Days of Our Lives Round Table: Does Rafe Belong with Sami?

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Sonny threw his ring back at Paul, Tripp pined over Claire, while Brady set up Eve and had it backfire.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Myst85 and Ronnie from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Sonny’s reaction, Eve and Chloe’s sudden friendship, and whether Brady should face consequences on Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Was Sonny right to be angry with Paul, or do you think he overreacted to Paul keeping the news about Will to himself for a day?

Jack: I'm giving Paul the benefit of the doubt and saying he needed time to process the news, but that's only because he finally said something. If Sonny had found out some other way I think he would have more right to be mad than he is, yet at the same time, it wasn't really cool that Paul kept this to himself at first.

Ronnie: Yes and no. I think the initial anger makes sense. But Paul told the truth less than 24 hours after he found out. He obviously needed some time to process, but in the end he made the right choice. So Sonny should forgive him.

Christine: Paul kept the news to himself for all of a day! Seeing Will was quite a shock and it felt like Paul needed time to process everything. It didn’t take him long to do the right thing.

I thought Sonny overreacted. Paul is most likely about to lose the love of his life to unimaginable circumstances. I really felt for him.

Paul Finds Will - Days of Our Lives

Should Tripp move out of the loft?

Jack: Well, this is sort of a moot point at the moment since Theo has been shot and so this relationship drama has to be put on hold.

That said, I don't know that Tripp moving would help anything since he and Claire work together and she turns to him when she is upset with Theo. Tripp and Claire need to be clear on the boundaries of their friendship more than they need to change living arrangements.

Ronnie: Yes. It's awkward for him to be there while crushing on Claire, who is dating their roommate, Theo, but he doesn't have any money anymore, so i get why he can't.

Perhaps Steve should help him out with that?

Christine: It’s a tough call. As Jack pointed out, they also work together, so it’s not like you can expect Tripp to both move and give up his employment.

But he needs to set some boundaries with Claire or else he’s definitely going to get his heart broken.

Eve Returns to Salem - Days of Our Lives

What do you think of the sudden friendship between Eve and Chloe?

Myst85: Uh oh, I’m sensing trouble between these two.

Jack: I thought that was random and convenient though it does kind of make sense.

I would have liked Nicole to have been Eve's alibi. Even though she's off-screen, she could have texted a time stamped picture. That would have really got Brady's goat, if Nicole ruined his plot against Eve and he lost his leverage over her via said plot! And it would ensure that word gets to Nicole wherever she is.

Ronnie: It was very random, but I'm not opposed to it. They're both singers, so it's not like they don't have anything to bond over. I think they could be quite fun together

Christine: It definitely came out of nowhere, but they both have a love for music and they both need more female friends, so I’m hoping that this friendship continues past giving Eve an alibi.

Sami Convinces Rafe to Help - Days of Our Lives

If you could break up Hope and Rafe (and would you want to?) who would you pair Rafe with: Chloe? Eve? Sami? Someone else?

Myst85: Rafe and Hope? Seem alright as a couple, but we’ve been seeing them now and not away from the police station. But if I wanted to break them up, I would pair Rafe with…by himself!

Jack: I wish Hope and Rafe could not only be broken up but that their whole relationship would turn out to be a nightmare Hope had while waiting at the altar for Aiden! 

Rafe/Nicole has always been a dream of mine and right now that would get Rafe off screen, and I need a break from him!

Of the women left on canvas, Rafe and Sami are the best match. Rafe is actually likable with Sami. But I'm a Sami/Lucas fan so I can't fully support that.

Ronnie: I would absolutely break up Hope and Rafe. They never made any sense to me and they have no chemistry. I would bring back Jordan for Rafe. She was his best match in my opinion.

Christine: Oh, how I wish we could hit rewind and go back to the days of Hope and Aiden when Aiden was a good guy. They were a great couple.

As for Rafe, I too, always thought Rafe and Nicole would have been good together. I also think Rafe is good with Sami, but I hope that EJ will turn up some day and I do think he’s the love of her life.

