Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Fallen

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Things are never what they seem, especially in Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 6.

The death of Vice Sergeant McGrady was supposed to be the Upton-centric story we've been waiting for this season. Unfortunately, we didn't get much insight into her past or who she was before Intelligence. 

When Intelligence is tasked with investigating the murder of a family on the North Side, Voight assigns Upton to work with McGrady, a cop with whom she clearly has some history. When she tries to bring up that she doesn't feel comfortable working with him because of their previous "beef," Voight bluntly tells her to "work it out."

Upton Upset - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 6

Now, I'm sure it isn't easy being a female cop, so this carelessness of Voight's is disconcerting. He didn't even stop to consider what this possible beef might be. What if it wasn't something that Upton could just get over? Would he react any differently if a guy was telling him? 

It's almost as if she was made the enemy, even before anything drastic happened. Even though she arrived on the scene instantly and would have been 10 minutes early for her shift with McGrady, she was blamed for stopping to get some coffee!  

And Voight's sentiments -- those harsh and out of line words -- seemed to be shared by most of the unit. No one felt bad for Upton; everyone just blamed her for not being a team sport. How is that fair? 

Upton's troubles with McGrady are revealed towards the latter part of the episode, but they weren't personal, it was more that he wasn't a decent person. He stopped her from getting promotions, he cheated on his wife, and he had a gambling problem. 

In fact, that gambling problem is what got him into this mess in the first place and brought both Upton and Voight's morality into question. When an officer dies, he gets a big sendoff and is hailed a hero. In this case, he stole funds from Community Play, an organization raising money to prevent gun violence in Chicago. 

That Doesn't Look Good - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 6

So even after the facts were laid out, Voight didn't seem to care because in his eyes, McGrady was a "good cop" and that negated the whole stealing from a charity problem. 

Although the two situations are very different, this reminded me of the sexual assault allegations brought upon two "power players" in Hollywood: Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. 

These guys did horrible things, and people knew about it but kept it a secret because the other work, the work they did on screen or behind-the-scenes, was too important and notable. 

Sure, the city of Chicago might need a hero, but I don't think it needs another fraud hero. Voight should know better. 

Even more, it tells us a lot about Upton's character. So far, we've learned she plays the "good cop" role, even debating if she should lie for Ruzek when he got a little out of hand with a suspect earlier this season, but now she's willing to take something so serious to the grave. 

I do get where she's coming from - if she does expose him, his children suffer the most because they're left without his legacy and his pension. And Kane, who is guilty of murder, gets off scot-free because there is no witness to put him at the scene of the crime. 

Upton's Face to Face - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 6

At the end of the day, it's all about what helps you sleep at night but wouldn't you feel better knowing that the truth was out there? That Kane would get what was coming to him in another way? 

To be honest, I haven't been an Upton fan nor am I convinced that she fully believes in Intelligence. Something about her just rubs me the wrong way. But she isn't the mole, so that's a good thing.  

It turns out, you can never trust a pretty boy with blonde hair -- not in high school and definitely not in Intelligence. 

The biggest twist came when it was revealed that Denny Woods is blackmailing Ruzek. Yes, the guy who keeps continuously preaching about "doing things by the book" and "police reform" is so set on pinning Voight, he's stooping to ultimate lows. 

I guess Antonio wasn't cooperative and Denny was forced to look elsewhere. 

Ruzek, who earlier this season learned the meaning of "I'm not a rat," was forced to be Woods' eyes and ears inside Intelligence in exchange for his sister's freedom. 

Voight and Woods - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 6

There's nothing worse than a cop who abuses his power and dangles your family as bait. Sure, his sister may have messed up when she was driving drunk with her son in the backseat and Ruzek messed up by trying to falsify documents for her, but this still isn't fair to him.

Will he give in to Woods' demands? 

Voight is a powerful guy, so if I had him in my corner, I'd collaborate with him to bring down Woods. Everything he's been doing thus far has been a "personal attack," even if he knows how to brush it off as something else. 

While each episode has been focusing on specific characters, I've noticed that we've seen less and less of Olinsky. In this episode alone, he was on the screen for less than five seconds. What gives? It's as if he's no longer part of Intelligence and that's just unfortunate because he's "good police."

Do you think Ruzek will be the mole?

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Fallen Review

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