Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Brutal Acts of Kindness

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Well, looks like Amy is finally in on part of the secret. 

Reese has been logging Kevin's curious behavior for weeks in a detailed notebook, as she aims to figure out just what is going on with her slightly spastic uncle. And unlikely for him, Reese keeps the notebook out in plain sight. 

One glance at that book on Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 5 and Amy decides she's had enough of her brother. 

Medical Bills - Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

While I'm still waiting on an in-depth episode dedicated to Kevin and Amy and their complicated history, I'll take more of Reese being given an active role in storylines. 

The more he talks like a crazy person, the more I know I'm closer to the truth.


Reese is making it her life's mission to find out just what is going on with Kevin and frankly, I admire her persistence. She's on the right track too. Kevin isn't a superhero in the vein of Batman or Spiderman, but isn't he a superhero in his own right? 

He may not be able to fly and he certainly isn't capable of beating people up on his own, but Kevin is a hero. An unwilling hero at times, but still a hero. 

This week the lesson at hand involved acts of generosity. Kevin was given a large severance check and the Universe was clearly telling him he didn't need to keep that money for himself. Instead, Kevin paid parking meters and treated some construction workers to a food truck smorgasbord. 

When he tried to deliver medicine to a teenager, Max, he was met with open hostility from Max's mother Emily. And honestly, it was easy to see where she was coming from. If a complete stranger showed up on my doorstep with medicine for my son, I'd probably say thanks but no thanks. 

Much like his niece, Kevin is stubborn and determined. I liked how Reese was roped into things and it was nice to see her do more than just sit at home or follow Kevin around town. 

It's not hard to see that she's a loner and an introvert and hearing her confide in Kevin about her experience at school was honestly sad. Here's hoping that Max sticks around and we get to see Reese come out of her shell more. 

Emily: I, uh, I've never met anyone like you. Everything in my life seemed dark and hopeless and now I see a tiny light
Kevin: You mean me? I'm the light.

While Max seemed kind, mom Emily came off a bit aggressive at first but cooled down once she realized she was taking out all the anger she had bottled up inside her on Kevin. Swimming in debt and struggling to make ends meet, Emily is many single mothers out there. 

It was interesting that the money she needed to get out of debt was almost the exact amount of Kevin's severance check. That would make you think that Kevin messed up by spending all his money on those random strangers earlier. But don't we all know the Universe a little bit better by now?

Everything comes full circle on Kevin (Probably) Saves The World. And everything has a purpose. 

This makes me think that Amy's finding Reese's notebook and discovering what unfolded in Kevin (Probably) Saves The World Season 1 Episode 4 will tie into Kevin's next mission. I'm thinking Kevin will be relocating to the place where he will find his next mission. 

And I'm also thinking his relocation will be temporary because it just has to be. 

Loose Ends

  • Yvette has been spending so much time on Earth, that she's starting to behave like a human! She's getting mood swings and road rage! While played for laughs, her taking over Kevin's body to beat up Emily's ex was a bit worrisome. When the moral compass starts to lose control, what hope is there for everyone else?
  • I say it every week and I will continue to say it until something changes; please give Kristin something to do. I want to like her, but at this point when she pops up, it takes me a second to remember her name. 
  • This weeks vision includes a jungle and a tiger. Kevin is starting to believe that these visions are pointing him towards a place and not a person. I, for one, am still completely clueless as to what they all mean. 

Well guys, what did you think of "Brutal Acts of Kindness"? Do you hope Max comes back? Do you understand why Amy kicked Kevin out? What do all the visions mean?

Make sure you drop me a line in the comments and remember to watch Kevin (Probably) Saves the World online right now so you don't miss a thing!

Brutal Acts of Kindness Review

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