Gotham Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Let Them Eat Pie

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Jim's first day as Captain was a blast on Gotham Season 4 Episode 9.

Even though he wasn't invited to Sofia's fundraiser dinner, he still got to be part of the fun when Professor Pyg made an appearance. 

And that was one bizarro dinner, wasn't it?

Yummy Bubbly! - Gotham Season 4 Episode 9

If there was one part of "Let Them Eat Pie" that will stick with me forever, it would be Pyg adding a bit of musical entertainment to the dinner proceedings before he was so rudely interrupted.

Pyg was having a grand time with all his preparations. Every aspect leading up to Sofia's dinner was an opportunity for him to showcase his insanity. Sure, he was crazy in previous episodes, but this display was over-the-top and tons of fun.

It was odd that Pyg shifted his focus from corrupt cops to Gotham's wealthiest, but the guy is a psychopath, so he doesn't need to make sense if he doesn't want to.

The homeless became the focal point of Pyg's dinner, and it was clever of him to include a picture of the person he killed so the guests would know who they were eating. 

I can't even imagine what it was like on set while this scene was being shot. Could anyone keep a straight face?

Penguin was willing to eat his Trish pie (the way he smooshed it in his face was hilarious) and forced everyone else to eat theirs, especially when Pyg threatened to kill Martin if they didn't comply. 

Dinner is Served - Gotham Season 4 Episode 9

Penguin didn't take too kindly to the one rich bastard's willingness to let Pyg kill the boy so he didn't have to eat people pie and promptly killed him in an incredible display of brutality.

Although Pyg saw Penguin as part of the problem, he should have at least appreciated Penguin stabbing the guy in the head like he did.

But before Pyg could react to anything, and before things got truly out of hand, Jim showed up to save the day.

Jim's fight with Pyg was epic, and I loved every minute of it. There were elements of The Kingsmen in it, especially when Jim ducked the flying butcher knife.  

What I don't get though is why Pyg was willing to kill the guy he had praised for being one of the good guys. If he wanted to kill Jim, he had plenty of opportunities before, so why wait until a fancy schmancy dinner to do it?

Did he really think Jim wouldn't come to the rescue?

It doesn't matter who was at the dinner, Jim was only interested in protecting the innocent and bringing justice to the guilty, and Pyg was the guilty party of the day. 

Pyg the Host - Gotham Season 4 Episode 9

If Jim had any doubt he did the right thing kicking Harvey out of office, the reporter thanking him for apprehending Pyg should have set his mind at ease. 

It was silly that Jim didn't bring anyone along with him when he figured out Pyg's next move, but he didn't want to put anyone else's life at risk, especially not on his first day as Captain.

Jim can't continue to save Gotham by himself. He has a whole department willing to help him, and he needs to take advantage of it.

I hated seeing him and Bullock at odds, but Harvey has to realize Jim did what was right for Gotham. Harvey is living on another planet if he thinks things should stay the same as they've always been. 

Harvey blaming Jim for Penguin's rise based on the fact that Jim didn't kill Penguin at the end of the pier during Gotham Season 1 was a low blow, but it didn't phase Jim. He didn't kill Penguin then, and he wouldn't do it now. 

Harvey may be a lost cause, but Jim still has high hopes for his friend.

While all the fun with Pyg was going on, Bruce continued his downward spiral. Alfred tried to get Bruce back on track by taking him camping, but Bruce didn't want anything to with it and abandoned Alfred in the woods.

Stop telling me who I am. I know who I am. And if you really want to help me you can stop trying to be my father. You can be my butler. Clean this place up.


Bruce deserved a big smack in the face for smarting off to Alfred the way that he did. Alfred was so shocked at what Bruce said, he didn't know what to do. If I was Alfred, I'd walk out of the house and let Bruce figure things out for himself.

The level of disrespect that kid has shown to Alfred lately is out of control. I don't care how devastated he is about what happened, he needs to get his shit together and grow up.

Alfred needs to step away. Let Bruce get a dose of reality and make his own damn coffee for once.

What did you think about "Let Them Eat Pie"? Were you upset Professor Pyg's musical number was interrupted?

Did you have any doubt Jim would kick Pyg's ass? Did you feel the need to slap Bruce silly?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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Let Them Eat Pie Review

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