darla knows it.

Darla: You can leave me, you can turn away from me but please don't turn away from Blue. Hate me, but not him. He loves you so much, Ralph Angel. Please love Blue.
Ralph Angel: Blue is the blood in my veins even if mine ain't in his.

My favorite moment of all was when Ralph Angel explained to Blue how he got his name. 

I liked that Ralph Angel wasn't swayed by what everyone else wanted him to name his son but found something unique that meant something to him. 

How the two most important women in his life -- Violet who loved that her name was so pretty it was a color, and True, his mother whose name rhymes with Blue -- influenced him to come up with a name that meant something special to him.

I could name you after the two ladies in my life who always believed in me, no matter what, just like I believe in you, no matter what. Blue was them. Blue was the sky. Blue was the ocean, it's everything good. That's you, son. Everything good.

Ralph Angel

Working in the Garden - Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 16

What did you think of the Queen Sugar Season 2 finale, TV Fanatics? 

Are Charley and Remy over for good? Is there any hope for Ralph Angel and Darla?

And will we ever find out who is Blue's daddy?

We'll all have to wait for next season to find out, but until then, you can watch Queen Sugar online here at TV Fanatic.

Dream Variations Review

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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Hollywood: There's so many people out here alone, wishing they had half of what we got. Woman, I ain't never had nothing like you in my life.
Violet: I feel the same.
Hollywood: Then let's lock this down. Violet, would you consider marrying me?
Violet: Yes, baby. Yes, yes, yes. Oh, a hundred times, yes.

The audacity of privilege. Jacob, you're desperate. You can fuss and fight and lie and cheat, and you flirt all you want. In the end, I’ll still win. This is the beginning of the end for your way of doing business. Maybe not next month or next year, but the end is coming, and that ain't blowing smoke.