Dynasty Season 1 Episode 7 Review: A Taste of Your Own Medicine

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I'm not a fan of belated holiday episodes, but Dynasty Season 1 Episode 7 delivered what we've been craving since the series was first announced. 

You knew the Carrington's were going to go all out for Thanksgiving, but it was Claudia who brought all the family drama to the dinner table, quite literally. 

Like I always say, it's not a holiday without the pie and a gun-toting blonde. 

A Hostile Thanksgiving Dinner - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 7

Up until now, I felt like Claudia's storyline was stretched thin and quite predictable. Why can't we shake this woman? It would be so easy to just cut ties with her.

Why do they keep giving her the benefit of the doubt when it is blatantly obvious that she's psychotic and lying to stick around to plot some revenge? Cristal is smart; she should have figured that out by now. I guess guilt has a funny way of manifesting itself. 

So when Claudia locked up both Anders and Sam, stole a gun, and approached Cristal at the dinner table, I couldn't help but scream out "I called it."

Other things I predicted: Claudia wouldn't shoot any of them (although the turkey wasn't safe), and Fallon was going to save the day because she was the only family member left unaccounted. 

What I didn't see coming was that Fallon, more specifically her childhood dreams, would be the key to saving them all from that lunatic. When she was talking with the little girl at the church, there was a major emphasis on "girls being engineers," but I wasn't sure what the importance of it was.

Was Fallon just trying to do a good deed and motivate a young girl to follow her dreams? Unlikely. 

Thanksgiving Family Affair - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 7

It turns out Fallon wanted to be an engineer when she was younger, so daddy introduced her to Matthew, who told her that his wife was an engineer. Who knew that little nugget would come in handy years later as she tried to save her family and his side piece?

From there, it all began making a little more sense. For starters, Claudia wasn't sick anymore. She was at one point after the car accident, but when she found out Matthew was cheating on her, she kept up the ruse to stop him from leaving. 

Even more surprising is the fact that Blake didn't have ANYTHING to do with Matthew's or Willy's deaths. Because this is a soap, Claudia is actually evil and rigged the truck to malfunction and kill her husband.

However, her saying that she never wanted him to die could be foreshadowing that he isn't actually dead. 

You know there's a thin line between true love and truly psycho.


Revealing Claudia's mastermind plan bit-by-bit as she maniacally smiled was so delicious I almost didn't need that dinner! 

And can we talk about Fallon's bravery and negotiating skills? She didn't even wince in the face of a loaded gun! Carrington Atlantic needs her!

She even had the nerve to test to see if the gun was real, although I don't think an engineer would be fooled by a broken latch. 

In a time of danger, everyone puts aside their differences, including Fallon and Cristal, who made quite the team. It was a little comical to watch four adults struggle to take down one frail, yet crafty, woman.

Fallon proved that she is capable of thinking about someone other than herself, even if uttering 'I'm sorry' to her step-mother was like pulling teeth. 

Fallon and Culhane Call a Truce - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 7

And even though her family might be a little on the "extra" side, at least she doesn't have to pretend to have a different position at a company so that her parents are proud of her. 

Finding out that Culhane lies about his position at the company to spare his parents the shame of knowing that he supports them because they've sacrificed everything for him to pursue a career really put things in perspective for her. Maybe there is a chance for them after all. It seems like she's gotten the parents' blessing. 

After a hectic few weeks, it's understandable that both Cristal and Blake would want to put the past behind them, but I don't think the decision to expand the family after almost being killed by a late employee's deranged, pregnant wife counts as "moving forward."

Cristal: Whole team.
Fallon: And not one sex tape!

Personally, I think this is yet another foreshadowing moment. Claudia will have the baby but will be deemed unstable to raise it, and instead of having their own child, Cristal and Blake will adopt Claudia and Matthew's baby. 

That will be perfect when Matthew actually turns up alive! He has to be alive, right?

And even though they've put Claudia to bed, Blake and Cristal's problems are far from over. 

That last scene reveals that we'll finally be getting some answers about Cristal's past life as Celia Machado. She's tried to keep a low profile because her sister is still in Venezuela, and the bad guys are still out there, but changing her name doesn't necessarily mean she's safe. 

The Perfect Thanksgiving - Dynasty

If her appearance hasn't changed much in the past few years, the bad guys probably saw her picture all over the internet...not to mention on that sex tape.

So even though Vera, the food truck lady, told her not to come by anymore, it's only a matter of time before they link her to the Carrington's aka a company that they can extort a lot of money from. 

That means she'll finally have to fess up her big secret to Blake. Will it ruin them? Something tells me Anders will be her biggest ally in all of this. 

As for Blake, he's going to have to deal with Steven who so badly wants to be on the right side of things and is teaming up with Colby to take down the pocket cop! What does that really mean? I'm not sure. 

Colby also continues to remain a mystery to me. We know he's rich, into music and Fallon, but what's the deal with his jailed father Cecil Colby? Is he in jail because of Blake? 

You can watch Dynasty online and leave comments below! 

A Taste of Your Own Medicine Review

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