Damnation Season 1 Episode 4 Review: The Emperor of Ice Cream

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The story between the brothers is deepening a bit.

We learned some of the backstory between Creeley and Seth on Damnation Season 1 Episode 4, and it was rather fascinating. That discovery came with another, though. Seth has some catching up to do when it comes to his little brother, as he's not the man he once knew.

There might not be a lot of time to do that since Seth's life is in a bit of danger now that Connie has a solid lead on the biggest bad man she knows.

Moving On - Damnation Season 1 Episode 4

That is one terrifying woman.

But I suppose she is not more or less terrifying than anyone else on the show. They're all using people and wantonly killing if necessary to obtain their objectives.

There is just something profoundly chilling about pulling around one of her victim's children as her own and using her as bait to get the information she needs to rip families apart.

You have to hope nobody ever solves the murder of poor ol' Mr. Donahue if only so his daughter is never left with the impression that by playing with another girl she somehow helped play a role in her daddy's murder.

It's enough that Brittany is going to be scarred with the recollection of casting off with her daddy's killer. And she's already playing "get all the bad men" while waiting for Connie to play deadeye dick while delivering her presents. Oy. 

But with a specific kill on her mind, mass attacks like the one Connie just pulled off should take a back seat to the road trip for a while.

A True Hero - Damnation Season 1 Episode 4

Thanks to Amelia's prolific writings as the good doctor, Connie is heading to Iowa to find Seth and put a bullet through his forehead, if his brother doesn't do it first.

Amelia's still trying to get the word out about the strikes in the area by sharing what she does with DL, who looked a little awestruck at the idea she was writing something so cool under a pseudonym. He probably doesn't have the most creative mind.

Unfortunately for Amelia, the creativity she has sticks with people and will ultimately lead to some kind of showdown between Seth and Connie.

I can't help but wonder if, by the time Connie arrives, the dynamic between everyone won't have changed so the expected becomes a lot more unexpected.

Much like corn and dairy farmers striking together, things don't always make as much sense as they would seem from the onset. That was a good ploy for Creeley to use to separate the strikers.

Some farmers have a much better time riding out troubled times when they don't have an easily perishable item on their hands. Meanwhile, there is just as much work for a dairy farmer to do every day but a shorter window to keep their crop. On top of that, they have to get rid of spoiled milk, too.

When a price for corn is arranged, the corn farmer just gathers his crop and the money. Voila. The need for separate unions in instances like these makes a lot of sense.

Read the News - Damnation Season 1 Episode 4

What nobody in the town counted on was Seth and Creeley playing each other, or that Seth wouldn't know his opponent as well as Creeley knew his.

Creeley's story is fitting together a bit more. If he was born and raised in a brothel, his preference to live and work out of a brothel isn't strange in the least. It would be comforting to him. 

He also knows how hard the women work and that their souls are true, which is why he chooses to lavish money onto Bessie when she goes above and beyond what he's hired her to do.  

Seth once looked out for his little brother, who was savagely beaten by their father in an attempt to beat the man into him, I guess. Sadly, that works with some abused children, too, if you equate men with brutality. Who wants that? Why?

But since they've been estranged since whatever went down with Cynthia, Creeley has hardened. He's not the wuss Seth expected him to be. The look on his face when he was eating the brains of a man Creeley didn't hesitate to kill just to make a point, Seth was scared.

A Changed Man - Damnation Season 1 Episode 4

In classic fashion, I imagine Creeley fell for Seth's girl. How Cynthia died remains a mystery, but the way Creeley talked about feelings with Bessie led me to the conclusion everything after her death turned him into the man he is today because he lost her, her love, and Seth's, and if was all because he dared love her.

Bessie: Everyone can use a little tenderness sometimes...especially those of us unaccustomed to it.
Creeley: I can't grow accustomed to it.
Bessie: Why not?
Creeley: Because it will get us both killed.

And the job he's in now might be just a way to get back at his brother. After all, Creeley told Bessie he doesn't care one way or the other about the political aspects of the strikes; he's just in it for the money.

Did he pick his job to get to his brother? To prove to him he is a man, a better one, in fact then he is?

I don't know. But it seems like the story might be heading there. 

Whether you watch Damnation online or the traditional way, let me know what you think. What kind of a showdown are you expecting? Would you ever cross a picket line even if there were no pickets on the line?

How would you care for your family if it was starving and your milk was going bad? It's a lot to imagine and not a place I'd want to find myself. Drop me a comment if you've ever been in a similar predicament. 

The Emperor of Ice Cream Review

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Damnation Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Amelia: I'm not her, you know. I'm nobody's picture of girlish innocence or goodness.
Seth: Thank God.

Creeley: You are gonna have to show me exactly how you plan on getting this milk into town.
Calvin: Why?
Creeley: Cuz, if I don't know your plan, I don't know how it's gonna fail.