Honestly, if they wrote Rafe off the show tomorrow, I don’t think I’d care.

Brady Sets Up Eve - Days of Our Lives

Should Brady face consequences for setting up Eve, and if so, what should they be?

Myst85: Hmm, good question. I say yes! I’m tired of seeing Brady on screen and ranting about Nicole or shoving Eric around whenever the two see each other.

His consequences should be being charged with interfering with a police investigation while trying to put the blame on an innocent person.

Jack: Yes, but that would require the Salem PD functioning properly instead of there being one standard for JJ and another for the rest of Salem.

Brady should get charged with obstruction of justice since he wasted the cops time with planting false evidence and interfered with finding the real killer, and that should be used to force him to tell the truth. Of course he will not be believed if he now says Nicole is the real killer.

I'd like to see Brady get charged with the murder himself as a result of this. Whatever happens, he should be forced to sober up behind bars and see if that actually has an impact on him.

Ronnie: Brady really isn't the brightest bulb in the box. I'm going to get a certain satisfaction watching him get his comeuppance. I need him to go jail for a while for Deimos' murder.

Christine: I’d love to see Brady get charged with Deimos murder. After how he’s treated Nicole and Eve, and for his blatant, drunken stupidity, he deserves to get thown in jail for a while, if only to sober up.

Chloe Tries to Help Lucas - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Myst85: Lucas still drinking and making everyone around him try to make him stop. Still seeing Susan Banks on screen. Claire being a whiney little kid about Theo to Tripp. Why did those two make up?

Jack: It was a pretty good week but the Will story was dragging until Paul finally opened is mouth on Friday.

Also, I wish Theo hadn't behaved stupidly in front of JJ and contributed to this tragic situation. The fact that it takes Theo's life hanging in the balance to possibly rid JJ of this awful relationship with Lani he's saddled with is a sad state of affairs, too, and I definitely could have done without that sex scene where Lani chastised JJ for not saying he loved her months ago.

Ronnie: Kate is just awful. I used to love to hate, but now i just hate her. I wish she could visit her kids off screen.

Christine: Rafe being such a jerk to Eli.

Brady being not only nasty but stupid.

Kate sending Theo off to break into that warehouse. She certainly has other people she can call to do her dirty work.

Kate and Theo - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline for the week on Days of Our Lives?

Myst85: I had no favorites this week. It’s the same storyline each week for some scenes and it’s getting a bit boring.

Jack: I loved Victor pointing out the flaws in Brady's plan, and proven right about 99% of it. Eve getting the upper hand was also all kinds of awesome. I also liked Marlena and Roman discussing Sami...

Marlena: Honey. Rolf is dead, and Susan has told us all she is going to tell us. And there is nobody on Earth who can tell you anymore.
Sami: No, you're right. Maybe I'm gonna have to find someone not on Earth.
Roman: Well, that doesn't make a lot of sense.
Sami: No. But I know what I have to do. [gets up]
Marlena: Sami? Honey, wait a sec. [Sami leaves] Well, should we go after her?
Roman: There is no stopping her once she gets an idea in her head.
Marlena: Yeah. Heaven help us all.

...and Roman's bland acceptance that Sami gets arrested all the time struck me as really funny too. 

Ronnie: Eve threatening to kill Brady and him saying: "She's at it again!" It was hilarious. Most of Victor's lines were great too.

Christine: Steve saying he has a PhD in triangles and recounting his with Britta and Bo all those decades ago for Tripp. I only wish they’d given us some flashbacks to go with it.

Also, Victor’s response to Brady both when he called him out for being an idiot when he set up Eve, and for pointing out that Brady will only get sober when he wants it for himself in this Days of Our Lives quote...

I have a wife who's an alcoholic and a grandson. Why wouldn't I do my homework?


Now it's your turn TV Fanatics. Who would you like to see Rafe paired with romantically?

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