DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Helen Hunt

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Remind me again why there are men on this team?

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 6 proved that Amaya, Zari, and Sara are the main stars of the series, while the boys are just the ones who mess everything up.

Helen of Troy - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

While the series shines with the blending of comedy, unfortunate antics, and drama, it's become quite repetitive to see the team making the same (or worse) mistakes they've made in previous seasons.

Nate: You’re the Professor and you’re Jax.
Sara: Must be Tuesday.

It's sometimes amusing to see the misfortune the group shares; however, as this episode proved, it's always left to the women to clean up after the men. They're useless, and none of the real work is done unless Sara or Amaya, and now Zari, step up.

This has been so prevalent it literally got to the point where Amaya, Zari, and Sara went out on their own to save Helen and stop the bad guys, leaving all of the men behind to sulk in their epic failure.

The women are the stars, and it's time the writing of the series steps up to show this far more often. Plus, we need to see the stories adjust and grow to this because the childish actions of the rest of the team are chipping away at the women's patience.

LOT S3E6 Gif 3 - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 6

Even Helen of Troy became more useful than the men, and she was the one they were trying to save.

Any way. While the anachronism stories thus far have been dull and very filler-episode-esque, this one actually felt like it served a purpose, which may also be due to the presence of Damien Darhk whom we've all awaited since the announcement he'd be returning in some capacity.

I will kill your merry band of idiots one by one, leaving you for last.


Helen may not have been important to many, but her influence on Zari is certainly the most interesting. Zari's seeing what she's signed up for by joining the team on the Waverider, but she isn't down to do things how Rip trained them to do.

Taking Helen to Themyscira was quite interesting, and it was a nice easter egg to the DC Comics world, even if we'll never see it on DCTV.

Poor Helen. Her "curse" was her beauty, which seems like such a cliche, male gaze story to begin with. Men starting wars over owning her beauty, it's quite revolting and the poor girl just needs some time with the wonder women of Themyscira.

Nate: You’d think having a supercomputer would be helpful.
Gideon: Watch yourself.

Amaya's story is one of the only things worth caring about thus far in the season, and the dynamic between her and Kuasa continues to grow more intense.

I, for one, did not know Kuasa was Amaya's granddaughter, which just begs the question: how will Amaya handle the situation from here?

Obviously she's not going to want her blood relatives harmed, evil or not, and she's going to want to save Kuasa, but is she worth saving? Can she be redeemed? Can her future be changed? These are all questions we're going to see Amaya struggle with.

But, the main mystery seems to be around the totem and how Kuasa merged with it. What is the importance of the totems? With Zari and Amaya learning more about theirs, will Kuasa be joining the Legends to learn more about her own?

How many totems are there? And how many people hold these? It would be really nice to know where the hell this story is headed, but it's like the writers are making it up as they go along with no end game.

Jax: Look at my hands... they’re white.
Stein: And mine appear to be African-American.
Jax: You can just say black, Grey.

As for the rest of the team, Firestorm parting ways soon remains an intriguing mystery, and the hijinks of the episode with the "Freaky Friday" switch between Stein and Jax is something none will forget.

It looks like the writers are putting Victor Garber to good work before his exit, which is good news for fans of Stein, but sad news for the overarching story.

Firestorm just lacks any interest to be the focus of an episode, much less several episodes, and it's not like there's going to be some twist where someone else will take Stein's role in the duo. All of the power is going to Jax.

LOT S3E6 Gif 2 - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 6

The only interesting trait of Firestorm has always been the two halves of the hero, and without Stein, it's just going to be one guy turning to fire whenever he wants.

The drama came from their competing personalities (Stein with both Ronnie and Jax) and the intensity of the situation when one of the two was unavailable and the other in danger.

Going forward, something big is going to have to happen with Jax to make anyone care about Firestorm and want him to remain part of the team.

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What did you think of the episode? Should Legends of Tomorrow drop the men and focus on Sara, Amaya, and Zari? I vote yes. What's your vote? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Helen Hunt Review

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Jax: Look at my hands... they’re white.
Stein: And mine appear to be African-American.
Jax: You can just say black, Grey.

Nate: You’d think having a supercomputer would be helpful.
Gideon: Watch yourself.